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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
October 24, 2005

Attending:Dick Baerman, Dale Guidi, Norm Miller, Marleen Anderson, Sandra Cahill, Penny Carpenter

In Kind Sheets: A few were turned in for hours served.

Minutes from previous meeting were reviewed and corrected for a name that was misspelled. Accepted.

Financial reports: Marleen reported for the Monument Fund. Net to statue to date is $88,761.52. Discussed hiring contractors and paying bills as we can get an advance from the county for the $10,000 from the Livingston Trust.

Regular Commission Fund: Hillary had mailed over the list from her records. Other claims were subtracted. Balance now is $2077.87.

O & P Fund: Claims for Marleen and Penny to go to State Commission meeting; mileage for Dale; stamps for Becky and Marleen were subtracted. Balance now is $4.58. We will submit the yearend report in Dec. and will also reapply for the $1,000 for 2006.


1. Artist's report: Penny was at Mary's today and brought back the "foamed" Little Pomp to show. The foam is on the large horse and Sacajawea too as of today. Three bronzes are cast but the patina isn't on yet. Foundry told her they should be ready by the end of the week. Sandra will call Mary and ask about the "thermometer" sign for the public to watch the progress.

2. Foundry Tour: no report

3. Bricks: We have 204 ordered to date. We need to know how many can be placed on the backside of the benches and then set a final cutoff. Option was discussed to also use the back of the other bench if needed.

Dale reported he met with Eddy Miller on the electrical. Eddy will talk with Clint Tinsley as they are trying to decide on setting a meter base in the garden or go with the one by the Civic Center. Dale said he inferred that the city is to pay for getting the electricity across the road to the site, we'll see. Jim Dennison is the brick mason; Dennis Moos is doing the pour of the base & benches; JTL is giving the cement; Paul Lyman is the electrician; Hank Fabich is doing sprinkling system. Dale will f/u on setting a meeting for all the contractors prior to our Nov 10th date to call JTL on cement. Ed Hillman is ready to excavate anytime. Good weather is holding for a while. We may have to cement down the dry creek bed rocks too.

4. Becky spoke at the Garden Club, AAUW and gave a tour to Bozeman 3rd graders. Both Garden Club and AAUW probably will be buying bricks or help out. Mary also met with AAUW.

5. Penny and Marleen attended the State Commission meeting in Big Timber 10/11. Took one of the sculptures to show. Penny typed up the highlights and e-mailed it out to all. Lots happened in 2005 and more coming in 06.

6. We have 4 of the reserved bronzes yet to sell.

7. Dedication ceremony July 15th: Great, great, great niece of Sacajawea--Roseann Abrahamson and Myron Dewey of the Shoshoni tribe have agreed to come and do the blessing of the statue. They have been invited to come on the 14th and we will host them as our program is early on the 15th (10:00am). The St Charles group is waiting to see if funding comes through. Norm said he got a hold of his friend at the Crow Res and she has a name for a contact and will get it to him. Sandra will follow up with Katie Bump FS from Dillon. Sandra will also call First Nat'l. Bank re: dollars for the event.

8. Penny will meet with the C Commission re: the insurance for the City.

9. U.S.P.O. Commemorative envelops with special day cancellation: Penny has lots of information from the postmistress in Lavina on this. Becky and Penny will meet asap in Nov. on this.

10. Need to rough draft the wording for the story on plaque #1. Sub-committee will be Sandra, Norm, Penny to get started. Plaque #2 will be the list of big donors ($5,000 or more).

11. Dale will call Jim Braley at JTL on the 11th.

12. We have 500 and 3000 postcards. Plan to push hard between now and February on these.

13. Humanities grant applications were both accepted. Ritchie Doyle for July 2; Hal Stearns for the Dedication ceremony. Ritchie confirmed he will be here for that amount plus $150.00.

14. The new Placards with the bronzes are at Sterling Bank, Mordam Art, Sax & Fryer's and Marleen will also place one at the Chamber (Penny's bronze).

15. Personal contacting potential buyers: Dean Holmes bought one and plans to give it to the library; John Fryer will probably get one; Gwen Wagner may get one; Elise Donahue is thinking on it.

Could still contact other realtors, lawyers, car dealerships, banks. Other ideas??

16. Penny did the final report for NPS brochure grant and Jackie submitted it on time. Penny will now get the Interim report on the Garden NPS grant in and request funds.

17. Ed is hauling away the rock pile at the site. Kids are throwing them into the lagoon.

18. Dick called Riley O'Neill at the Livingston Weekly and she finally called him back. They will do a story on the painting of John Colter. He's still waiting to hear when. The painting will then be moved around town with the story of how it is to help fund the statue.

His friend with the large donation received the painting he made as a "thank-you" (we funded the shipping) and plans to attend our dedication ceremony. We will get a brick in his honor.

19. Kent talked to the Enterprise and they will be doing a story and pics of the statue in progress. (Three cheers for Kent for all you do!!)


Penny has contacted Theresa at the Enterprise and will bring mock-ups to the next meeting with prices.

Dick will do the Art Walk this Friday pm at Paradise Artworks, the man there did the plaque for the Colter painting. Marleen passed him the supplies that Becky had left with her.

Penny made a motion to approach the 5th grade teachers in all the towns (Gardiner/ Wilsall/CP) with an invitation to participate in an EXHIBIT OF THE TRAIL event. We would ask the teachers to allow the kids to make an exhibit related to the Expedition and then have all of them displayed around town or at the Civic Center. Each child would get a postcard and a write-up about the event to take home to their parents too. More marketing for the statue as well as awareness of the final year of the Bicentennial-- we could hold the exhibit possibly in Jan or Feb. Motion passed. Penny will f/u on this.

Next meeting will be Nov. 14, 5:30 pm, West room of the City/County building.

Recorder, Penny Carpenter




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