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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
July 12, 2004

Attending: Becky Douglass, Dick Baerman, Diana Seider, Marleen Anderson, Doris Whithorn, Mary Michael, Penny Carpenter.

Minutes had been sent out prior: approved.

Time Sheets: were distributed, encouraged all the keep track of in-kind time....float decorating, parade time, Arts Festival at Depot, Sustainability Fair, picking up garbage, delivering posters, etc. Mary, be sure and document yours and Greg's time in making the silhouette!

Financial Report: no report from Jackie re: O & P, Commission Fund, or Driving Tour Funds. Claims were given to Marleen and she will take them to Jackie. Need to know who attended the Showcase from Big Timber to get their reimbursements paid..(Gwen?? can you tell me?)

Marleen gave report on Monument Fund: took in $877.00 from Arts Festival, $283.00 from Sustainability Fair, $54.00 from raffle ticket sales from Depot staff. Total - $1214.00. Marleen plans to do a breakdown of this for how much was from bricks, prints, and tickets. Net proceeds to date $17,257.00 (this includes 3 pledged miniatures, 1 ordered and 6 have been paid for). Nine miniatures have been ordered with numbers 14 through 22. #13 was on display at the Depot, and it and #14 have been sold.

Old Business: Artist report: Mary turned in claims for supplies for the silhouette ($83.00); Mary brought a copy of her second magazine ad (beautiful!) in the "Inform Art", summer issue. The Monument will be 9 1/2 feet tall and 8 feet long. Mary will find out from the foundry what it will weigh. On Sunday July 25, their will be a dedication at the Three Forks Museum of new stained glass windows that Mary made...2 to 4 PM.

Arts Festival: BIG THANKS to all who helped man the booths at this event and the Sustainability Fair: Dick Baerman, Becky Douglass, Sandra Cahill, Doris Whithorn, Jeanne Souvigney, Penny Carpenter, Marleen Anderson, Diana Seider, and Dale Guidi. We couldn't have pulled this off without all of you. Becky has all the tables, bricks, umbrella, etc at her house, goes to Summerfest this Friday for 3 days. We are going to change the letter S on the silhouette to a $ in a contrasting color. Also agreed to date the red paint additions as we fill it upwards.

Parade report: Penny will send thank-yous to Clyde Funk for the building space, Gary Hillman for the flatbed trailer, Becky Kossler for being Sacajawea, Katrina Lannen for getting Becky and Greg for his classic pickup and towing job. The silhouette was a great idea and served us well in the parade AND at the events. It drew people in and they asked questions about the project......Thanks again Mary and Greg!

Driving Tour Phase II: Becky, Kent Douglass, Penny, Jeanne-Marie and Bob met last Monday and reviewed the draft of the signs from Laurie H. Jon Axline had made suggestions too so we reviewed those also. Changes were made to some text and we need a different photo for the Shields River sign. Also needed editing to make them consistent with the first six. Penny will send comments and changes back to Laurie.

Funding for this is CTEP funds and we discussed the concerns about the Chamber Site. The CTEP guidelines book and the application form include references to "along public corridors" and Park St is a state highway so we agreed to check with Jon Axline for his thoughts on this before we proceed with any bid procurement. Also agree that we miss Jackie and know full well she is overworked/overwhelmed with Planner responsibilities. Penny has to call Jon anyway about changing the photo on sign #11 so she will ask then. Also want to thank him for his input on the text and his suggestions. Will cover all three in one call.

We did get a response from the sign-maker in Billings and he will give us an estimate when we are ready. He said he knows Laurie too.

A Day in the Life of the Yellowstone, 7/25/04: was an article in the newspaper last Thursday about this coming up. We feel it needs broader coverage. Becky offered to e-mail Brian and Lynette Dodson (Enterprise) about a community news feature.

Summerfest: We received a packet from their committee and we have 8 ribbons to get us in free. We will have our silhouette and tables at the exact spot the monument will stand in the future. Just south of the lagoon and barely west of the dock on the north side of the road. Penny will bring a pole for the unbrella to brace on. Becky and Penny will set up on Friday-it opens to the public at 4:00pm. Workers are so far: Friday 3 to 9: Becky and Penny; Saturday 9 to 1: Dick and Doris; Sat 1 to 6: Diana & ________, 6 to 9: __________ & ________; Sunday 9 to 1: Marleen & ___________; Sunday 1 to 5 _____________ & ______________. Feel free to jump on board and help out!

Dick Baerman offered his wooden dolly on big wheels to move the silhouette. Penny offered to use her pickup on Friday but not on Sunday, but forgot that their 5th wheel hitch in bolted in it right now. Need another pickup! Also need to find a "crew", strong young boys/men would be good. Penny will call Josh O'Neill and ask if he can help. We can leave it in the Park Fri and Sat night as they have security for all the booths provided. It will need to be moved again on Sunday at 5:00 pm. Friday eve all the tables, etc will be taken to Dick's for Sat am. Then Sat pm it needs to go to Marleen's for Sunday am. Becky will get the dolly and deliver the quilt and painting back to the Depot. Penny will make more raffle tickets as we are out. However, we have only raised a little over $1000 for both items. If you took tickets to sell, please push them now and get the money & stubs to our booth at Summerfest or to either Marleen or Diana.

Park County Fair regulations will not allow us to sell anything, not even raffle tickets. We can have the silhouette outside for no fee and have information for people to pick up (will need a holder of some kind due to wind. Otherwise we need to man the booth from 10 am to 10 pm each of the four days. That's impossible with the small group we have. We will have a notice telling people how they can help and that they can still buy tickets from the Depot on the quilt and the painting. We voted to have the drawing on Sunday at 2:00 pm at the Depot, instead of at the Fair.

We will ask Lynette at the Enterprise to put this in the briefs a couple times before then. (Also will put a PSA on KPRK).

We will order 9 more small miniatures and pay Mary her share & foundry costs. We voted to purchase more post cards but to use Mary's photo (much brighter) and to put on the prices/deductible amounts if possible for the same price as before. Penny will contact Print for Less on this. Sandra is overwhelmed with staff shortages at the ranch and Becky is leaving on the 26th. Discussed others to contact about purchasing bronzes...Becky will mail out cards and letters.

The new WONDERFUL news is that we now have a VAULT TOILET AT THE INTERPRETIVE SIGN west of town. Penny saw it Sunday coming back from Spokane. There is also a cement walk starting quite a ways east of the sign and slopes gently down to the lower parking area (handicapped access probably) where most of the semi trucks park. This is fantastic. We will send a thank you to the MDT!

When Penny gets caught up all of the above chores, she will try to follow-up on some of the website suggestions from LouAnn at the Chamber. We may get some interest in the bronzes if we can get the photo on the net.

Next meeting will be July 26th, week after Summerfest and right before the Fair.

Penny Carpenter, Recorder




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