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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
August 22, 2005

Attending: Dick Baerman, Dale Guidi, Sandra Cahill, Becky Douglass, Penny Carpenter

Minutes: Minutes were approved from 8/8/05.

Financial: Penny met with the Co. Finance officer this a.m. and reported on the balances for the O & P grant ($208.61) and for our regular Commission Fund ($2808.00). Marleen was absent but had e-mailed updated Monument Fund: total net to monument is $70,950 as of 8/20. Of this, 31 bronzes sold is $37,200; 150 bricks $12,975; donations $7,222.00; and jars have collected $1,390.50. Good work Marleen!! The bookkeeping is superb.

Time Sheets: PLEASE keep them up as we will need them for the NPS grants too.


1. Artist's report: Mary has been to the Loveland art show; has been swamped getting ready for the Art Studio Tour next weekend; getting bases on the three new bronzes from the foundry.

2. Tour to foundry: discussion deferred due to Mary's absence.

3. Monument project: 31 bronzes sold; we have 7 more paid for and 6 more in "reserve" status. Becky brought the list of the marketing letters for members to review and pick who to send more to. Penny will complete the Certificates for new buyers. Dale is ordering 136 bricks to be made now. Subcommittee will meet to plan design rough drafts. No one is available to sit at Farmer's market this week on Wednesday. Sandra will do the Friday night Art Walk and Diana will relieve her. Penny brought another card table.

Becky reported on the FISH WALK, and it was a success. Several people donated in the jar, talked with many about bricks and she took two ladies on the Clark's Trail driving tour. Penny had changed the 50% marking on the silhouette to 63% and now will change it again to read, 71%. It's in a good spot on Park Street so will leave it there.

Mary's Studio Tour weekend is the 27th and 28th. Becky helped her last year but will be out of town this time. She's started the armature for the big statue and we need to get photos for the scrapbook.

The garden preparation went well and was a LOT of work! All of this was volunteer except for the weed killer ($18.99). We will publish a "thank-you" in the paper. Penny will also send our thank-you notes to Kenyon Noble; High Country Rental, Ed Hillman, Ty Shorter, Blake Nursery, Hank Fabich. The plan was grided out by Dale and looks super. The dry creek bed is in, rocks are there and finishing touches will be done down the road. Need to get sidewalks, electrical, irrigation lines, etc in by October 15th. Preparation then for planting beds will be done.

Penny explained about the NPS grant for our garden.....we have to wait until the cooperative agreement between NPS and the Foundation is signed, before funds will be available. We cannot have expenses prior to that for grant funds.


Dedication planning: Clint is helping with this on the St. Charles Expedition folks and getting "Thomas Jefferson". Becky will follow-up. Hal Stearns will be on a Humanities grant for that day. Ritchie Doyle will be coming for the 4th of July stuff. Mary will be helping with getting Sacajawea's great-neice, Roseann Abramson (?) and the Shoshoni elders. She knows the contact lady in Three Forks. Penny is in touch with the Post Office commemorative postmark project lady. We need to discuss the design for the envelopes and mark.

We have a conflict with the Summerfest folks for next July, over who's going to be in the lagoon area. Becky working on this with Ken Kastelitz and Cathy (?); May need to get Clint Tinsley involved.

Dick Baerman read a letter regarding his friend and the donor; he is still interested and needs proof of our tax-exempt status. Penny will get Dick a copy of the Annotated Code/statement from county that we are tax exempt for him to mail on.

Dale & Becky reported on the class reunion of 1960 and 61. Becky attended with our display table but folks mostly were visiting. After she left, they passed the hat for this project: Class of 1960 raised $261.00 and 1961 raised $208.00. They will each get a brick!

Becky is in touch with another banker in town who says he wants two, maybe three bronzes because he wants to be on the plaque. He wants a long line of writing though and we only can give one line to each donor of $5,000 or more. Sandra had brought the photos of the dedication in Three Forks so Becky took the photo of the plaque and will work on this issue. Penny took the rest for the scrapbooks.

We will run the DON'T BE LEFT OUT "business builder" ad for one month in the paper, M-W-F for $135.00 for bricks for the landscaping.

Next meeting is Sept 12, 5:30 pm

Recorder, Penny Carpenter

Addendum: Since this meeting, Mary sold a bronze at the Studio Tour and Sandra may have a buyer from the Art Walk!

Penny got a call from a woman in Omaha who is writing a book about L & C driving tours, places to go to see L & C sites. All three of our L & C projects are going to be in this book, as well as our Museums being listed! Her name is Kira Gale (?sp) and the book will be out next spring she said.




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