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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
October 28, 2002

Attending: Doris Whithorn, Jeanne-Marie Souvigney, Penny Carpenter, Charlie Rahn, Sandra Cahill, Becky Douglass, Jackie Robbins, Diana Seider.

Becky opened the meeting at 5:35 pm at Rural Fire Dept. She asked that In-Kind donation sheets be turned in to Jackie a.s.a.p. Jackie passed out financial reports and agenda sheets.

Minute were corrected to read that Jeanne-Marie did not sent a letter to Dick Williams with NPS as our original grant proposal only included 6 signs. We will have the second grant proposal include the second 6 signs.

Financial Report: O & P account has balance of $193.06. Outstanding claims for mileage yet are due from Sweetgrass members and Becky D. Kiosk account has balance of $931.38--compass indicator, spray for weeds, plants, gravel, upkeep, repairs, etc were listed as future needs. More donations would be accepted to support upkeep.

Budget items for 2003 grants: PO Box renewal, stamps, travel for RBC meetings, Nat'l meeting, corridor meetings, training courses, education, outreach, were suggestions made.

Laurie Heupel from NPS was called but no response yet, which is not like here. Jeanne will keep contacting her about attending our next meeting (can't be Nov. 11th as that is Veteran's Day).

Compass report deferred in Brian's absence. UV film?- unsure if needed. Deferred to next meeting.

All agreed to ask Sandra Blake for advice on native plants to replace those that were destroyed. Sandra offered to contact Jerry Martello, State Highway Dept., about replacements.

Becky reported on the application for the Liv. Trust Grant and that we have all the required information in detail. Jeanne offered to start working on it...need a copy of the final proposal that was submitted to NPS that we were awarded $10,000 for. Jackie will ask for it from Ellen and get it to Jeanne.

Jackie will talk to Brian about what he did to repair sign and about KLB paying him for doing it.

New Grants: NPS deadline is 12/15/02 and needs to be submitted electronically. State Commission grants deadline is 12/20/02--Jeanne will contact Clint regarding seeking matching funds for our Driving Tour project. We need cash contributions for seed money to support this also. Discussed who to reach out to...Doris offered to contact the Chamber of Commerce, Bob E. will be asked to contact Rotary; Michelle Goodwine from Board of Realtors will be called. Jackie will make a list of what's available for other grants and then we'll have a work meeting to do grant writing. New project was presented again, to work on after Driving Tour signs done--statue of Sacajawea to be placed in Sacajawea Park by the Yellowstone River. Discussed artists again. Diana shared about a Native American art grant from a private foundation in Billings, contact person Miriam Sample,....Meadowlark Foundation. They like to honor living Montana artists, i.e. Larry Rattey, Pamela Mar, and maybe others. Charlie Rahn shared that Dick Baerman had mentioned before about making smaller images to sell to help raise funds for the large product. All agreed that would be a good idea.

L & C license plate cards were distributed again. Need to promote selling these as this funds the grant projects.

Yellowstone Corridor Sign effort meeting will be Nov 2. Jeanne and Penny unable to attend due to elections work, Becky will be out of town....possibly Brian could go?? or Gwen or Sandra B.? Jeanne offered to e-mail Jeff Dietz with images of our driving tour signs.

Becky gave a talk to the AAUW organization..very well received. They wanted to know what the Great Bend commission is doing, what are our projects. She showed pictures and highlighted four areas they could help with: 1) support license plate sales, 2) sell tickets for our plate raffle in January, 3) help with that "kick-off" day, 4) contribute dollars. Diana offered to connect with them and request $150.00.

National Kick-off Day: Jan 14, 2003. No one from here going to Monticello. Discussed lots of ideas for us to do here. Becky wrote letters to all the schools asking them to have students involved; will send one to all restaurants in town too. Decided to have a raffle for our License plate....need to market it well. In conjunction with an event at the Depot--an evening "show" with admission fees, donation basket. Would like music, comedy, skit. Mike Devine from Main Street Show, Greg Keeler from Bozeman, Brian and group from Bozeman with "DIRECTIONS!", etc. Penny will design raffle tickets and get prices for printing.

Becky sent a letter of condolences from us to John Rogers on the death of his wife. Also sent a letter to Carol McBryant regarding the Corps II coming to Livingston in 2006.

Jackie reported that Ed Schilling told the Fair Board all the information and was asked who might want to do concessions, use kitchen, etc. More discussion later.

At a city/county transportation meeting, Ellen brought up the trash and human waste at the Interpretive Sign site. County sanitarian, Randy Taylor wrote a letter to DOT re: "public health hazard". Should help with getting portable toilet at least. Trash still a concern. Ed LaCombe and inmates did clean it again.

Diane told us about the Depot Foundation doing a "Festival of Trees" on Dec 4th and 5th... it's a 70%/30% split and we could have a "L & C Tree" for bidding. Suggestion made to include autographed books under the tree that would go with it (donated books, of course). Penny offered to call Don Nell, who lives in the valley.

2002 Grant report writing set for Nov 12, 12:00 to 2:00 in the Community Room at the courthouse. Next RBC meeting will be Nov, 14, Thursday at 5:30 due to the holiday on Monday.




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