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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
October 25, 2004

Attendance: Doris W., Becky D., Sandra C., Marleen A., Diana S.

Minutes of 9-27-04 and 10-11-04 approved as sent.

Financial Reports: No Report for O & P or Commission Fund. Marleen gave report on Monument fund: $24,597.00 towards statue including $58.00 from jars. Letter shared from Rita accepting our use of O&P funds, on this one time basis. In future they've asked that our Education category be expenses for educating about our Commission rather than programs that are Bicentennial education. Thanks Rita. Penny made more thank you cards and they have been sent and are current. Thanks Marleen.

Time sheets turned into Becky.

Old Business:

1. Mary Michael was written up in the "State of Arts" this month. Good work Mary.

2. Some confusion on how many bronzes are ordered and what their numbers are that will be upcoming. Penny, see if Mary can help us out with this. Also what is the delay with the foundry in finishing the ones we have ordered? We are concerned about holiday orders being timely. Waiting now for bronze # 3 and # 5. (18, 19, 20, 21 to follow).

Joanne Hudson has received hers and is delighted and Mel Kuipers' is being delivered his today by Marleen. Becky is going to do a history letter with Mary's help telling all about the bronze to be sent to each buyer.

3. Brochure tabled as Lea Chatham was not at the meeting. (She had called & left a message but Penny was out of town) and was immobile with back pain...plans to attend with brochure proposal on 11/8.)

4. Mr. Hedrick sent a very nice letter to Becky thanking her for sending his two bronzes, which arrived in perfect shape and he was delighted. (Penny, his name needs to be added to data base. Get his letter from Becky.)

5. CTEP grant needs to be finished by 7-05 to be in compliance. Penny just heard from Tom in Billings (Yes, he will be sending the bid now as I had just gotten him the mock-ups.)

6. The bases arrived by truck and are stored in the new county shops. Road Foreman Dave (?) helped us out! Sea Reach needs to be paid out of CTEP grant. Hillary has the invoice.

7. Livingston Trust information is almost ready. Becky gave Marleen 4 cover letters signed by Becky and Sandra to include with the 5 page spread sheet Penny put together of our L&C Committee accomplishments and funding sources. We also need to include an ad plan, hopefully by Thursday (10/28).

Our advertising plan is, among other things: is to have a large ad in the Enterprise during Christmas and a full page ad over July 4th, 2005. We will also continue having Mary's art shows, ads and our own advertising in selected magazines. We feel we need $10,000.00 for advertising. We need ideas of how we are going to reach potential buyers and how we are going to market them. Any suggestions are welcome.

8. Hal Stearns has accepted our invitation to speak at our Event, "Return of the Taste of the Trail/Pompís Birthday Party," on February 18, 2005, at the Depot Center. He has a talk called, "Clark on the Yellowstone."

We need someone to write a Humanities grant to cover his fee. Volunteers feel free to step forward. We will need matching and in-kind time, housing and meals for Hal can go towards this.

9. We also need someone to write the O&P grant application as well as any other grants that we can find before the end of the year. We can only ask for a maximum of $1000.00 and it needs to be sent in by December 17, 2004. Penny is looking into NPS, Forest Service, and Rural Communities grants too. This committee is stretched so thin, could anyone else please, help us with these?

11. Second half of driving tour time line. Bases are here and we need to put them in late April or early May and install the signs by May 15. (A review of mock-ups lunch meeting could be held on Nov 18th, Thurs, at the Mustang Catering place where we met before. Let Penny know.) We have until 7-05 to do this to be in compliance with CTEP.

New Business:

Sandra reported on attending the RBC meeting in Pablo at the Salish-Kootenai College campus on October 14-15, 2005.

Penny has the full written report but highlights are: Not much additional money expected from the Lewis & Clark Legacy Campaign fund. Budget review and anticipated outside funding report from Clint.

RBC/Tribal Reps gave reports, and Sandra shared what we have done in 2005.

There was discussion on options for the continuation after 12-31-06 for the license place and State bicentennial commission. Some of the bills are sunsetting and need to be continued through Legislative effort.

The Legacy Campaign report was given by Arnie Olsen for the Senate Chamber project. They are moving along as we are by selling silver (sold out) and bronze medallions to raise money for it. There was discussion regarding the feasibility of applying to the National Park Service for a Challenge Cost Share Grant for project funding.

Future meeting dates; Feb. 7, 2005, evening Legislative Reception at Montana Historical Society Lobby. Feb. 8, 2005, LCBC Meeting at Montana Historical Society Auditorium, both in Helena June ?, 2005, LCBC in Great Falls during Explore! Signature Event.

A few thoughts Sandra came away with;
Other Cities and Counties are allotting money to their local LCBC committees.
Corps II will definitely be at Crow Agency and not be dropped on up at the last moment.
The latest per hour for donated time is $17.67 as per NPS.

R.G. Montgomery, (Penny do you know him? (yes, I do.What a great idea.) ), from the Bozeman group, thinks that we should try to get Amy Mossett for our Taste of the Trail, as they are paying her way for their event "Pomps birthday" that same weekend and she and Hal do a terrific job together. This is quite an opportunity to get Amy to our community as she does an excellent portrayal of Sacajawea/Sacagawea.

We need to get our events up on the Travel Montana and Lewis & Clark State Commission websites just as soon as we know their dates, etc.

The St. Charles, MO re-enactors are doing mini camps along the route, if they get through the Dakotas where the Indians are questioning their presence. They should be coming thru Montana next year.

We have the opportunity to have a presence at the St. Mary's Halloween Party on Oct. 30 from 7-9 and Sandra will get the bronze from the C of C and do that.(Sandra, you could get the prints and other stuff from Marleen as I have not had time to get all that back from her yet. Pen) Also we are getting a card table $15.00, at the St. Mary's Bazaar, Dec. 17-18 and Sandra and Penny will do that. Help from others is welcome.

We need to get sponsors for the Taste of the Trail Feb. 18, 05 so we do not lose money like we did last year. Sandra will contact last yearís caterers when she finds the list.

Doris will be giving talks about Pomp on Nov. 1 & 6 in Bozeman and Livingston.

Next meeting Nov. 8th @ 5:30 p.m.

Respectively submitted, Sandra Cahill




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