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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
October 14, 2002

Attending: Becky Douglass, Chair; Doris Whithorn; Jackie Robbins; Bill Pedula (Sweet Grass); Penny Carpenter

Meeting called to order at 5:05pm Rural Fire Station. Minutes were read and corrected: Several photos, not one, of Doris's are out yet. May be with Brian? 4th "Wed" of Sept. was changed to 4th "Mon" of Sept.

In-Kind donation forms were distributed. Please return to Jackie.

Financial Report: Kiosk expenses paid this period were: Donor Plaque $42.70 (it's in the case and looks wonderful); Delta Signs for 4th panel, $695.58; Balance is $931.38. O & P expenses paid this period were: Color copies $15.00 and Conference registration $450.00. Balance is $700.66. All claims for mileage/other for Annual Conference need to be submitted to Jackie ASAP.

Old Business:

1. Kiosk sign compass--tabled for next meeting
2. Laurie Heupel NPS --tabled for next meeting (confusion of who was ordering bases for Depot & Bozeman Hill - Penny will call Bob E.)
3. Jack call DOT and they reassured that the area at the truck stop will be accessible, the markers in place now will not obstruct access. Also will be able to get the permits with no problem. Okay to put sign there. They will NOT do anything regarding trash containers though. Becky reported she has still not had any response from Ed Schilling or Dan Gutebier about the county assisting with this. (???Ed)
Jackie did send a memo to Ed LaCombe, Community Service Officer with the Sheriff's Office, about last spring's clean-up and could they do it again this fall. Penny reported that Clark said Ed took the inmates up there last week and they cleaned the area.
4. Landscape plants--DOT said they could not replace them; suggested we call the local foreman, Jerry Martello but we agreed they will not be replaced. Decided to use the donation from Blake Nursery to replant them. Penny will call Kris Kinslow and find out which ones they were.
5. Livingston Trust Grant--Penny brought the application forms and reported there is no meeting set for the Board at this time. We need to fill out the application and return it to Ruth Eley at the Enterprise and then a meeting will be set to discuss it. We are requesting $5,000 for each of the projects....$10,000 total as matching funds for our grants.
6. Jackie called KLB Exhibits about the deteriorating 4th panel and spoke to the man who was here last July during installation. He said he could not make it here to do repair work but for us to have it done and he would pay whoever fixes it. Becky reported that Brian had gone up and re-weather stripped inside the sign. No one knows if he spoke to the KLB man or not. Jackie will find out.
7. UV film- tabled till next meeting.
8. Driving tour letter--Becky reported that Jeanne had written to Dick Williams about changing our proposal for this year to 6 signs.
9. New Grants-- we need to remember the deadlines for NPS Grant and State Commission Grants and O & P Grants will be MID DECEMBER, 2002. Plan is to apply for NPS Cost Share Challenge grant for the other 6 Driving Tour signs; possibly apply for State Grant for match obligations; O & P funds for 2003 expenses (Becky, Jackie & Penny will meet as subcommittee to categorize the O & P report for this year by end of Nov.); and search for new grant options for on-going projects. Discussed pursuing having a statue of Sacajawea made to be placed in Sacajawea Park. Jackie had attended the Grant Writing workshop at Conference in Bozeman and will look over her notes for grant resources. Becky has collected photos of other Sacajawea statues and has a favorite that is in North Dakota. Penny brought a photo from the museum in Three Forks of one. Sculptors were discussed briefly and Big Timber has Lyle Johnson (may have moved) & Dave Hodges. Locals in this area mentioned were Sally Wells and Sam Terakedis.
10. Slide show artist from Billings, Rick Graetz, has not contacted Becky as yet. He said he would this fall.
11. Discussed our License plate options. Need to spend time on this at next meeting. (see New Business # i).

New Business:

Fall Conference report by Becky: over 150 people there.

a. Corps II for July 2006- WE GOT IT!!!! Noticed the article in the Enterprise did not mention our Commission. Jackie was called by Paula Clawson from the paper but did not know how she knew about it. We agreed that any media releases about our projects and especially Corps II, needs to come from Park County's Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Regional Bicentennial Commission. Becky will schedule a meeting with the County Commissioners to discuss the "footprint" (take photo) and get tentative dates on their calendar for 2006. The Fair Board will need to know this for planning also.
b. Yellowstone Corridor Sign Planning meeting was set for Nov. 2 in Billings. Hoping Jeanne-Marie could go (?) as she attended the first one and maybe one other person.
c. Regular meeting for the Yellowstone Corridor will be in Columbus in early March of 2003. No set date yet.
d. National Council meeting will be in Great Falls April 14-17th. Several want to attend this.
e. Special Event planned, The Confluence of Cultures, will be in Missoula May 28,29 & 30th, 2003. This will also be the quarterly RBC meeting and State Commission meeting time. (First RBC meeting will be in Feb. but wasn't set at Conference regarding date or site yet)
f. Promotion cards for buying L & C license plates were passed out--put them in banks, restaurants, on cars in parking lots, anywhere you can think of to raise interest in buying them.
g. Boy Scout project planned for June 2003, many troops will explore a 50-mile section of the Trail, all during the same week and make journals as they travel. Journals will then be compiled into a book fall of 2003. Over 1200 kids predicted.
h. Signature Events: 17 across the trail states, two of which are in Montana. Great Falls in 2005, and Billings at Pompey's Pillar in 2006.
i. National "kick-off" day. Will start at Monticello but each trail state, and all towns/cities are encouraged to take part. In Helena they will be having "President Jefferson addressing the legislature" at the Rotunda. We need to gather ideas for Livingston's "kick-off". Discussed were: having a program that day i.e. Brian's skit from the Conference on "Decisions!!"; Greg Keeler, the guitar singer; Barney Old Coyote speak; Clark & Lewis Show dinner theater; sending a letter to all the schools about it; letter to restaurants; having the Enterprise write an article; etc. Bring your ideas to the next meeting!
Here is where we thought we could possibly have the drawing for the License Plate after 3 months of selling tickets for a raffle???? Would need to get started soon.
j. Army relay of the "walking staff" continuing. Will start at Ft. Union and follow the trail through Montana to raise awareness of the Commemoration.
k. O & P grant--need to formulate our expense needs for 2003 and could possibly include some of the great trainings being offered. Can download from WEB. Also include RBC meetings, Nat'l Council meeting, and fall conference--this will be in Lewistown in October 2003.
l. NPS grants need to be done electronically only.
m. Travel Montana has a web site that we need to be a part of with local events, activities. Need updated info from each community. Also can be put on the State Commission's site.
n. Data base of communities; press kit; available from state Commission also. Need to get on it, too.
o. Arts plan for L & C Bicentennial--contact person Alex Swainey in Helena. May be $ available there too.

AAUW group contacted Becky to request a speaker about our Commission and the Bicentennial. She will do this and take photos of our sign, license plate cards, plans for Driving Tour, etc. Also will ask for donation.

Our next meeting will be Oct. 28th, 5:30 p.m. at the Rural Fire Station. Laurie Heupel from NPS will be present.

Penny Carpenter, Recorder




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