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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
November 14, 2005

Attending:Dick Baerman, Marleen Anderson, Mary Michael, Sandra Cahill, Penny Carpenter (Dale & Gloria's anniversary today).

Minutes were approved as previously sent out.

Inkind sheets turned in by Sandra, Dick, Marleen.

Financial Reports: Monument Fund total $90,371.52; O & P $4.58; Comm fund $1637.87 (after paying newspaper ads of $120.00 x 2 and $200.00).


1. Artistis' report: Mary got #41 bronze today. She is pushing hard to get the foundry to get them done. The armature has been foamed. BIO-SEAL of Livingston did it and then donated their work. Yea! Mary needs candles, used, old, etc---for the monument. Please drop it off at her house, 208 South F. She put an ad on Swap Shop for candles and said it was for the Sacajawea monument.

The Livingston Enterprise came and took photos. Steve Matrlow wants to be kept notified of progress. Mary did not make it to the show in Astoria as they all had the flu.

Marleeen told Mary and us that Barbara Van Cleve from Big Timber is going to try to get Mary into the Denver Stockman Show. It's by invitation only.

2. Foundry tour- maybe early Dec.

3. The foundation excavation has been done. Ed Hillman will submit an in-kind bill. The City will move the pile of dirt for now. City will also bring in electric.

We'll sell 400 bricks total. The large granite rocks donated by the 63 Ranch are out at Hillman's now.

We voted to have the cement be a tan color. Dennis Moos has two more jobs to finish and then do ours. Dale paid the city building permit of $125.25. Sandi Blake knows we won't do planting till spring.

Penny will write a letter to the City asking for support with the sidewalk portion of the project. Need to be wheel-chair accessible; approx 120 feet needed.

4. Dedication party for donors: tabled till next meeting.

5. County Special Ins: Penny getting an appointment with Co. Commissioners. Kris said they know about it.

6. U.S. P.O. meeting- after Becky returns.

7. Norm is working on the wording for the plaque.

8. We have 3000 + 500 postcards. Need to get them out all over town. Some will go to the schools.

9. Potential buyers: Marleen will e-mail a copy of the letter for others to use.

10. Penny and Dale will get together to make a new photo of the bricks for the ads. Will run 3 times in Enterprise and every week in the Weekly.

11. Dick's painting will have a story in paper. Will be displayed at First Interstate.

12. Mary will make the silhouette on our smaller square signs and Penny will put on the numbers. Mary to call Penny when ready.

13. Penny will contact Sandy Tangen and Jim Huntzicker after Thanksgiving regarding the exhibit idea.


1. Art Walk is 11/18. We will try to get more galleries to display the bronze. Will put postcards in all the galleries. The Christmas Stroll is Dec 2nd. More discussion on this at next meeting.

Rick Graetz?? tabled

Mary will get bids on plaques from Ryan's Trophies in Manhatten (Dan). Dale is getting bid from Dennis Springer, Bozeman Trophy.

Thanks to Hillary Johnson the website is back up and updated.

Addendum: Quilt project is a go...forgot to speak to it at the meeting!

Next meeting 11/28, 5:30 P.M.




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