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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
September 27, 2004

Attendance: Diana S., Dick B., Marleen A., Sandra C. Guest: Laurie Heupel.

Minutes had been sent out--report of donation jars being set out in businesses around town hade een left out. Correction will be made.

Time sheets will be kept by Becky.

Financial Reports: Marleen gave Monument fund report: $22,964 net to statue. O & P fund addendum & copy of Amy's e-mail sent to Rita with changes to include categories for administration, travel & education. Sandra will attend RBC meeting next month in Pablo.


#1 & 2. Laurie Heupel (NPS) brought most recent mock-ups of second half of driving tour signs. #1 is a Clymer print and we will have to purchase the right to use it. Laurie will send contact info to Penny for this. This is sign #7. May have to do the same for #12 from its artist. Laurie spoke about the GPS marker as we are to get one for here. She also told us about a new book called "Capturing L & Clark by Air."

We did get the CD's (2) from Sea Reach with the first six images. Penny will contact Rita about how to tap the NPS. Cost Share Challenge grant to pay for it. (Brochure grant of $5,000).

#3. Solicitation letter- three members worked for 2 1/2 hours getting them out. They ran out of postcards and now need labels. We worked putting on the labels during the meeting and sorted them by zip codes. We can do a bulk mailing through Diana. However, she suggested we ask the Chamber also and do it with them if they will agree. Penny will do the mailing and be reimbursed. Laurie offered to e-mail us the Foundation Board members list and Chapters.

#4. The Peace by Piece Quilt Guild show is at the Fairgrounds Oct 8, 9 and 10. Penny will set it up and do Friday, Sandra will do Sat, and Marleen will cover Sunday.

#5. Artist & foundry report: we have one new bronze order, thanks to Marleen!! and possibly two bricks. (Laurie wants a brick) #14 and 15 will go to the Calif. man and currently they are on display in Bank of the Rockies and Clark's Crossing in the motel office. #14 is at Gallery 3-6-9. Mary took her artist proof to the show in Pendleton, Ore. and then she will have it at the foundry so the patina finishes will be more like the first ones. Laurie suggested contacting Jane Weber at the Great Falls Interpretive Center for permission to display one and Carol Bronson at the Foundation--maybe we could have Bob & Jeanne talk with Wendy ?? We would put postcards with them.

#6. Large Interpretive sign display: needs to be updated periodically. Penny will check on whether the Chamber staff needs a key. We will put one of the Monument's postcards in with both sides exposed.

New Business:

#1. Brochure proposal will be presented Oct 25th. Penny will get image to Lea.

#2. 2005 kick-off event will be in honor of Pomp's birthday in February. Diana will check on the Feb 18th date. We could get a Speaker's Bureau grant and see about getting maybe Hal Stearns or David Peck, (author of the book on medicine) as the featured presenter. We could plan the dinner with same menus, have silent auction, and get sponsors.

#3. Discussed the idea of having a fund-raising idea of "fish" of Livingston; Billings has horses, Coeur d'Alene has moose, we have heard of this in other cities. Tabled until more time at another meeting.

Next meeting10/13/04
Penny Carpenter, Recorder




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