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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
October 10, 2005

Attending:Becky D., Dale G., Mary M., Dick B., Marleen A., Diana S., Penny C.

Minutes:Minutes were previously read, motion made to approve. Passed.

In Kind Sheets: Reminder, as always.

Financial:Marleen reported for the Monument Fund. Net to statue to date is $82,975.01. This includes 37 bronzes sold. We have now ordered more, up through #60. Two more were purchased by Sterling Bank and are on display there. They are available to be purchased by others and Mr. Gilke doesn't care which number his two have.

Regular Commission Fund balance is $2,880.77. Newspaper ad bills for $135.00 and $50.00 were submitted. Penny will check on what the $132.40 was for (later found out it was for the 500 postcards ordered last July).

O & P Fund balance is 208.61. Marleen needs stamps and she and Penny will go to Big Timber tomorrow for the State commission meeting and will be reimbursed for expenses.


1. Artist's report: Mary is hopeful of having 3 more bronzes by 10/13 with more to come after then. Foundry staff came over to look at the full-size one--armature is BIG! It will take 65 pieces of mold and then be welded together. Stainless steel posts inside legs. Mold will cost $19,000 and casting is $35,000. They said it will take 3 weeks to do all the molds.

Mary has been accepted into a "Journey's End NAE show at Ft. Clatsop, Astoria, Ore with her small Sacajawea. Was too late to enter the big one but has reserved a room and will take her to display also. Nov 11-15, 2005. Congrats Mary!!

Skipped to Agenda item #6: Galleries: Mordam Art wants one of the statues to display and they said "the local art community supports this project!" Two are on display at Sterling Bank, Penny's is at the Chamber. We will approach other galleries and we need more bronzes.

Reviewed list of names of possible purchasers to follow-up on. We also could go to the other banks, car dealerships, dentists???? Kent asked if he could set up a table at the Firehouse 5 and they said yes.

#2. Foundry Tour for the public: 388-1185 Becky called there today and no answer. Will keep working on this event.

#3: Monument:

  1. 193 bricks to date ordered. Dale is getting 177 made to start.
  2. Contracts: Jim Dennison will be our bricklayer; Moos Concrete will do the foundation; Jim Nardella will build the steel fence; JTL will give colored cement in Nov. Dale will bring samples of colors next meeting; Paul Lyman will do the electrical work (need to install a permanent outlet in a locked box); Hank Fabich will do irrigation conduit. Becky will call Sandi Blake as we'll need to do the rest of garden prep in spring.
  3. Becky is giving a garden presentation tomorrow night for the Garden Club/public Adult Ed class too.
  4. We have 6 more "reserved" bronzes to sell.
  5. SAVE THE DATE letters are being mailed out to VIP's, bronze owners, congressman, major donors for the "pre-celebration" Friday, July 14th.
  6. Summerfest -have had two meetings with acting city manager Darren Raney, Ken Kastelitz and committee. Need to add the City to the insurance for the County for the dedication event. Norm Miller is also helping on the planning of this as he knows some of the St. Charles group and Bud Clark.
  7. Commemorative envelopes: with stamps, we have 500. Need to design the envelopes. Penny and Becky will meet to review the info from the postmistrees at Lavina who gave us the guidelines.

#4. TIIP grant-letter arrived and we did not place in the money. The top 5 applications are getting the entire $200,000. There were 37 applicantions.

#5. Speakers Bureau grants- Becky submitted two, one for Hal Stearns (Wm. Clark, A Fond Look Back) for the dedication ceremony in July; and one for Ritchie Doyle. $50.00 had to accompany each application. Ritchie answered her e-mail with a request for an additional $150.00 to attend the parade on July 2. Motion made to pay this; passed.

#6. Mt. Travel reception at the Depot on Oct 3rd. Sandra and Marleen attended and had our statue table there. Said it was a great place to have a "presence" at. Sold two bricks and gave out lots of materials.


#1. Holiday advertising: we need a cut off date for bricks. Penny will start the ads early November. Will approach Riley O'Neill about a feature in her paper for the project-Dick to contact her to include his painting of John Colter and the story about him. AVERY of Paradise Artworks framed the painting and Penny will send a thank-you.

#2. Dick's friend, George, from Wash sent us a check for $2,000.00!!! Terrific!. Painting will be on display with a write-up alongside to promote it's sale ($1200 with $1000 going to the statue).

Penny will contact Carol Beadle about the quilt idea...could be a silent auction item at the Dedication for the 3 days of Summerfest.

#3. Sandra reminded us of the State Commission meeting in Big Timber tomorrow. Marleen and Penny can attend the 1:00 pm meeting.

#4. We received notice of a Corps II advance meeting in Billings on Oct 19. No one is going.

#5. FY-03 NPS Cost Challenge Share grant final reports are due by Oct 20th. Penny will compile the info and submit the report to Midori. Will then work on the Interim Status report and the "request for funds" for the Garden CCS grant via Trail Heritage Foundation. Midori has cautioned us that this will "take some time" due to the new process.

#7. Our silhouette has breathed it's last! It became a terminal victim of the Livingston winds and laid in pieces along Park St. Mary and Greg retrieved them all but she cannot and will not be rebuilt. We did all agree we should still have a sign there, with an indicator of some style telling the public how the project is progressing. We did have one inquiry as to whether we had raised all the money because "the silhouette was missing". Can't let the public think we're done yet!! Mary agreed to make a smaller sign with just the silhouette image and a thermometer tower for the total money.

Next meeting will be Oct. 24th, 5:30 pm in the WEST room in the basement of the City/County building. Enter via the back door by Law Enforcement.

Recorder, Penny Carpenter




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