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Lewis & Clark Trail Bicentennial Commission of L&C County
Meeting Minutes
January 17, 2006

Attendance: Members – Sharon Haugen, Lillian Hegstad, Marvin Holtz, Mike Griffith, Dick Alberts and Rita Blouke; Associates – Amy Teegarden and Mandy Alvino; Guest – Alan Nicholson. A quorum was not present.

The president called the meeting to order. The minutes of the November 15, 2005, meeting were reviewed but not acted on. The December meeting was cancelled.

Correspondence – 3 letters from State closing out the 2005 O&P Grant, awarding the 2006 O&P Grant and closing out the Corps II Grant; a letter from Certified Folder closing out the 2005 contract; GOTM newsletter; information about the February 16 meeting in Miles City; the new NEA grant guidelines.

Treasurer’s Report - Mike passed around copies of the treasurer’s report as of today. We have a balance of $11,918.30 of which $9,640 is restricted. He reported that all bills are current. Amy asked about a payment to HHS for the trunk, which is complete. Mike said it has not been made.

GN Project - Amy reported that the FS has awarded an additional $5,000 for the GN project. She is working on the Challenge Share grant for the Plaza Map. She needs a project status report – Dick will work on. There was discussion of Indian involvement and the Historical Society map. Alan presented information about what is left to do on the project. The city grant components are complete. He figures there is about $206,000 left in projects to complete. The elk, the mountain goat and the medallions are coming. There was discussion of conversations with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. Mandy will contact them. Lillian asked about brochures for the project. Amy will talk with the XCEL project. The XCEL project is also seeking input about whether to duplicate the trunk. After discussion it was suggested that they look into duplicate components that might be consumed or be difficult to replace. There was also discussion of redirecting some money to other education focuses such as the map or brochures. If anyone knows of possible grants appropriate for the GN project, let Dick know.

Lincoln Corps II – Mandy reported on the 1/11 meeting in Lincoln with the Chamber. About 25 people were there. There is some concern about meeting the needs of the rodeo, the parade, and Corps II but after the meeting they were excited about pulling it together. There will be another meeting in a week to appoint coordinators and to get organized. We will need to appoint a Commission coordinator or coordinators. Sara will continue to do programming; Amy will do marketing; Mike will coordinate financing. Mandy and Amber will attend the meetings for the FS. Dick will talk with Mary Lou, Dal and Don about coordinating. Mike can attend the 25th meeting if needed.

Print Sales – At the airport we sold $600 dollars in prints. Rita will inventory what we have left.

Grants – We haven’t heard from NorthWestern or the Washington Foundation. Amy is working on the Challenge grant.

Brochures – Marv will take some boxes in the spring. Dick will work on a plan for distribution.

February State Meeting – Dick will plan to attend the Miles City Regional meeting February 16th.

Signage – Jeff Wyatt is working on two more signs. Dick is still trying to figure out the ownership for the bird watching area outside Lincoln. Mike will help with identifying a contact.

Lillian received a box of t-shirts for the Corps II volunteers. She will distribute them. Mike will contact Max to see if he is all right with the deal we made with him for the band t-shirts.

Meeting adjourned. The next meeting will be February 21.  



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