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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
November 25, 2002

Attending: Sandra Cahill, Becky Douglass, Bill Pedula, Diana Seider, Brian Sparks, Dick Baerman, Charlie Rahn, Doris Whithorn, and Penny Carpenter.

Guests: Karen and Bob Angle from Greycliff.

Minutes had been sent out and were approved.

Finance report given by Jackie R.:
Kiosk Fund - $897.61
Driving Tour Fund- $100.00 (donation by Sandra Cahill)
O & P Grant Fund - $162.71
Motion made to rename the Kiosk Fund to the "Commission Fund" - passed.

Doris reported that she had given the Chamber of Commerce $200.00 to donate to the Driving Tour Fund and they were adding $100.00 for a total of $300.00. She also reported that the Pine Creek United Methodist Women were giving $125.00. The Board of Realtors meeting is at noon on Dec. 12, and Michelle Goodwine said to be sure and have someone from the Commission attend and ask for the donation of $150.00. Bob E. will follow up with Ron Clark from Rotary on a donation. Diana will follow up with AAUW. These funds will all be designated for the Driving Tour project.


1. Laurie Heupel from the NPS called and due to the bad roads she will not be attending tonight. She is e-mailing the 6 mock-ups of the signs to Jeanne Marie right now. Will have a viewing on Dec. 4, at 9:00 a.m. at the Court House for those who can attend with Laurie as she is going to Big Timber then.

2. Jeanne prepared the letter for Dick Williams regarding the Driving Tour progress for Sandra and Becky to sign. Sending it to Laurie H.

3. Brian reported that he could not find metal compass markers as yet. All will keep an eye out and next spring when we landscape again we can finish this.

4. Brian took out the solid foam in the 4th panel, silicone glued a breathable foam instead. Down the road we may have to take the doors off and fix it again. The paint was flaking off inside so Jackie will ask about what kind of paint we should use. Brian will submit a claim for time, miles and materials for Jackie to get to KLB man. Charlie reported that with plexiglass that's what they said is all we can do for UV. Jackie will also ask about this to KLB.

5. Grant Work: Jeanne working hard on these. The Livingston Trust needs to know what cash donations we have raised. Will have a draft for next meeting (12/9). O & P grant report nearly done--need to purchase stamps and Doris has a claim to submit. NPS and State Commission grants both will be submitted by mid-Dec.

6. Penny showed draft of the Raffle ticket--approved with date change from 1/18 to 1/17, Friday night at 7:30 pm. Jackie will print them.

7. Sub-committee set for our Kick-off Event: Mike Devine Meets Captain Clark; Becky, Penny, Sandra, Charlie and Diana. We will raffle the license plate that night; Becky wants to draft a letter to all the restaurants; possibly have placemats; need sponsors. It was decided to take the letter personally to businesses to solicit advertising contributions. Becky and Sandra will go next week. Advertisers will be in program and on posters, etc.

8. Festival of Trees: Several Commission members brought small ornaments they'd created for the tree! Cute stuff! Penny brought two books (one autographed) and Doris donated a coloring book for under the tree. New suggestion is to have door prizes during the event also--the second autographed book will be one. Sub-committee: Becky, Sandra, Dick. We need members to man the table for tree viewing times and for the auction itself. Viewings are Wed, 12/4 from noon to 6 pm and Thurs same hours. The auction is Thursday 6 to 8 pm. We can also sell raffle tickets during this time to promote awareness of the license plate. Wed: Penny, Becky so far. Thurs: Sandra, Rob Angle so far. Anyone else?????? Please call Becky 222-1536 A.S.A.P!!

These two committees will be meeting at the Depot from 12:00 to 1:00, or longer on Monday, 12/2.

New Business: Rob Angle shared a map that would be a good idea for placements. Also told us that he has applied for the Tour Guide Training week but has not heard yet if he's been accepted. Shared concern about a book's reference to going to Yellowstone Park on way through. We will follow up on that. Doris wants to do a program at the Library on will be in January. Hans von Sachson-Altenburg and Robert L. Dyer wrote about him.

Becky will be gone 12/10 on for unknown time. Penny will be gone from 12/29 for a week. Next meeting will be 12/9/02 and none during Christmas week. Meeting after next will be Jan 6.

Recorder, Penny Carpenter




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