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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
December 13, 2004

Attendance: Sandra C., Becky D., Brian S., Marleen A., Penny C.

Minutes approved as sent out prior.

Monument Fund Report: 4 new bricks ordered at $100.00 each; also received a $250 donation from Board of Realtors; and a $10.00 donation.

Financial Report: Jackie and Penny reviewed all the invoices for the O&P Fund and it is now down to zero; Regular commission fund balance is

Timesheets need to be turned in each meeting please.


1. Driving Tour: discussed the concerns regarding image #7, the Clymer print. All ideas presented. In lieu of not having another image available right now, Sandra made a motion to retitle the Clymer print, "Corps of Discovery River Travels" and add the name of image in footnote, "UP THE JEFFERSON". Brian seconded, motion passed. Penny made motion to reconsider placing it elsewhere on the tour and to use the Sleeping Giant photo as #7 in Depot Park. Marleen seconded and motion passed. No reply or e-mailed photo of Shields River from Laurie Heupel yet. Penny will call her. Will also ask her about other ideas for images but time constraint is urgent. We all feel we need to get them submitted for fabrication so we don't lose our CTEP funds to pay for them.

2. Discussed landscaping design from MSU. Aggregate sidewalk may impede wheelchairs so we'd like to ask for a smooth concrete sidewalk instead. Brian made motion to accept the overall plan; Penny seconded, motion passed. Plants are low maintenance and are native to area. Will take it to both city and county commission and ask for them to include in their budgets for next year. Voted to send each of the 5 students matted prints (Ralston) as thank-yous. Penny will get these made. Becky gave her the addresses.

Base for the statue and landscaping needs to be started this summer. Sandra will be meeting with Ed and Gary Hillman to discuss what they and other contractors are willing to do. Statue weighs 800 lbs.

3. Grants:
A. Taste of the Trail Two. Feb 18, 2005. Humanities grant submitted by Becky. She paid for it and has been reimbursed $50.00. Hal Stearns will speak on "Clark on the Yellowstone". He asked about also including talking in the schools and Becky asked if that would cost more and he hasn't answered yet. Becky distributed the donor list and we discussed getting "sponsors". Benefits to sponsors are tax-deduction; advertising; two free tickets and public thank-you. Sponsorships were suggested to be $250.00 and would include a "brick". Each member will be asked to speak to a portion of the businesses (from list) about being sponsors. If anyone has objections to this idea and/or cost of sponsorships, please speak up now. Sandra will take on asking for donated food items.

B. NFS, NPS Cost-Share Challenge grants. Penny & Sandra met with Ron Archuletta at the Forest Service and he feels we are quite eligible for the Rural Communities Assistance grants for the landscaping funds, and also for the Rural Community Assistance grants from NEA for the statue itself. Waiting on application forms to be distributed. Ron will alert us when they are ready. We can download the Cost-Share Challenge application and submit it by mid January if we want to try for funds from there. We are hoping Jeanne will be helpful on this if she has time.

C. O & P Jackie and Hillary taking care of this....due Dec. 14th. $1000.00 for 2005.

D. NEA - out of our league; too much effort to complete the application for our group.

4. Livingston Trust: Becky took 10 copies of both the MSU landscape proposal and the budget information to John Bailey. He didn't think they would have enough Trust members to meet prior to Jan. 18, 2005.

5. Data base of names of potential donors will be ongoing. Getting names put on it from lots of sources. Becky had copies made for us to discuss next meeting.

6. St. Mary's Bazaar: Friday the 17th. Crash Repair painted signs for us (3) for marketing for free. We used one last Saturday for the Stroll downtown. Penny, Sandra and Becky will set up at St. Mary's Friday and make a schedule for Sat. the 18th. Let us know if anyone else wants to help out.

7. Stencil for silhouette was made by Parco sign...$65.00. Voted to reimburse Sandra from Regional Commission fund.

8. Jars-collecting some money.... $100.00+ so far. Sandra made three new jars for Albertsons. Had one of these last Saturday at the Stroll. ($10.39 ) They are helping get the word out more.

9. Ads -quotes we had obtained in October had gone up terribly! Bill for Enterprise ad will come soon. Agreed to pay the overrun costs for Monument ads and may get one free due to the errors in the first one.

10. Foundry report: Cowboys & Indians magazine of Mary's, Becky brought it back. #5, #1, completed. #2 is at Mary's house. #18, 19, 20, 21, 22 ordered and paid for still at foundry.

11. Driving tour brochure: Lea needs map-- Becky brought John Roger's map and we'll get a copy made for her. Sandra and Penny will meet tomorrow to finish paperwork for Rita that she needs to obtain the funds ($5,000.00) from NPS.

New Business:

Sandra purchased the bronze medal from Helena. She got a "Certificate of Authenticity". We will have those made for us, too. Everyone with a bronze will get one, numbered. Also discussed sending a notice of memorandum if someone other than family purchases the brick. Penny and Marleen will work on this.

No second meeting in Dec. Next meeting will be Jan. 10th. Please, please try to attend to help plan the 200th birthday celebration for Little Pomp.

Recorder, Penny Carpenter




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