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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
320 N. Main
Livingston, Montana
October 27, 2003

Attending: Sandra Cahill, Diana Seider, Jeanne Marie Souvigney, Dale Guidi, Dick Baerman, Penny Carpenter

Minutes: Minutes had been sent out prior--approved.

Financial Report - Penny shared that Jackie stated no changes in any funds other than O & P with paying Sandra & Penny for attending State Conference in Lewistown. Also that she had sent Amy Baird an amendment to our 2003 O & P to not have $150 maximum amount to any one person in there. Anyone with additional expenses beyond $150.00 can submit claims to Jackie. Penny & Sandra will submit for National Council meeting in Great Falls last April. (The $150.00 amount came out of an "example" of how they want the reporting to be done.) We spoke to Amy about it and all she needed was an amended note to her.

In-kind time sheets need to be turned in at each meeting.

Old Business:

Item #1: First six signs are again at Sea Reach with changes the sub-committee made last Thursday. Penny and Katie from Sea Reach spoke Friday over an hour and went over each change. Hard copies were received by Katie this am. Waiting only for the replacement map of the Great Bend. New mock-ups will be coming soon. All agreed we want them to send a set to Laurie also. Penny will e-mail Katie on that. Jeanne is working on the narrative on the second set still and has spoken with Laurie several times. Laurie wants to attend a meeting here soon. Jeanne also offered to look into the non-profit status issue with Clint in Helena for help.

Item #2: CTEP Funds -no report as Jackie absent. She did say we need to get the advertisement for bids asap and worded with NPS standards. Jeanne is working on that. County Commissioners need to do their next step and Jackie will follow up on that.

Item #3: Quilt Project - Penny will be attending a quilter's guild meeting tomorrow night to ask for helpers. One lady has taken on doing one block already and Sandra got her the pattern and sashing fabric.

Item #4: Sacajawea Statue: Sandra did call the City Manager, Steve Golnar and he will research the Veterans Memorial issue and the people who have tended that flower garden for decades. We are very concerned about not hurting someone's feelings nor causing hard feelings. Another site option may be necessary.

Item #5: Funding/grants for Statue: Forest Service and Dept. of Commerce grants not available for statues. Dale brought a sample brick from Bozeman Granite works; cost would be around $11.00 each. Dick shared that Leandra Holland's husband is doing a talk this Thursday at the Library in place of his deceased wife and maybe we could talk with him about still working with us on a "kick-off" dinner in January. Dates suggested were 1/17 and 1/24. Dale offered to contact Betty Nason in Four Corners about her availability then to do the food portion and what is the cost. Dick reported that Sharon Walker would do parchment paper letters and envelopes for $120.00 for 500. He needs a copy of the solicitation letter. Penny offered to contact Becky about getting him one as soon as she returns. Sandra is working on the list of names to send these letters too. Suggested that we each add 10 more names, including collectors, etc. We would like to gather the details on the statue before mailing the letter.

Item #6: Jury day is Thursday for the six finalists. Encourage all Commission members to attend. Sandra suggested Penny e-mail photos that were passed around at the meeting to those not here. Penny will do this.

Item #7: John Rogers' daughter, Jane Welch, gave books, materials of John's to Becky to do what we wanted with. We discussed this and decided that until the end of 2006, we would like to keep them together for our use, at Becky's if she has room, and then donate them for the research shelf at the library where people could use them but not take them out. Many thanks to Jane.

Item #8: Discussed where we might have license plate postcards mailed out, i.e. businesses, etc. No suggestions given but all urged to think about it.

Item #9: Thank you cards were made and passed around to sign for our community volunteer jurors. Penny will mail those on Friday.

Item #10: Jackie is making copies of the articles in Leandra Holland's folder for those who wanted them. Please bring to next meeting, thanks.

Item #11: Sandra will contact Ritchie Doyle about attending the possible dinner in January as William Clark.

Item #12: Greg Harris will attend meeting on 11/10 to tell us about the scholarship competition essay on Medicine of the Expedition.

Next meeting will be Nov. 10, 2003 at 320 N. Main.

Penny Carpenter, Recorder




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