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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
September 13, 2004

Attendance: Sandra Cahill, Doris Whithorn, Penny Carpenter, guest Lea Chatham.

Financial Reports: Marleen e-mailed Monument report: current net is $21, 679.00 after all bills paid. Penny called Rita Cortright today in Helena regarding O & P funds. It's fine to add an education category as that was approved of in the list of goals for the funds to be spent on. Penny will send her an addendum and a copy of Amy Baird's letter from 2003.

Time sheets: Need to stay diligent with these as it has been a tremendous job to gather this information for the Trust meeting and to report on for grants.

Old Business:

1. Greg & Mary rode in the parade at Old Settler's Days in Clyde Park and took first place in the old car division. They had a table set up for the day with the Bronze there. Penny picked up the two latest bronzes from Greg and they too are a different coloring, and less carefully done on the details. (At the Livingston Trust work meeting on the 17th, we decided to ask Mary to talk with the foundry before having more made. We called Greg from the meeting and relayed this to Mary through him as she is in Pendleton Ore at an art show till next Tuesday (21st).) One of these two is now on display at the Chamber, Penny has the other. Becky is contacting the buyer in California.

2. Lea Chatham presented her previous work on a brochure and talked about what she would work on for a proposal on the Driving Tour brochure. She has information from meeting with Penny earlier today and will start with that. Will attend the 2nd meeting in October with ideas/costs.

3. Websites - Adding our new site to all posters, ads, etc., wherever we are putting postcards out, etc.

4. CTEP & driving tour - Penny talked with Laurie Heupel today and she will bring latest mock-ups with her to our next meeting, 9/27/04. She is unable to get the images of the first six completed signs and urged us to purchase the CD from Sea Reach out of the brochure funds as buying art work, (175.00). Agreed to do this and Penny will order it. Bid letters went out to Sea Reach and Advertising Design and copies were taken to Jackie to submit to CTEP as required.

5. There are 5 t-shirts now as all can wear them at different events. Whoever wore it, needs to get it washed for the next person. Three are images on the back and two have them on the front.

6. Livingston Trust work - Next meeting will be this Friday at 10:00. Huge gathering of information on all of our work since we started.....accounting of dollars and in-kind donations.

7. Fundraising letter #2 needs to be out by Oct 1. Becky has draft finished. Getting bid from Montana Edge for printing.

8. RBC meeting in Polson, Sandra will attend. Gave printed minutes from the Showcase meeting to Sandra.

9. Quilt Show - Peace by Piece quilt guild has offered a free table to us for their show to sell bricks, prints, and bronzes. They plan to have Fran Gregrey's quilt on display near us.

New Business:

1. Taste of the Trail II - 2005 kick-off event in coordination with Pomp's birthday. Could be at the Depot on Feb 18th (Diana, is that date available??) Could maybe get a Speaker's Bureau grant for Hal Stearns' talk. More discussion deferred until more members present.

2. New idea of getting "FISH" made by local artists with sponsorships to raise funds for the statue....Billings has horses, Great Falls has _____?, Couer d'Alene has moose.....why not fish for here? More discussion to follow.

3. Certification of sites? deferred discussion also.

4. National Endowment for the Arts discussion. Internet pages printed and we are eligible for a category for "public art." Penny wants to talk to new opportunity in town for non-profits and grant seeking, Lori Benner. Penny knows her and will call her.

Next meeting: 9/27/04, 5:30 p.m., 320 N. Main




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