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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
September 6, 2002

Attending: Becky Douglas, Doris Whithorn, Jeanne Marie Souvigney, Bob Raney, Diana Seider, Brian Sparks, Charlie Rahn and Bob Ebinger.

Minutes from last meeting were corrected to include scrapbook notation. Doris brought them to the meeting to show. Becky took them home to look at.

In-kind donation forms were distributed and all are reminded to keep track of our own time for each project.

One of Doris's photos is missing. Does anyone know where it is?

Financial report is the same. No changes. Will be using O & P funds for Conference fees. Need to decide how many will be attending to send in check ASAP as deadline is next week. Penny will get information to Jackie to request cutting a check at the Courthouse.

Old Business:

Compass indicators for the interpretive sign will still be done by Brian Sparks. Becky reminded Ed Schilling and Dan Gutebier about our inquiry for trash receptacles at the site as travelers are leaving "garbage" bags, and other items by the logs. No response yet. Bill Campbell from N.P.S. can possibly help us get covered cans with bases. Bob R. (or Bob E.) will ask him.

Becky wrote a thank-you to the DOT for the advance signs on I-90.

Jeanne will talk to Laurie Heupel, NPS, about coming to our next meeting for work on the Driving Tour signs. We will need 2 extra bases for the Depot and Bozeman hill signs. The negative of the photo from the bank may belong to the Headwaters Chapter in Bozeman. Could possibly scan the poster from the bank and use it. Bob E. has it.

We need to remind the DOT about not blocking off the Truck Stop site from access. We should also start the process of obtaining permits for this. Have Jackie talk to John Axline again on this. Also have her ask about trash cans as the DOT may be able to provide these.

Brian reported that the 4th panel is completed on the top 2/3 and looks great. Lynn Crawford was the sign maker and she suggested it might need UV glass film to protect it from deterioration. Charlie R. will ask Guy's Glass about this. However, the rubber lining is hanging down and needs repair. Wendy should do this--contact her through Jackie.

Fall Conference is scheduled in Bozeman, Oct .2,3,4. Those wanting to go: Doris, Becky, Brian, Jeanne-Marie, Sandra??, and Diana. Penny will be working the registration table on Thursday and has complimentary fee paid.

Becky found out from the Eagle Scout's mother that the DOT had used a weed-eater on the landscaped plants!!! No deer had eaten them at all. When Jackie calls DOT have her tell them about that too. They should pay for replacement plants. Project summary is completed and sent.

Driving Tour Project: We will be applying for Cost-Share Challenge Grant dollars again through NPS to complete the other 6 signs. Will contact Dick Williams to make the change in this year’s proposal for first 6.

Plaque with name is ordered and will be placed inside the 4th panel on the bottom 1/3 far corner.

New Business:

Bob E. reported on behalf of the Economic Alliance that the "Highway 89 Heritage program has a committee working on this. Trying to find out who sponsors this now. Needs a letter of support for the project.

Diana reported that the big steam train will be here from 9:30 am to 10 am and will return on the 18th from 1:00 to 2:00 pm.

Due to so many being gone Sept. 4, and Conference just the next week, our next meeting will be October 14, 2002 at 5:30 pm.

Recorder, Penny Carpenter




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