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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
July 28, 2003

Attending: Becky Douglass, Bob Raney, Dick Baerman and Jackie Robbins.

Financial report: Same as last time except for $45.99 expense by Penny for Fed Ex postage to send signed proofs to Great Falls & making color copies as recommended by Sea Reach; this was taken out of Driving Tour Fund/might need to switch it to OP funds.

Minutes: approved

In Kind sheets: Ttonight's meeting is 45 minutes

Old Business:

1. Driving Tour: Jackie called Mark Peterson at DOT and the permits for locations will be coming in 10days to two weeks. There has been no word about SeaReach. Penny talked to Laurie H.'s husband about Sept. 30th deadline & urged speed & efficiency as monies need to be spent on project. Andy (husband) says Laurie is staying in close contact with Midori and knows this.

2. Bob R. measured the sign location way down Old Clyde Park Road and found it to be 37'. That means there should be 7' to work with. Jackie will talk to the County about this. Jackie did talk to the Co. about a spot by the Convict Grade Road and it is where the Co. trucks turn around. Bob said we should take another look at it and see if a sign would be jeopardized there. Jackie also talked to Jim W. and he said to talk to Clint Tinsley about the waterpark sign. Jackie will do this.

3. Work day for bases: At the next meeting there needs to be permission granted to rent the auger and apprpriate funds. Bob will find out the cost for this. The work date will be set on when Laurie and husband can come. Penny will contact her. Our first choice is Aug. 23rd. The alternate dates are Sept. 6th and then Sept. 13th. Bob R. reported that we need 3 people for the auger. These people could drill all 6 sites; we need to go down 2' 6". They will also mix concrete and set gravel and stakes. We need 2 people to assemble the metal parts. We need young and/or strapping helpers to run the auger and lift bags of concrete. No one on the Commission can do this. We need someone to have drinks and refreshment ready and to be a cheerleader for encouragement. Bob thinks we need a total of 9 people and that we can do it in day. We need (12) 6' 2x4's; (18) heavy duty stakes (sharpened 2x4's while sign is setting- 18-20" long). We need plastic wrap and tape. We need mall can of black metal paint and q-tips. We need 18 bags of quick mix and gravel. We need help with strength! Maybe those wishing to work off community service or those (Co.??) that helped with the interstate sign??? If anyone knows whom to contact to make donations, please do it and let us know.

4. CTEP monies: Jackie talked to Rob Bukvitch at MDOT and he said we would hear soon.

5. Park County Fair and cut-outs - This was a good idea but was not approved for funding and preview soon enough to become a reality for the time needed

6. Quilt project - tabled

7. Contributions list for statue: Bob, Jeanne, Penny, Jackie gave lists for Becky to type and enter into data base. Will review this at next meeting. Dick called an artist in Washington and he is working on it. He had called and left a message but Dick has been in the hospital all week. Dick looks great and we wish him well.

8. Corps II - Sandra reported to Becky that we lost Corps II; the date has been given to the Crow Indians. Bummer!

New Business:

1. Speaking up at meetings - Discussion was held on speaking up at meetings if you are uncomfortable or want more time to think about a decision.

2. Charlie Rahn has resigned - We hope that he will come back to the Commission as we value his thoughts and interest. He is a great asset and a person that is held is high esteem. We also appreciate his commraderie and honesty.

3. Next Meeting: Mon., August 11th, @ 5:30 pm at 320 N. Main.

Recorder: Becky Douglass




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