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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
August 8, 2005

Attending: Becky, Marleen, Dick B., Sandra

Minutes: missing last mtg.?

Financial Marleen prepared a short financial statement/ report that was very helpful. The total funds to the monument as to this date are: $63,696.00. $21,000 was received from Marsha Emmett to reserve bronzes 36-45. Our commission will market these bronzes. Mary has placed the order to the foundry for these.

26-needs to be fixed; Becky has this; it is for sale
28,29,30 paid for and due from the foundry Aug. 1; we still don’t have them
31,32,33,34,35- paid for and due from the foundry the end of August
36,37,38,39,40,41,42,43,44,45- paid for and due from the foundry the end of Sept.
We need everyone to really push selling these bronzes!!!!


  1. artist’s report-Mary did a show in Oregon last week and has the upcoming Loveland, CO show
  2. foundry tour- tabled
  3. Monument
    1. mtg. with commissioners: Sandra, Marleen and Becky met with the Commissioners last week and received the green light to spend money on the foundation now and submit itemized bills to the county to be later deducted from the trust money which will be paid to them Jan 6th,2006.
    2. bricks- we need to order the first 120. We also need to know how many will cover the bases/benches so that we can put a cut-off date on the ordering.
    3. mtg. With Blake Nursery-Becky and Kent met with Sandi Blake last week at the statue site. Sandi gave us a plan / order of when things need to be done.
    4. weed spraying,stump,picnic table,bench,cable removal,grading
    5. permits, power lines marked
    6. electrical and irrigation conduit laid, weed fabric laid for dry riverbed
    7. forms for sidewalks and base made; rocks for bed and boulders put in
    8. cement poured
    9. brick mason and redwood carpentry
    10. iron fence installed; geodetic marker drilled into Boulder
    11. ground crew for prepping plant beds and putting in soil and enrichment - early October!!!!

    Becky sprayed/painted weeds Sandi said to knock out. Becky will spray again next week. Becky and Kent then met with Eddie at the Parks Dept. and asked to have the stumps, furniture removed and graded. Becky talked to Eddie Miller the next day and he said they were very busy right now and to let him know when the contractors would begin work.

  4. silhouette- someone (Greg???) painted 63% on it. THANKS!!! It was decided to leave it there for now as it has good visibility.
  5. studio tour- Mary needs help doing this all day the 27th and 28th of August. Becky can’t do it. Please let her know if you can help
  6. donor letters- Becky and Kent wrote another letter “begging” for donations to finish this project. 126 were sent out with handwritten pleas. Many commission members helped to write individual notes. So far, no response….
  7. TIIP grant-we will hear in mid-October
  8. postcards-Penny picked up the new order. If you need some, please contact her.
  9. farmer’s markets- August 24 and 30th Becky can’t do; if you can, please let her know
  10. August artwalk- August 26th- Becky will be gone; Sandra will do it and get the stuff from Becky at the Aug. 22 Great Bend meeting
  11. Fishwalk Aug. 11th- Becky will do this from 6-9 outside the Danforth Gallery
  12. Driving tour for Fishing Conclave Aug. 12- Becky will do this Friday at 2pm
  13. 1st day issue envelopes- tabled

New Business:

  1. St. Charles Expedition- Becky is in contact with them to see if they can participate at statue dedication. They will be launching boats from Livingston to go to Pompey’s Pillar.
  2. Humanities grants-Graetz and Hal-Becky will contact

Next meeting: August 22nd

Respectfully submitted,
Becky Douglass




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