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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
320 N. Main
Livingston, Montana
November 10, 2003

Attending: Sandra Cahill, Diana Seider, Jeanne Souvigney, Dale Guidi, Dick Baerman, Doris Whithorn, Penny Carpenter

Guests: Greg Harris with Scholarship program; Deon Lackey from Montana Pioneer.

Very sincere condolences to our Co-chairman, Becky, on the death of her young nephew in Colorado last week. We are all thinking of you at this sad time.

Minutes: Minutes had been distributed prior to meeting. Motion made and passed to accept minutes.

Financial report: Financial report: Jackie had provided copies of the three funds. Discussion on items from O & P claims. To date balance is $83.39 after paying Sweet Grass Commission claim and Conference expenses. We need stamps for the mailings for January 24th program. Motion made & passed to purchase stamps with balance. We also need more stationery as supply is low. Need to submit new O & P request by Dec 19th. Sandra brought copy of Resolution that needs to be included; Jeanne brought copy of Non-profit Statute (Sec. 170 (c) (1)) that needs to be included. Penny will work with Jackie to request letter of support from Commissioners and get it drafted by first Dec. meeting. Balance in Driving Tour Fund $546.27. Expenses for installing bases paid; Sea Reach paid. Balance in Commission Fund $5024.15 ($1300 is the 13% match for CTEP Funds for second half of Driving Tour Project & $150 for letters for Monument plus postage).

In-kind time sheets copied and distributed.

Introduced our guests: Greg Harris spoke to us about his family (Dr. Harris was his father) wanting to offer $2000 in scholarship funds for Park High. Students are to write an essay about the medical component of the Expedition. Greg was hoping to get our help with how to go about this and what our thoughts would be. Discussion ensued with plans for two, $1000.00, essays to be juried by Greg and panel in the spring, winners to be announced at the Awards night in May. Greg will draft his notice for the schools and then meet with a few of us for help.

Deon Lackey was present as a reporter for the Montana Pioneer. She will be doing a story on our Monument Project and wanted to attend the meeting to begin her ideas. Copies of statue materials made for her. She will meet with the artist for a photo for her story. Will be out December 1st.

Old Business:
1) Driving Tour Signs - Jeanne reported that she talked to Laurie Heupel and there's only one photo to scan in yet and they'll be ready. Should have them in hand by Jan. Penny will follow up with Katie about final mock-ups prior to imbedding step.

2) CTEP - Penny will get SeaReach phone number to Jeanne. Need to get RFP's advertised now. Text nearly complete; Laurie will help with graphics/photos.

3) Quilt - Penny reported a wonderful reception by the Quilt Guild meeting at Suzanne Brown's house. All but one block have now been taken...Sandra's friend and 7 ladies from this Guild. Sashing fabric was cut to length and given with each block pattern. Penny will ask Glenda Mitchell about the last one. The group called back the next day and asked if they could do a second quilt (bedspread size) also to help raise funds. Suggestions were made to have the quilt on display at the Art Festival in July at the Depot; at the Summerfest in Sacajawea Park; and at the Co. Fair for raffle ticket sales.

4) We will contact Mary Michael and meet to draft and sign a formal contract for the macquettes and monument. Sandra has connected with Latonna Old Elk in Hardin and has given her Mary's e-mail. Trying to reach Amy Mossett still...cell phone message left but no return call yet. Diana brought copy of the "thank-you" ad in tonight's paper and thanked whoever did that (Penny & Sandra). Individual thank-you cards were sent to the community volunteers also. Penny still has the packet proposals to return to the other artists. Discussed at length particulars for the monument: voted to only have 50 macquettes made; sell them for $2150--profit towards monument would be $1500. ($75,000 total). Dale Guidi reported on the bricks...$1.50 each & $13.00 for the engraving. Decided that any donation of $1000 or more (that include purchasing a macquette) will get that person's name on the plaque near the statue.

5. Leandra Holland "period food" program, an evening with William Clark, date was chosen to be January 24th. Diana will reserve the Depot. Sandra had contacted Ritchie Doyle and he was available for both dates. She will contact him again to confirm. He needs board/room/travel and a stipend. Sandra also offered to contact Chuck Holland about this date and whether her books will be available for it. Penny will contact Mary Michael about her availability and bronze macquettes being ready. Dale Guidi reported on his information from Betty Nason (Four Corners)-- several choices of food, etc. Dale will get back with her as Depot has tables, silver, etc. Also we would like to have the "L & C Lager" brewery from Helena be part of this...they will be here this Friday for the Raise the Roof fundraiser for the Depot. (who was going to talk to him?)

Menu decision was: Berry punch, smoked salmon appetizer, Carved Range Bison Roast w/horseradish, squash w/sunflower seeds, skillet potatoes w/pearl onions, and berries for dessert. Price not yet known with gratuity, labor charge, mileage unsure. When we get a firm price from Betty, we can decide how much to charge. Also will have silent auction items. Ritchie offered again to bring a "Clark map". Other items will be needed. More work on this next meeting.

6) Mailing list: Sandra has list. Each member requested to please submit at least 10 more names for solicitation letters to be mailed. Becky e-mailed her draft today and Penny sent it on to Sharon Walker for editing. Hope to have it ready to mail out first part of December. Tom Murphy agreed to take high quality photo of Mary's model to be included.

7) Sandra wrote to Jon Axline to request the L & C directional sign for our large interpretive sign on Eastbound lane I-90. We need two of them. Sandra will add request for the second one.

8) Much discussion on "location" for monument statue. City is now looking at behind the bandshell. Triangle spot is a VFW memorial flower garden and we opposed that. Also is much too small. Doris suggested we look into the land east of Sterling Bank on B Street...problem is that's not city property, it's privately owned. Strong feelings shared that it really belongs on Park Street so it's NOT just locals that will enjoy, visitors, general public will have ready access to it if it stays on Park. We believe a $100,000 project should be up where the most can view it. Several members offered to contact city and county commissioners to pursue this. Dale offered to contact Linda Frost with the railroad for assistance.

9) No one available to attend the Interpretive Sign Workshop and most feel we've moved past needing a workshop. Our large sign is done and the first six of the twelve are near completion.

10) We were contacted by Jane Inderland from Billings about "A Day in the Life of the Y River Valley". We are interested in helping but also very interested in getting copies of these photos to display locally. Many from here would not get to the Art Museum but could enjoy them here. We will follow up on this.

11) Sandra shared that over 100,000 people attended the Ohio Signature event!! They'll be coming!!

12) Doris gave her 32nd program to the "Global Grannies". Said they were "wonderful".

13) Dick Baerman plans to do a painting for fund-raising purposes. May not be ready for the Jan. dinner but we can use it at other events later.

Next meeting Nov. 24, 2003, 5:30 p.m. at 320 N. Main St.




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