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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
Rural Fire Hall, 5:00 P.M.
December 9, 2002

Attending: Becky Douglass, Sandra Cahill, Jeanne-Souvigney, Brian Sparks, Diana Seider, Doris Whithorn, Jackie Robbins, Dick Baerman, Lenny Gregrey
Guest: Laurie Heupel from Nat'l. Park Service

Becky called the meeting to order at 5:05 pm. She had received a letter from Mike Devine over the weekend, with his prices for doing the Kick-Off Show on Jan. 17; total would have been over $4,000.00. Discussion followed regarding not having him do the show as that is way more than we had anticipated. Becky found in her notes from previous calls to Mike, the figure of "around $1500.00". We discussed other options and Diana had been able to get ahold of Ritchie Doyle in Lolo and he is available on that date. He has a new program with David Jolles called, "Manifest Scrutiny" that sounds delightful. His fee would be $300.00 plus rooms and meals and $40.00 for gas. Becky will contact Mike to talk about his letter and see what involvement, if any, he would like as we cannot agree to such a high cost. Motion made and passed to contact Doyle & Jolles and book them for sure. Other ideas included asking the musical group, "Pretty Good String Band"; the MSU Indian dancers in Bozeman; and use the skit done in Bozeman with Brian's help, to round out the program. Diana will make those calls and the subcommittee will meet this Wed. at 1:30 at the Depot to finalize plans (advertising-radio, newspapers, printing tickets, posters, programs, door-prizes, silent auction items, etc).

Regular Agenda:

1. Driving Tour Project: Laurie Heupel from NPS shared with us the color mock-ups of the first six driving tour signs and we went over any changes, text concerns, etc. with her. The first sign uses the image from First Interstate Bank of the Party and is valued at $1,000. Each sign has a title to grab the viewer and at the bottom will be the "Clark on the Yellowstone" theme phrase on each sign. The second sign uses an image from George Thomas of Harlowton and we will credit him...."courtesy of......." it is a $500.00 value. The third is a Rick Graetz photo and we will credit him. The fourth is the image from our interpretive sign of the moccasins for the horses (Laurie will get this from Penny when the time comes). The fifth is a river picture (Graetz) and map from the University of Nebraska Press. The sixth is a Michael Haynes image from a cookbook and we will need to find out a value for this one. Laurie will help. She & Jeanne will stay in close touch and it looks like we may be able to have our signs finished (and up) by May 2003!

Laurie urged us to go ahead and get the bases ordered from Sea Reach. Penny will call Brian Medora (402-514-9313) to find out how to handle the billing for these. She reported that Dick Williams is very aware of our project and said it looks good. Do apply for the 2nd phase, signs #7 through 12 for next year and the brochures. NPS has also increased the hourly value for in-kind time to $16.05/hour.

Doris had planned to attend the Board of Realtors meeting this Thursday at noon to request a donation for our Project but cannot go now. Sandra C. offered to do this and will take a letter like she did for the Rotary meeting. Dick Baerman shared that in the meeting room at the Yellowstone Motor Inn are some of his paintings for sale and he would donate 30% of the selling price towards this Project. Thank-you Dick!

Livingston is also on the new NPS maps--Laurie will brings us some and some new brochures next visit. This project melds very well with the Highway 89 Corridor project of the Alliance for Economic Development in Livingston and they will support us.

2. Grants Report: Jeanne is nearly finished with the State Commission grant application and the NPS Challenge Cost-Share grant application. She will tackle next the Livingston Trust grant application. Jackie completed the O & P grant application and explained why it had to be done the way it was to be in compliance with the state guidelines for the applications. Motion made to accept her work on the proposal was passed.

3. KLB repair on sign- Jackie reported that money to pay for the repair work will be sent. Tabled for discussion till next meeting.

4. Festival of Trees report: So exciting! Our tree was beautiful (thanks committee!) and it won the "People's Choice" award, so it got to be the final tree raffled at the program and sold for $425.00--Doris Whithorn was the lucky winner! Thanks, Doris. We netted $297.50 for the Commission Fund. Special thanks to Dick Baerman and Nicole Hawkes for wearing the beautiful mountain man jacket and Native American dress!

5. License Plate Raffle report: Jackie printed the tickets and we have them in books of 12 ($3.00 each or 4 /$10.00). Each Commission member needs to assist with sales if possible as the raffle will take place at our Kick-off event on January 17th. We also have a hand-decorated powder horn from Dick B. for silent auction that night as well as a few other items. Some door prizes have been collected for random drawings throughout the program. As folks enter the door they can put their name in the box. Laurie H. offered to get us pins, etc.

6. Mike Devine Show: handled above

7. Sacajawea Statue: For future planning, possibly $150,000 or more! Dream big. Dick gave Becky information regarding a woman sculptor he knows. Little Pomp was 19 months old when we came through here and was probably NOT in a cradleboard by then. Could do a horse with both of them riding as in the mural at the bank!

New Business:

The Fly Fishing Federation is submitting a grant request and has asked us for a letter of support. We will do so.

Time running out and several members had to leave early. Next regular meeting will be 5:30 pm on January 6th. PLEASE COME! There's so much to do to get our Kick-off Event ready.

Recorder, Penny Carpenter




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