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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
320 N. Main
Livingston, Montana
December 8, 2003

Attending: Dale Guidi, Becky Douglass, Sandra Cahill, Jeanne Souvigney, Doris Whithorn, Jackie Robbins, Penny Carpenter. Guest: Mary Michael, artist/sculptor. She has been finishing the model and brought it with her. We took photos!

Minutes: Minutes from last meeting were corrected and approved. Corrections were a change in Doris' receipts to $36.94; we had discussed using First Interstate Bank for the Escrow Fund for the statue.

Financial Report: Our O&P fund has been depleted to a zero balance. Paid Doris' claims for scrapbook supplies; Sandra for the fee to Annual Conference and gas for the Corridor meeting in Billings; Penny for stamps. Jackie reported that the application for 2004 O&P funds was mailed off today. Driving Tour Fund and Commisison Fund unchanged since last meeting.

In-kind time sheets due each meeting.

Penny passed around Commission thank-you cards to sign for Deon Lackey, reporter, and David Lewis, owner of Mt Pioneer newspaper for the great article about our statue project.

We started our meeting with discussion on the statue so Mary could participate and then leave. Becky reviewed the contract components and Mary explained more about how she can help with marketing the maquettes. She will get $80,000 for the monument and 12% of each maquette sold. Each maquette will have a black walnut wood base with a nameplate....we chose "At the Yellowstone" on the top line; and "Sacajawea and Pomp" on the second line. And each will be numbered. We increased the edition size to 100 maquettes and will sell them for $2150.00. Mary retains the copyright and will attend a "mold breaking party" with us when all 100 have been sold. She will be advertising them in several magazines..Women Artists of the West, Art of the West, Southwest Art, and American Cowboy. Tom Murphy will meet Mary this Friday to take the photo of the finished model. Sandra will get the photo reproduced to be included with each solicitation letter.

1. Driving Tour Signs - Penny reported that the mock-ups were reviewed by a committee and fed-exed back to Sea Reach. They are being imbedded now and should be here by January. Jeanne brought up that the signs are not numbered in any way for following the brochure and she will contact Laurie H. about possibly getting numbers from NPS.

2. CTEP Funds - Jackie reported that the letter Penny wrote about us being responsible for the 13% match was delivered today to the Commissioners. Next step is for the State to return the contract with the "go ahead". Jeanne reported that she had spoken with Brian from Sea Reach. Jackie will check on the use of "Request for Proposals" versus "bid" for the advertising requirement.

3. Becky is working on the mailing list still. Give her names if you know anyone who might be interested in helping fund the monument. She read the letter aloud. We added that checks need to be made out to Park County Monument Fund. Becky & Sandra will sign it when Sharon Walker is finished. If photo and letter are ready we will have a "stuffing meeting" Sunday at 1:00 pm here. (That was cancelled due to meeting with Commissioners 12/15 for approval of letter, contract and clarification of the tax-deductible issue.) Location for the statue is still a concern. Steve Golnar informed Becky that the chosen site is to be behind the band shell between the levy and the road. We'd like all members to go look at this area. Consensus is that there are prettier sites in the Park that would be preferable. A meeting with the manager &/or city commission is needed. Becky will follow up with this after we get the letter out.

4. We got a written plan from Jane Indreland on the "Day in the Life of the Yellowstone River Valley". We need to collect photos. Becky suggested contacting Brian and Diana to see if they would (or could) be interested in heading this up. She will call them.

5. Dale reported that he has left upteen messages with still now response on the dinner costs from Betty Nason. Will get it to the rest of us as soon as he hears. We are unsure how to proceed with making plans without a price/person.

6. Penny has not contacted L & C Lager in Helena yet. Will follow up on that.

7. Sandra will talk to the Pretty Good String Band leader, Bob Frisbey. She did talk to Don Ellis with the teepees. He said his son has the business but he might be able to help us himself. We will need to call an emergency meeting if things start to come together for this event as we hadn't planned on meeting again in Dec.

8. Sandra and Jackie will follow up on the bank account at First Interstate (this account will now be with the county's finance office).

9. We received tentative dates of events from Rivers Across in July of 04, 05, 06. Unanimous to support them in whatever dates they choose--all dates approved.

10. Upcoming statewide meetings: RBC in Great Falls, February 9th and 10th; Annual Conference in Livingston, June 17th and 18th at the Best Western (formerly the YMI).

11. Engraved bricks to sell at $100.00 each will cost us $13.00 to raise funds for the monument.

Additional interesting information from Jackie is that the DOT is planning to put a bathroom and garbage facilities at our large interpretive sign west of Livingston! We are all very pleased and hope this is not just a rumor. Very much needed there!

Next meeting will be January 5th; 5:30 pm at 320 N. Main.
Recorder, Penny Carpenter




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