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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
Sunset Meeting - Douglass Home
September 10, 2006

Attending: Becky Douglass, Sandra Cahill, Marleen Anderson, Mike Gomez, Dick Baerman, Mary Michael, Diana Sieder, Jeanne-Marie Souvigney, Norm Miller, Penny Carpenter.

Time Sheets: Many hadn’t turned in up-to-date forms…..thousands of hours for sure!!

Financial: Penny reported regarding O & P: Zeroed out; final report submitted to Rita Cortright in Helena via e-mail. Regular Commission Fund - Balance of $692.26. Motion made to transfer this amount to the Monument Fund as all anticipated claims on that account have been paid. Motion passed. Marleen and Penny will meet with Finance Office staff to facilitate that transfer. Also to make sure the $508.22 was transferred to the correct account also. Marleen gave the Monument Fund report: Gave out paper copies of the fund and the costs list. Few bills are still out there to be paid. Also will need to pay for new signs at the Garden Site.
95 bronzes sold: $202,492.00 Cost- $90,250.00 Profit- $112,242.00
408 bricks sold: $37,700.00 Cost- $6,120.00 Profit- $34,355.00
Donations: $22,280.08
Jars 2,126.50
Liv. Community Trust $10,000
NPS CCS Garden Grant $5,000
TOTAL $186,603.58 (5 + 2 more bronzes will be additional $7,508.00.)
Sales from Moulton books: $238.15
Post Office Cancellation/First Day Covers $1,205.00
Silent Auction Quilt sale $3100.00

Mold breaking letters to bronze owners can be done in remaining Commemorative envelopes. Marleen offered to print addresses on them from Bronze list. Costs for ink cartridges will be reimbursed to her. Standing ovation to Marleen for all her great efforts!!! And mostly for saying “yes” when asked to take it on.

Old Business:

1. Artist’s report: Foundry has cast up through #78. They are trying hard to push them through for us. The U-Haul grand opening for all new graphics will be on Sept 22 in Helena…hopefully a group of members can attend with Mary for this. What a great free advertisement to be on their Website with our Monument!

This is Mary’s first edition to be “sell-out” and it was a large one (100). Discussion followed on her making very small models in resin for her to sell for about $35.00; motion made to okay that passed.

2. City of Livingston: Becky read a thank-you letter from City Manager, Ed Meece. Prior to accepting ownership of the statue, the proper “paperwork” needs to be done. We need to meet and discuss the options for the funds….endowment, public committee, financial agency etc. prior to meeting with the City. Surveillance tapes long-range plan needs to be developed: LPD doesn’t want them, WISP WEST has offered to install a webcam/Hi speed wireless system but we need an IP address to have this work. Motion made to form a sub-committee: Becky, Penny, Mike, and Marleen will follow-up.

3. Sandra brought certificates from the State Commission to honor members and their work during the Bicentennial.

4. Becky & Sandra attended the final State Commission meeting in Billings and reported. Program Grant reports deadline is Nov. 1, 2006 (Penny submitted ours for the $1,000.00 award to get Gary Moulton here as speaker.) O & P grant report is done. Maintenance for Trail signs funds are available—the Chamber of Commerce can apply for this to the FWP and MDT. These grants are funded by the U.S. Mint. Becky will talk to LouAnn about this. Motion made to have more keys made for that sign. Senate Legacy maquettes are still available—contact the Mt. Historical Society if interested.

5. Becky will talk with LouAnn about up-dating the Interstate 4th Panel with current information.

6. Penny will contact Hillary Johnson about redoing the Sacajawea website with a 360 degree virtual tour and links. LouAnn talked to her on this already.

7. Dick’s paintings: Discussed where Dick can display them to keep them out there for possible sales…..banks, dining rooms, events. Dick returned the red wood easel-Penny will get it back to the bank.

8. Motion made to have both the Ralston prints and Dick’s prints sold by the Chamber and for them to keep all profits. They were tremendous help to our project and because of their support we sold quite a few bronzes.

9. Also will have the Commemorative Envelopes available there & at Depot. Funds still to go to Monument at present.

10. Mary explained that the video sound did not record well at the Dedication. Steve Fox will put together a collage video with music, etc and may have other things on it too. We will still pay for that to be done and then individuals wanting one can purchase their own.

11. Surveillance and security discussion: Greatest news was hearing the “eyeball” story. Still waiting for the dummy camera to be put up. Becky will follow up on this.

New Business:

1. Mold breaking party: Unfortunately one of our reserved bronzes has failed to be sold. #84 is available for sale, look for a buyer! We will then plan the MOLD DESTRUCTION PARTY. After all the miniatures have been cast, and delivered, photos of the broken mold will be taken and copies sent to all bronze owners. Marleen suggested that we also send a photo of the completed Statue & Garden site. All in favor of this.

2. Becky sent around a rough draft of “instructions for care” that we will get to the City Manager, City Commission, Co. Commission at meetings of both groups. We will include our recommendations for it’s long-term preservation.

3. Discussed having new signs made for at the site: Penny will call Lynn Crawford (Delta Signs) and get cost information. Sub-Committee to get wording ideas - Penny and Kent. Will also work on getting signs for Park St. with directions to the site-could possibly go on exiting signs. May call Jerry Martello for help on this.

4. Also need plaque for Latitude & Longitude of the Geodetic Marker. (Dale brought the Trailblazers plaque….it is beautifully done.)

5. National Certification: Penny asked permission of the group to f/u on this and get it submitted. Approved.

6. O & P report submitted via e-mail.

7. Bronze Authentication Certificates need signed. Penny has more gold stickers.

8. NPS second half grant ($2,500) not here yet. Penny will follow up with Carol Bronson.

9. The two damaged books (Moulton) were picked up and returned. Waiting for the new ones to arrive. Need to collect $29.95 on one.

10. Penny showed the document on “Archiving the Bicentennial.” Formed a sub-committee to go over all our documents for presentation to the Library down the road: Penny, Sandra, Becky, Jeanne. Scrapbook needs to be finished also.

Penny Carpenter, Recorder




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