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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
November 8, 2004

Attending were Becky D., Sandra C., Marleen A., Mary M., JeanneMarie S., and Lea Chatham.

Minutes of 10/24/04 approved as revised and corrected.

Financial Report: $24,997.00 in the monument fund. 4 bricks sold, 1 print and a $50.00 donation.
Bills unpaid and due Montana Edge for printing, $181.50 to be out of the commission fund. Montana Pioneer for ad, $95.00 out of the Monument fund.
Mary's bill to Marleen.

Time Sheets were turned into Becky.

Old Business:

1. Artists Report: Mary submitted her bill to Marleen. Another bronze sold to Sherry Wood to be shipped to San Francisco. Mary has taken another ad in American Cowboy to come out January of '05. Also will have an editorial and ad in NorthWest Artists Association which she is a member of. Number 1 (Becky) and #9 not ordered yet. Numbers 2, 3 & 5 bronzes will be delivered November 15th. Numbers 18, 19, 20 bronzes will be delivered November 22nd. Not paid for. Numbers 21, 22 & 23 ordered at this time.

2. Brochure: Lea showed a Gate Fold design for our driving tour brochure. This will be a 4 color, 8x14, 100 pound paper costing $1200.00 for every 5000 brochures. As print time gets close she will get several bids for it.
Lea, Graphic Designer charges $50.00 per hour and thinks 10-12 hours will do the job. $1000,00 for the design and 60 days to finish once Lea gets the second set of images from SeaReach and finds a good digital map to use. Lea will come to another meeting as needed.

3. Silhouette at C of C: Moved to the Chamber at their invitation by Penny, Greg and Mary. About 2 nights later the head blew off. Greg has repaired it and moved it to a lower spot in front of the Chamber. Louann loves having it there and has a bronze inside and information about it. We need some ideas for a sign or banner of some sort to tell folks what the silhouette is about. Not everyone knows. Any ideas?

4. Driving Tour: The GB of the Y L&C Heritage Committee voted to go with the low bid $6,065.00 from SeaReach to have the second set of signs done. Penny needs a copy of the bid for her records. Jackie/Hilary can you get that for her? Is the CD included in the bid and is there a penalty to SeaReach if they are late? The Billings company bid $6,142.00 but had many add-ons to that at $80.00 to $95.00 per hour. Add-ons included freight, CD's, Proofs, Scans, Support, Coordination, etc.

5. Marleen reported that she had delivered the copies of the request with spread sheet of accounts, to the Livingston Trust and that John Bailey, Chairman had phoned her asking for clarification and balances for each page. Marleen explained to him that some of the projects were ongoing and that some were just to show his committee what we have had done in the past, that had nothing to do with our request to the Livingston Trust. John requested a meeting with Becky when she returns for clarification. Sandra will go with Becky to meet with him when Penny returns and they have had time to meet with her first.

6. February 18, 2005 Event at the Depot with Hal Stearns talking about the rest of the story of Clarks companions as they journey down the Yellowstone. We need to get a grant written to the Committed for the Humanities to cover $50.00 for Halís honorarium. Becky and JeanneMarie will work on that. This will be a repeat of "Taste of the Trail," from last year, free to the public and we will take donations at the door to cover our expenses. Sandra will contact caterers for donations of food and we will ask for sponsorships from local businesses to cover expenses so we do not lose money as last year.

7. Grant writing: The O&P, NPS cost-share and the Forest Service deadlines for grant application are in December and January.

The National Park Service Announces Grant Funding and Grant-Writing Workshops for the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Projects. Nov. 15, Great Falls; Nov. 17, Billings; and Nov. 18, Missoula. Can anyone attend? None at the meeting could. Melody Dobson called to remind The Great Bend of the one in Nov. 17 in Billings. Call her at 406-256-8182 for information. Midori Raymore will be there from 9 to 1pm.

O&P application deadline is Dec. 17.

NPS on-line applications must be submitted by January 14, '05.

Humanities grant needs to be 1 month ahead of the Feb 18th event.

Forest service (Ron Archaleta, ranger) and Rural Community we need more information on.

NEA grants Their deadlines are March and August. Everything has to be downloaded and it takes multiple copies of many forms.

Ongoing business: Mary met with the MSU students in the Architecture department at Sacajawea Park/Pinkys, on Nov. 5 to discuss the monument base design and landscaping. There are 5 students from MSU and they are very excited to have been given the project and they will have drawings within 2 weeks from Nov. 5th. One suggestion is to plant trees beside the road on the east side to screen the civic center.

New Business:

1. Lectures at the L&C Interpretive Center in Great Falls sound wonderful. 7:00on on 3 successive Saturdays, November 6, 13 and 20. 2004. They sound wonderful. Nov. 13 is Carolyn Gilman, curator of L&C: The National Bicentennial Exhibition and on Nov. 20, Roger Wendlick will discuss collecting L&C materials in The Wendlick Collection. The collection is believed to be the finest about the expedition ever collected by a single person. Anyone wanting to go contact Sandra for information or call 406-727-8733.

2. Ads: We have an ad in the Montana Pioneer, cost $95.00, Nov., Dec and Jan issues. Well done Penny. Put copy with minutes. Will also look into ads in some of the Travel Montana magazines as they are having L&C as themes next year.

3. Pomps Birthday Parties. Bozeman committee Jim Sargent 586-6198 and R. G. Montgomery 586-2526, have sent us a packet of information, Penny has it, that tells us how to celebrate Pomps Birthday. They are trying for 200 parties across the country and they can be large or small and of course our event in February will qualify, as will 2 or 3 persons gathering and celebrating it. Each person gets a certificate and the party is registered with Jim Sargent in Bozeman. Also the Headwaters are having Amy Mossett speak at the MOR on February 27th and she is excellent. Penny and I saw her portray Sacagawea as she spells it, when we were in Lewistown last fall. Everyone should make an effort to see Amy on February 27, 2005 at the Museum of the Rockies.

4. Sandra reported on the St. Mary's Halloween Party (no cost) that we were allowed to have a table at with the Bronze and all of our material. What a fun evening even if we only collected 2 dollars, but handed out a little information and answered questions. The children there were delightful and Angel and Brock ? who invited us need to be thanked as well as the St. Mary's school. I have verbally thanked them, Marleen. Angel is Nellie Bullockís daughter.

5. Sandra has arranged thru Angel and Julie at St. Mary's School, 222-3303 to have a card table at their Christmas Bazaar on December 17-18, Fri. & Sat. Penny has agreed to help Sandra and anyone else is more than welcome. Starts at 4:00pm and we can set up after 12:30pm as school is out early that day. Itís at the gym at the school. Sandra paid the $15.00 fee and this is her donation.

Sandra Cahill
Fill-in Recorder




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