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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
July 11, 2005

Attending: Sandra Cahill, Diana Seider, Becky Douglass, Dale Guidi, Jeanne-Marie Souvigney, Mary Michael, Marleen Anderson, Dick Baerman, Penny Carpenter.

In-Kind time sheets: Turn in to Becky.

Financial Reports:

1. Marleen gave the Monument report: Net to statue currently is $32,415.00 (first payment included here); another $30.00 from Dick in jar money; $52.00 owed on shipping from Bob Spence (Penny shipped his two bronzes but it cost more than we were told at first); $15,000 in grants for garden work & plants.

We have ordered 8 more sculptures..#26 and #27 should be here in about two weeks; the other 6 will be about 5 to six weeks out.

Stocky & Theresa White purchased #14 and Sam Pleshar bought #24. We still have #23 at the Chamber office. #25 is being used at events. Marleen will e-mail Penny for her to do the Certificates.

2. Regular Commission Fund balance is: $2,556.86. We just paid $1223.37 for our share of the CTEP grant.

3. O & P Fund balance is: $208.61. We paid PO Box rent of $68.00; stamps for commemorative envelopes $185.00, and Montana Edge printing for $58.00. Becky brought a letter from Rita in Helena re: amount desired for O & P funds next year. Penny will reply and also send addendum for speakers. We may get Rick Graetz with his slides; and we have Ritchie Doyle for July 06.

NPS Cost Share grant of $5,000 balance is 377.44. We need to purchase brochure holders to put out.


1. Artist's report: Mary told us the Studio Tour in Livingston will be Aug 27th and 28th. She and Greg will be building the armature in her studio and people will get to see the beginning work. They took part of the roof off! She will be in the Loveland, Co show; the Dedication of her Three Forks statue is July 23 at 10:00 am. She needs to take a bronze and some bricks. She would also like to have the ceremony videotaped....any volunteers? or suggestions?

Becky asked about getting a tour together to the foundry, Art Castings of Montana in Belgrade. Mary will ask. We could advertise this to promote the Bicentennial and our Commission's projects. Reilly O'Neill published a story about the monument in her new Livingston Weekly paper. The article was written by Christine Weamer (Mary and Jim's daughter) but unfortunately had Mary's last name incorrect.

Becky talked to Ranger from KPRK and his is interested in doing an "interview" talk spot at 8:00 am with someone from our commission. Becky will ask Dale if he'd like to do this.

Penny brought a few more thank-you note cards and gave to Sandra and Becky.

2. Monument fund: we discussed trying to find a way to contact folks for personal visits about buying a bronze. Our huge mail out letter got a few orders for bricks only. Becky will work on this as we really need phone numbers, especially for the "summer residents".

We made more brick flyers. Becky had 50 more prints made for $64.00. Discussed setting out more jars and where should they go? One suggestion was the Country Club.

Dick had a painting at our table at the Arts fair and it sold for $150.00 (100 to statue and 50 for framing expense). THANK YOU DICK! He brought a photo of it and we all felt he didn't price it high enough. He brought another one to sell and after discussion, we decided to put $500.00 price on this one. Dick reported that he wrote a letter to the Stock investor person and included a copy of the newest article about our project. Gentle encouragement for sure.

3. Garden preparations: Becky did get a bid from Native Landscapes. They only want to do the shrubs. We discussed and agreed to award the project to Blake Nursery. Sandi Blake will come over and assess the site for soil, sidewalk placement, etc. She will also let us know more about the name plates for plant, etc. We will need laborers; we had an offer from Crazy Mountain Ranch for this. Penny will contact Don Peebles again.

We have a backhoe donated. We will need a crane or large boom for moving the bronze from the truck to the base.

Dale will coordinate a meeting for key players in this effort. Penny offered to help.

4. TIIP grant: Becky brought a letter of support from the Chamber. Penny called Travel Montana, Victor Bjornberg, & left a message about what the total pool is. (He called today and it's $200,000 and they like to "spread it around".) We will write the grant for $30,000 or $35,000. (Jeanne, would you like to, or have time, to review this when we get a first draft done?) This grant is due by August 1st.

5. Schedule set up for workers at Summerfest this coming weekend: Friday-Becky to set up and Dick from 4 to 5pm; Becky from 5 to 7 and close; Saturday-Becky to set up and Marleen from 9 to 12, Diana from 12 to 3, Penny from 3 to 7 and close; Sunday-Penny to set up, 10 to 12, and Dale 12 to 4; Becky 4 to 7 and close.

We will also sell tickets for the Studio Tour at our table.

Penny will call Kevin Hanson at County Market to ask about setting up silhouette there till County Fair.

Fly Fishing Confluence is on track. August 11th ??? (not sure of dates)

6. Planning for Dedication next summer: Much discussion here. Lots of ideas- renting tents; teepees; hors d'ouvres; music; grand niece of Sacajawea; Shoshoni elders and drummers; Honor guard.

Mary called the Three Forks contact person and they are paying a stipend for the Elders.

Becky, Penny and Sandra will be a subcommittee on this for now. Others please jump on if you want. Will meet at Sandra's soon.

7. Loan for Monument: More discussion about this and the buzzings of rumors that "the statue is paid for" around town. We decided not to have debt for this project and we cannot legally sign for a loan for Park County. We will continue to fund raise and meet our time-schedule as we are. Many suggestions were made as to how he could help differently if he wants too. Becky will contact Mr. Spence and talk with him about this.

Next meeting will be July 25th; 5:30 pm.

Recorder, Penny Carpenter




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