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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
October 11, 2004

Attendance: Marleen, Becky, Sandra, Diana

Minutes: Not read or corrected/approved.

Financial Reports: Marleen reported that we have $24,521.65 total net to the statute project and $18,000 in the account. We ordered in July 9 more bronzes to be made and we have 3 not yet sold. We decided to order 6 more bronzes now as the foundry is slow. Marleen was concerned whether we would have the monies for this because she thought the first payment for the statue was Jan. 05. She was corrected that the 1st payment is July 25, 2005; therefore, we would like to place the order with Mary M. to the Foundry. The jar collection os $57.65 to date and there are 16 jars around town for spare change to the statute fund.

Old Business:

1. Driving tour: Penny will go ahead and order the Clymer print. SeaReach has a letter in saying that they conform to the 501 CTEP regulations. Haven't heard about the Billings bid yet.

2. Quilt Show: Marleen, Penny, and Sandra worked this show at the Fairgrounds for 3 days; THANKS for all your time and good work!!! Marleen sold a bronze there to the Shorts. Fran Gregrey (spelling changed from Gregory) purchased a brick and said we could use the quilt that she won in the raffle and was exhibited at the show, anytime.

3. Livingston Trust: Penny has indicated that the documents are ready. Marleen said that J. Sullivan wants plenty of time to review it and that a cover letter with the documents would be appropriate. Becky will write a cover letter and Sandra and Becky will be representatives at the Trust meeting. Marleen and Diana also suggested that we put our proposal in a percentage draw for each of the payments due. Becky and Sandra will rehearse the meeting before.

4. Brochure: This is tabled until next meeting when Lea Chatham will present.

5. Aartist and foundry report: The foundry is said to have # 4 & 17 ready within the week. There is concern that the foundry is way behind in orders and getting the right colors and precision. Mary has left an artist 's copy with them. Is there any guarantee from them that it is to be a close match???? We also need to know from the foundry what is the cut-off date for Christmas orders. We had a purchaser complain that she had ordered a bronze 6 wks ago and was told that it would be 2 wks.(what the foundry told us at the time)and still has not received it. Her comment was, " My son wondered if this was a fly-by-night outfit and would she ever get it?" She was assured she would, but we don't need this kind of publicity. The foundry has to be accountable!

6. Mailing list update: Becky and Penny will keep the data base updated. Marleen will e-mail all bricks, bronzes, and donations as they come in to add to the database.

New Business:

1. Bricks: Becky suggested having a proto-type sidewalk set up so that the community sees the bricks by next summer and understand what they were. It was suggested maybe around a bench so that heavy machinery to lift the statue in place wouldn't damage it. Becky will check into this with the landscaping MSU students. Marleen suggested a plaque on the base of the people here in the Corps of Discovery. Diana suggested a plaque that would say..."on this date......the GBYL&CHC honored the Bicentennial of the Lewis and Clark Legacy.

2. Becky needs copies of the latest fundraising letters and envelopes which she will get from Penny.

3. Grants: NEA, NPS, Rural Communites, OP, Commission Reports, and Humanities: these are due in Nov. and Dec.- we need help writing these!!! Please volunteer!

4. Taste of the Trail #2- Becky will contact Hal Stearns to be the keynote speaker Feb. 18th, 2005 at the Depot. He will speak on "The rest of the story; Clark party along the Yellowstone." We will also be celebrating Pomp's Birthday. Sandra will be in charge of people needed to contact caterers for a tax deduction. The Depot rent will be $300.00. We will need to work on this so that we do not lose money on this as we did last year. Any ideas?? We need to write a Humanities grant right away to pay for the speaker; any volunteers?????

5. Peace Medals: - Becky will check with the bank on how this is going. We were told that they would donate 10% of any sold. No one tonight has seen any information about these medals and they need to be marketed. 6. Fish: - Sandra will contact Jill K. about the promotion of painted fish in the town to raise funds for the statue.

Next meeting: Oct. 25 @ 5:30 p.m.




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