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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
320 N. Main
Livingston, Montana
September 8, 2003

Attending: Becky Douglass, Bob Ebinger, Doris Whithorn, Dick Baerman, Jackie Robbins, Penny Carpenter, Jeanne Marie Souvigney, Dale Guidi (new member).

Minutes: Minutes had been sent out prior - approved.

Financial report: Commission Fund balance $5024.15; Driving Tour Grant Fund - $701.25; O & P Funds - $1346.48. Expenses for the Driving Tour signs not all in yet for 1st six of the 12 signs.

Old Business:

1. Driving Tour work day: Jeanne reported for Bob. One base installed was not the right size for that sign at the Depot and will be changed when we do our next installations. Needs to be bigger for the NPS sign. Jack Nichols offered to help Bob dig it up and change it but will need the lines marked again. Jackie R. will arrange this and let Bob know. Laurie H had a medical problem and could not attend. Had a great working crew and terrific volunteers--Bob & Jeanne's son-in-law and his brother, Brady and Perry Zang and Dale Guidi. Ed Lacombe and the community service inmates helped initially and then had to leave. Penny will send thank-yous.

2. Jeanne called Laurie H. re: mock-ups and getting signs finished by deadline. We have no better image of the mural. Penny had an e-mail from Brian at SeaReach (will send to Jeanne) regarding the signs getting completed. Agreed to send payment as we have Midori's approval to do this now.

3. CTEP: Jackie reported she had received the letter of confirmation Friday and needed more time to look it over fully. It's a contract with Park County in the amount of $8,658.00 and our 13% match will be $2,302.00 for a total of $10,960.00 for the second six signs of the Driving Tour. Along with the $5,000 NPS grant for the brochures we will be set to complete this project. Yea! Narrative for the next six is nearly finished and then will need to have sub-committee meetings to plan the designs.

4. Quilt: Penny showed the overall design again and how each block instructions will be given to the quilters to make over the winter. (10 in all). Discussed options for when to auction/raffle it off, will decide later. Funds are for the statue project.

5. Sacajawea Statue: Becky (will be gone Sept 11 to Oct 14th) reported we are getting lots of interest from artists all over the west. Passed around the letters, photos for all to view. Had another artist call today about it from Great Falls-Penny will mail him the information. Discussed when to have the meetings to make the decision on design and who to be on the jury panel. Most felt our Commission members need to be part for sure with a few community members included. Will contact those suggested (artists, etc) Penny will send invitations to participate to each: Fred Shellenberg, Tom Murphy, Don Strong, and will ask Laura Bray to have the Gallery Association name a representive and an art teacher. We will meet on Oct 16th at 1:00 pm (hopefully at the Depot- I called Diana and there is a wedding that weekend and they may be in there on Thurs. to decorate. She is going to find out for us if we can be there that day). The decision day will be October 30th at 1:00 pm-site to be arranged.

Becky attend the City Commission meeting to present our Statue project and asked them to discuss a location. Our preferred choice is Rotary Park (Judson Pk west of the Museum). I called Diana to find out about this and she said we need to send a letter requesting this to the Board and they meet next Tuesday (Penny will send letter today). She also said there is plans to "widen" Park St. in the future and we need to take this in consideration and set it back far enough to not need to be moved.

Becky read the letter to be sent out for donations. Some minor changes made. Need to check on "tax-deductible" with county attorney and finance officer for County. Jackie will do this.

Discussed the "bricks" for donors. Dale G. offered to contact Brick, Block & Tile and see what they could do. Becky had info from Boulder, Co and prices.

Fundraising Plan: get the design chosen, make upscale invitations with image for fund solicitation, get data base addresses finished (Jackie took list). Dick Baerman will take letter to Sharon Walker for estimates on printing 300. Mailed out between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

5. MDT L&C signs for I-90: Jackie reported no response yet from her call. Penny shared the e-mail from Clint regarding this. Will wait to see what he finds out.

6. Odyssey West: Becky called and got no response. On hold for now.

New business:

Fall Conference will be in Lewistown, Oct.2 & 3. Registration brochures have been received. $75.00 fee. Members interested are Dale Guidi, Sandra Cahill, Penny Carpenter, maybe Doris, maybe Dick, and ? (was one other I thought). Decided that each register on their own and then submit for reimbursement up to $150.00 total for expenses. RBC meeting will be Wed at 6:30 pm, Penny agreed to be rep. Possibly Sandra too.

John Rogers died and his service was the 25th. Becky sent a letter from the Commission. A sympathy card was passed around for all to sign. Penny will mail to Jane Welch, his daughter.

Penny shared that Rita had e-mailed wanting to know facilities in Livingston for the June Commission meetings in 2004. All agreed the Yellowstone Inn would be best.

Next meetings will be Sep 22 and Oct 13 at the 320 N. Main Professional Bldg, 5:30 p.m.

Recorder, Penny Carpenter




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