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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
November 28, 2005

Attending: Marleen, Becky, Sandra, Dale, Norm, Mary, Diana

Minutes: Approved as sent.

Financial: Marleen reported that we have $95,198.52 toward the monument. She hasn't received a statement from the courthouse since Oct. 30,2005. We need to sell at least 60 bronzes to cover our costs and overruns. Sandra is ordering #63.

Time sheets:


1. Artist's report - Mary is waxing the statue form this week and then will begin to add the clay. She has the VCR tape of the 3 Forks dedication and is willing to let people borrow it.

2. Foundry tour- Becky talked to Gary (cell 209-2982) at the foundry and he will have # 44 & 45 by the end of this week. These were promised to Brockways and since they will not be available for them to take when they leave, the foundry will pay for shipping if we request that. He will cast these two tomorrow and said it takes 7-8 hours to finish each one after casting. He has 10 bronzes in the process. Becky discussed the urgency of having #41,46-60 bronzes by /before Christmas for people to put under the tree. Gary assured Becky that we would have them by then. Becky will call him in a few days to arrange a foundry tour; possibly the 6th of December @ 1pm.

3. Monument:

a. Bricks - 222 have been ordered; we can have up to 400. Dale has put in the order for another 100. Sandra reminded us that we wanted to have all the members of the expedition on the monument. She gave the list to Marleen so that bricks could be ordered for them, also.

b. Contractors - Moos worked on the footing forms Monday and will also be working on them today. He hasn't been able to get a shipment of cement yet. The base will be flat but will be built up to a slant with river rock so that the hind legs of the horse are higher. The base slab will be covered with river rock cemented in place and concrete to look like a river.

c. Electrical - the city is taking care of this .

d. Irrigation - will happen when the base is started

e. City pile of dirt - they have removed it.

f. Rocks-63 Ranch

g. City help with sidewalks - Dale talked to Raney, Tinsley, and Miller. They will take this proposal to City Council and they will be in touch with us.

4. Party for donors. Norm Miller contacted Bud Clark who is with DESC and they won't know their budget until Dec. Norm also contacted Churchill Clark who is with a group called "Undaunted Courage" and asked if they would be interested in being a part of our celebration. They are building dugout canoes. Norm will contact Gary Mouton. Norm also contacted the Crow about being part of the celebration but they declined as they are busy with CORPS II. Becky will contact Roseanne Abrams again and see if she could arrange for the Shoshone to do something else. Sandra will contact Katie Bump,( FS, who helped arrange speakers at Dillon :ph. 406-683-3955) as to how to contact Bill Barker who portrayed Thomas Jefferson and also the author, Ken Thomasma. Marleen will order Sacajawea dollars to use at the Post office. Maybe $500?

5. Special event insurance-Penny - tabled

6. US Post office- tabled .

7. Plaques - Mary had a bid from Manhattan who did the 3 Forks plaques; $1570 - 2'x3' - up to 864 characters; $ 650 - 18"x18"- 324 characters; $ 340 - 12"12" - 144 letters. Norm had a bid from the internet: $1290 - 2'x2' - (company out of state).

Dale has talked to Dennis Springer and hasn't gotten a bid from him yet.

Many thanks to Norm for writing about Sacajawea with a fresh approach. The plaque is meant to focus on her and not Lewis and Clark (see attachment).

8. Postcards - these are in Jim Durgan's office and need to be dispersed throughout town.

9. Humanities grant - Becky will fill out the paperwork received for Ritchie Doyle and Hal Stearns

10. Placing bronzes downtown- contacting potential bronze buyers.

a. Dale -Gwen Handl and Archie Wagner
d. Penny- Tom Gould, Bank of the Rockies
e. Mary- Mary and Tom Lane
f. Sandra - Chico and The Murray Hotel
g. Becky and Kent - everyone else on list and Tierra Montana for placing a bronze

Another ploy to use for selling these (ie: Lanes for St. Mary's) is to ask them to buy a bronze for a school library and donate it. Also mention the name of big donors on the plaque.

11. Dick's painting of John Colter is in 1st Interstate Bank is for sale

12. School exhibit ideas-Penny - tabled.

13. Silhouette-Penny and Mary will work on this

14. Chamber letter - Becky and Kent wrote and delivered this (see attachment)

15. Newspaper stories - Penny is in charge of this. Suggested to contact Livingston Weekly about Foundry tour; also put a news story in it.


1. Holiday advertising - Penny is in charge of this; we currently have ads running

2. 1st Interstate Business After Hours party - Dec. 1st - 5:30-8 - Becky and Kent will do this

3. Christmas stroll Dec. 3rd - 2-9pm -

4. Holiday Farmer's Market CNR @ Civic Center - Dec. 3rd - set up can be anytime after 7am Sat. morning; the market hours are 10-4; Becky & Sandra

5. Quilt project - Penny is working on this.




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