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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
July 26, 2004

Attending: Attending: Dick Baerman, Diana Seider, Sandra Cahill, Doris Whithorn, Marleen Anderson, Bob Ebinger, Bob Spannring, Mary Michael, Penny Carpenter.

Minutes had been sent out prior--approved.

Financial Report:
1. Marleen: Statue Fund net to date: $22,051.00; plus $200.00 turned in this meeting from Diana and Sandra for raffle tickets. Penny ordered the new Post Cards ($242.00) & will pick them up at She will get them and have them at our meeting room.

2. O & P fund: No report. Doris and Sandra will submit for attending the Showcase $35.00; 5 persons were reimbursed from Big Timber; Penny will submit mileage to Bozeman Law Enforcement Lewis & Clark meeting.(Clint Blackwood was present as well as others from neighboring counties. Concerns expressed about safety issues; search and rescues demands; public restrooms. Headwaters State Park by Three Forks has been having record attendance and the campground has been full every night. Bus tours are on the increase.) Discussed buying Commemorative stamps for L & C Commission. Penny was able to buy 500 in Columbus. Decision deferred until next meeting & balance of O & P available. Livingston P.O. has sold out twice and doubtful will get any more. They were introduced in May and will only be sold for 10 months according to the Postmaster in Columbus. One sheet each was purchased by Bob S; Marleen, Bob E. Dick B, & Diana will want one for Depot.

3. After Summerfest, Penny picked up the supplies from Becky and returned the quilt and painting to the Deport & took Mary's bronze to the Chamber of Commerce. All other supplies except the dolly are at Penny's. Josh O'Neill and his cousins returned the silhouette to the Depot also. Diana reported that the silhouette now needs to be moved from the Depot. Discussion on it's need for repairs first and then get it to the fairgrounds by Aug 4th (Wed of next week). Mary offered that she and Greg have leftovers of the plywood and paint and would fix it. We agreed to paint the dollar amount we've raised periodically on the red so people will see what's happening. Also need a green $ sign for the "s" in raised. Penny will try to find a new place to store it after the fair. Diana will let us know if the quilt and painting need to be moved too. Thank-you's were sent to folks listed in last meeting's minutes for helping.

4. Mary's report: additional bill for $450.00 for foundry turned in to Marleen. Her receipts now have the image on them. She can also do CREDIT CARDS & will take the percent fee from her commission amount. We can sell the small bronzes on her credit card machine.

5. Penny had 50 new posters made at Insty Prints (free). They are on blue paper with a gray image of the photo. Doris will be having a booth at the Fair and took 20 to put up around her booth. We will use them again around town afterwards. With the same photo, she had two T shirts made also with the lettering on the back, "Bringing Sacajawea Back..........ask me about it!" above and below the image. They cost $13.00 to make and the shirts are white. We could have them made with this on the front too if preferred. Doris bought one and Penny paid for one.

6. Results of Summerfest: $334.00 from one brick, prints, and raffle ticket sales. The best outcome from that event was the sale of two the same man, from California. One for him and one for his daughter! Becky also had offered to deliver a small bronze to Colorado but the new ones were not going to be ready in time for her to take one. The Jordans agreed to let theirs go (#11) in exchange for #10, so one of the new nine will be marked with that number for them. Mary will call the foundry and make this change in our order. It was brought up that perhaps we should "rethink" our decision to hold back the first five numbers and that those who are working so hard to market these/or have already purchased one, should be able to have a lower number if they prefer. Will discuss again next meeting.

7. Park County Fair: Penny submitted the required paperwork to Kim Knutson, Fair manager. We are getting a 20x20 space free, on the outside of the building for the silhouette only. We do not have enough members to staff a booth from 10 am to 10 pm every day. Nor is anyone allowed to "sell" raffle tickets at the fair. People will be directed to purchase tickets at the Depot until August 8th. Dick will check on plastic holders for information with Stacey Raney. (he did get one of these and Penny will get flyers made to put in it for during the fair. Doris will have her books for sale and will use the new posters to decorate.

8. Driving Tour: Laurie not here for meeting. Discussed Driving Tour work to date and brochure project. May need to purchase the CD yet ($175.00) May have another marketing professional and graphic's person interested in working on the brochure along with Bob. Will discuss more next meeting. Passed around the colored mock-ups so far. Sign #12 is a painting, artist's rendition and Bob S. will search for a different image we might like better. Penny reported on her conversation with Jon Axline regarding the signs and he is fine with us changing the pictures for mountains on #9 and John Shields on #11. Also sent an e-mail regarding the Chamber of Commerce site for CTEP approval....all we need is a letter from the Chamber stating they are not the owners of the sign. Penny will contact Louann Nelson for said letter. Will send copy of e-mail to Jackie/Hillary. (Laurie sent an e-mail on Wednesday that she had been waiting at the Rural Fire Station....., will try to attend another meeting later & still searching for the Shields article from 1979: librarian for Foundation is on vacation). Penny will Fed Ex these to Great Falls with changes.

9. A Day On The Yellowstone, photos. No report.

10. No opportunity to follow up on websites yet.

New Business: Discussed possibly taking part in Old Settler's Days in Clyde Park for more exposure-- Sept 11, 12. Dick will call Alice Hartman to find out who to talk to. (He did this and it's Jerry at the hardware store). Could have same flatbed/pickup, etc. for the parade and our tables of goodies just one day, not both. Any other suggestions of places to display the bronzes, bricks, postcards??

Next meeting Aug. 9th, Fish house punch, corn meal mush, etc.??????

Penny Carpenter, Recorder




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