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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
August 12, 2002

Attending: Becky Douglass, Doris Whithorn, Charlie Rahn, Jackie Robbins, Lenny Gregrey, Bob Ebinger, Bob Raney, Jeanne-Marie Souvigney, Penny Carpenter. Guest: Laurie Heupel, NFS.

Becky called the meeting to order at 5:30 pm. In-kind work sheets were distributed to be filled out during the meeting and returned to Jackie. Minutes of the July 8, 2002 meeting were approved. (no meeting held on 7/22 due to many gone).

Written financial reports were distributed by Jackie. Additions made were name of towns where conferences were held. No other corrections, approved. Balance in Kiosk grant is $1669.66 and balance in O & P grant is $1150.66.

Old Business:

Kiosk sign needs a compass indicator as sign sits east to west, facing north; not west to east. All agreed that maps are designed with west on left and most folks would not have difficulty with this, however it was decided to get an indicator and Brian will obtain one for the sign. Becky reported that she and Diana talked to the Commissioners about trash receptacles and they agreed we need barrels for tourists to use and said they would look into it. (Ed could you follow up on this please?)

DOT signs indicating the historical marker ahead are up!! Thanks to Jon Axline at DOT and Shiell Anderson. Becky offered to write them thank yous.

Laurie Heupel from the NFS brought several printed "mock-ups" of our ideas for the Driving Tour Project in progress. They are beautiful. A sub-committee meeting will be held this Friday at noon in the back room of the Sport, for looking them over and making suggestions. Designated Jeanne-Marie to be the contact person for Brian O'Callahan from SeaReach. He will be doing the fabricating and bases for the signs. Diana S. obtained permission from 1st Nat'l Bank to use the large mural photo on a sign. (Thanks Diana!) Bob Ebinger agreed to take a picture of the mural for our use.

Brian gave a report on the 4th panel work: showed a portion of the finished top 2/3 of the area. It is also beautiful! It will be vinyl with a UV protection coat and will be mounted on another board to be placed in the panel. Brian will ask about cost of a 2nd print to have on hand.

Fall Conference in Bozeman (10/3 & 4) was discussed and those interested in attending need to make a commitment to do so by Aug 24th so we can make financial decisions at our next meeting, August 24. Please call or e-mail Becky and let her know if you are going.

Becky read aloud a thank-you letter from Eagle Scout candidate, Hugh Kinslow. He appreciated getting to work on the Kiosk Sign area and was accepted as an Eagle Scout. Discussion followed regarding the plant loss at the site as 3 of the 4 plants have died. Becky will contact Dave Kinslow and see if the pack plans to continue to support the landscaping. Weeds also need to be sprayed in the path.

New Business:

Rick Graetz from Billings has agreed to come to Livingston to present his slides on L & C and speak. He will do this for just a dinner cost for us. The Depot was suggested as a good site and will be discussed more at the next meeting.

Our project summary and graphics need to be sent in by August 30 and we filled out the information together. Becky will send in the photos.

The inquiry from Billings regarding the Yellowstone Corridor signage (Montana Tourism and Recreation Initiative) and possible brochure was discussed and our answer is "yes" we are interested, but more information about what kind of signs, etc is needed. We would hope a consistent style could be developed such as the Driving Tour signs we are working on now. Big Timber has met with Laurie also and they are planning to continue this format too.

Doris read a letter she received from the National Trail regarding being in the Rose Bowl Parade in Pasadena for a "L & C Brigade". People are to apply and must meet certain requirements to do this. They will have 33 members and 10 reserves.

Lenny shared about the "Clark & Lewis Show" at the Firehouse playhouse and that it was great but poorly advertised and had low attendance. This will be here again through the Depot in 2003.

Next meeting 8/26, Rural Fire Station, 5:30 p.m.

Recorder, Penny Carpenter




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