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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
November 14, 2002

Attending: Jeanne-Marie Souvigney, Jackie Robbins, Doris Whithorn, Penny Carpenter, Dick Baerman, Charlie Rahn.

Next meeting (11/25/02) Laurie Heupel from NPS will be present as she could not come for this one.

Meeting opened by Jeanne-Marie, acting chair, at 5:30 pm. Minutes had been distributed prior to meeting and were approved. Jackie gave out In-Kind record forms.

Financial Report: O & P Fund balance: $162.71.
Kiosk Fund Balance: $1031.38. New donation of $100.00 was received Tuesday from S. Cahill to be applied where needed but no other account open as yet. Motion was made to start a third numbered account in Financial office at Park Co. for the Driving Tour Project and allocate this donation toward the match for the grant from NPS. Passed. Leaves balance in #2 Fund--$931.38.

Jackie reported on the finance sub-committee meeting last Tuesday that completed the 2002 O & P report. Also made the proposed 2003 O & P Grant request. Decision made to adopt this draft for submission to State Commission for next year.


1. Jeanne-Marie reported that Laurie H. will have new "mock-ups" of the 6 driving tour signs to bring with her next meeting. She also brought a copy of the letter to Dick Williams regarding the change in this year's proposal and the proposed intent for next year's grant request to ask for input on. Laurie H. had suggested we send this letter so Dick will be updated on our progress. Jeanne will e-mail this final version to Jackie to put on County stationary and have Ellen and Ed (Commissioner) sign it.

2. Discussion regarding compass deferred until Brian is here.

3. Penny relayed Sandra's conversation with the DOT supervisor here..."he will watch out for the replanted shrubs next spring and will put up signs to protect them". We agreed we would also put fences around them of wire.

4. Repair work on 4th panel discussion deferred.

5. Grant work:
a.) Livingston Trust request seems pretty straightforward and Jeanne will submit. Still wants original NPS grant from Ellen to work from with this. Jackie will look for it still.
b.) O &P grant to be submitted by Dec. 15th. in the amount of $2000.00.
c.) NPS - Reports given on efforts to obtain cash for matching requirement: Penny tried to reach Michelle Goodwine during meeting with no success. Will keep trying. Sandra Cahill gave the presentation to the Rotary last Monday in Becky's absence and also gave them a written letter of request for their board to read. (Diana S. was asking them for $150.00.) Doris Whithorn talked with the Chamber of Commerce and they committed to a cash contribution but did not give her the amount yet. The NPS grant we have is called "Phase I" and "Phase II" grant will be written and submitted by Jeanne-Marie for funding for the other 6 signs and the brochure.
d.) State Commission grant- Jeanne will still call Clint and talk with him about this as we would like to now be submitting it for support of "Phase II" this year. Penny shared what Sandra had called about re: the First Interstate Bank in Billings donating $500,000.00 to the State Legacy campaign with a goal of $14 Million.
e.) Jackie passed out sheets of information on other grant possibilities: we will pursue these more fully for future projects, i.e. the Sacajawea statue and other needs ahead.

6. The license plate is found!--it is in a blue expandable file folder with Sandra. Number is L & C - 10. Penny will change on the raffle ticket draft. Tickets will be made for the most economical cost--possibly done at County office and we could number them ourselves. Discussed how many to make and how much to charge. Decided on goal of raising $500.00 via 200 tickets at $3.00 each or 4 for $10.00. We will keep the option of making more if the first 200 sell quickly and easily and adjust the goal upwards. Other civic organizations can be asked to help us sell tickets...i.e. AAUW and others.

7. Jeff Dietz had written Becky about wanting someone from our Commission to serve on one of the committees but we need more information. Bill and Helen from Sweet Grass attended. (Do you have input for us on this?) Deferred more discussion of this to next meeting.

8. We formed a sub-committee for the "KICK-OFF" event which will include the raffle project: Penny, Charlie, Jackie, Becky??, and hopefully Diana?? as the event will be at the Depot. Others wanting to be part of this committee please do so as we will need help to make this a great celebration! We discussed the changing of the date from "1/14 to 1/18 daylight hours" (what is that?) and wanted to affirm that this is the case with Clint. Jeanne-Marie will check with him. Penny will call Diana and ask too. Also will ask if the Depot is available on that date before calling Mike Devine back. Diana is really busy with the Depot Celebration tomorrow night. Mike will then follow up with his friends in N.D., dancers, to see what they would charge. What is Mike's fee??

The name we chose for the event is ""Mike Devine Meets Capt. William Clark- our Kick-off For the National Commemoration 2003-2006". More information will then follow on the posters, etc. Getting sponsors for the program was Mike's suggestion at $100.00 each (advertising for them). Are we going to make tickets for the show to sell ahead of time? .....or just charge at the door?

Penny talked to Dane Kovash about displaying a framed photo of our Interpretive Sign at his restaurant, "Clark's Crossing" and he was very eager to do this. They already have pictures, fabric wall hangings and other Expedition items there now. He was also interested in the Show we are planning. Jeanne will get another print made of the large one she has and we will put text to explain it's location and about our Commission with it.

We also need to work on media coverage, radio, papers, etc. City and County Commissioners will be asked to declare the Day(s) special in honor of the heritage from L&C.

8. Festival of Trees: Discussed at length - decided to let Becky chose a day for a work-meeting with those who can help as she offered her house. Sub-committee of Sandra??, Dick, and maybe Brian?? to get a tree from Diana and then decorate it. Penny will get the books for under the tree. Many good suggestions made for the decorations. This is a 70% - 30% split with the Depot. First need to know the SIZE of the tree so we can make things appropriately.

Other old business: Dick shared a list of artists that might be interested in our Sacajawea statue idea......we discussed that a small image could be made first, to sell for raising funds to make the large one. Deferred for more discussion until we get the immediate demands met of current projects, grant deadlines, etc.

Next meeting is: November 25th, Mon. 5:30 pm.




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