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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
August 9, 2004

Attending: Becky D., Sandra C., Mary M., Penny C., Marleen A., Doris W., Dick Baerman (guests from Big Timber, Carol Eschenko, winner of painting & friend, Teri Schlabach)

Financial Reports: No report for O & P grant. Monument report: $22,123.00 (includes 4 pledges). Quilt & art ticket sales total: $1605; (Depot sales were $170.00). Thank you Volunteers! Bills: for 9 bronzes ordered $9829.00; new post cards ordered, $245.00

Winner of quilt: Fran Gregrey of Livingston; winner of painting, Carol Eschenko of Big Timber.

Time sheets: Please do these as they are very important for our grants.

Old Business:

1. Raffle report: Done at the Depot Sunday, 8/8/04. Pictures were taken by Becky, drawing done by Diana's daughter, Elizabeth. Picture taken tonight of winner of painting with artist, Dick Baerman.

2. Foundry report: Mary brought #10 (Jordans). Foundry is backed up with urgent orders from many sculptors. Hopefully we will have the other 8 by Friday. One is Brockway's and two are for the man from Calif. Becky took #11 to Colorado to a buyer. Mary will take two to Winnemucca, Nevada over Labor Day weekend to an art show that can be sold. Voted to order six more now.(#22,23,24,25,26, & 27).

Discussed utilizing the lower first 5 numbers for those who desire them. Agreed to have this option for members. Becky and Penny would prefer to have lower numbers; Doris is okay with #6 and Sandra the same with #7. If anyone else on the Commission is interested in having one with a lower number (or #9) is welcome to speak up now.

3. Mary will be attending several art shows that she has put in for. Many shows are where big buck folks attend. We will send small bronzes with her that can be sold. The artist's "Studio Tour" is on Aug 28th. New Gallery 369, on Callendar St. would be a good place to have one displayed...Mary will ask the owner (Renae). She also will contact the Rib & Chop House. New store in same building will be a "Made in Montana" store...owner can be found at Pro Shop at golf course. Clark's Crossing was also suggested.

4. Bronzes delivered, numbered, and ordered: 21 bronzes have been made/ordered.

5. Silhouette: Mary and Greg picked it up at the Fairgrounds, it is now in their backyard. Voted to keep it there for the Studio Tour on the 28th. Would be nice to have it stored where publically could be seen etween events. Suggestions were: inside at Interstate Bank, Courthouse, outside at Chamber of Commerce. Penny will talk with Louann and Mark Pesa about this.(Louann will be back next Monday).

6. Fair report: Doris had a booth and handed out information sheets, had post cards, and her own bronze there. We may have one interested buyer, hope hope!

7. T-shirts: We will get a few more made. ($13.00) Sandra will wear hers next meeting.

8. CTEP Grant & Driving Tour and brochure: No reply yet from Laurie on Fed Ex #, but mock-ups will be sent to her for revisions and replacement images; Bob Spannring is searching for a new image for #12 sign. Need to let out the call for bids to Sea Reach and possibly the business in Billings, a.s.a.p. The comparison of the process for making of the signs is information needed as well as price. (Jackie, please let us know if we can be of help with this....I have the letter from DOT about the Chamber site for you).

We voted to go ahead and contact Lea Chatham for a proposal on the brochures. She will work with Bob Spannring on this too. We need to get going on this as that grant expires in Sept of next year.

9. A day on the Yellowstone: Becky took a photo that day; Marleen got some in the mail and took them to Brian.

10. Commemorative stamps: Penny shared 6 sheets with Diana for the museum, Becky bought 3 and Doris bought one. 20 stamps/sheet @ 7.40.

New Business:

1. Websites: Becky will work with Penny and Mary on this. Suggestions, including those from Louann, were: Chamber, City, Cowboy Connections, museums, and possibly the Interpretive Center.

2. Old Settler's Days: Dick found out that Jerry from the Hardware store in Clyde Park is who to call. They have a parade...Mary will check with Greg on being in that. Penny could get the same flatbed; Sandra would share the buffalo robe. Could sell bricks, prints, and bronzes at a table.

3. Brochure for the bronzes: possibly could make one just for the bronze. Becky brought some samples. Might be a good idea for the idea to approach the need for this with the Livingston Trust. We liked the Visions West style. Becky will get cost estimates.

4. Other Funding ideas: Certificates for purchasing % of lbs of statue. Dick would do a painting of the bronze with the Yellowstone River as background. Quilters wanted to make a bedspread for next year.

5. We could get jars to have at restaurants for folks to drop in coins. We could use clear quart size jars with lids taped shut and a post card inside the glass.

6. Marketing via personal meetings: Need a list of those to visit. Becky will contact Hillary to get this going. Also discussed newspaper ads: we will do one for the drawings thank-you and one to promote the studio tour. Hopefully we will get a story in this week about the drawing items and our progress via Lynette Dodson, Penny will contact her again. Then we will place a thank you in next week (19th) and the promotion ad on the 26th, just before the Studio Tour on the 28th.

7. Livingston Trust Grant: we will meet again to get this finalized.

Other: Loveland Colorado show - top priority show. We will try to support Mary getting into this one next year.

We enjoyed FISH HOUSE PUNCH, corn meal stew and smoked salmon during the meeting. Delicious!!

Next meeting will be Aug. 23, 2004, 5:30 pm.

Penny Carpenter, Recorder




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