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Lewis & Clark Trail Bicentennial Commission of L&C County
Meeting Minutes
January 19, 2005

In attendance: Members – Marv Holtz, Mandy Alvino, Mark Peck, Jack Taylor, Bob Henkel, Sharon Haugen, Mike Griffith, Dick Alberts, and Rita Blouke; Associate member – Amy Teegarden; Guests – MSG Ted Reichert, Montana National Guard, and Dal Sessions, a volunteer working on Corps II.

The president called the meeting to order and introductions were made. The minutes of the November meeting were deferred. The In-Kind document was passed around.

Mike distributed copies of the Treasurer’s Report as of 1/19/05. We have a bank balance of $19.230.25 with approximately $5,457.11 unrestricted. Amy asked how the FS grant for Corps II is accounted for. Mike said it currently is not. There was a motion by Sharon, seconded by Jack, to approve the Treasurer’s Report; motion passed.

Correspondence – Dick read a letter from Rita Cortright closing out the 2004 O&P Grant. Rita presented the contract for county signage; the GOTM Chapter Newsletter for January-March; the O&P Grant for 2005 submitted to the State; and the 2005 application from the SOS Office for incorporation which she gave to Mike.

Dick reviewed the Commission’s commitments for 2005-2006 and expressed his concerns about raising the necessary money. Options for fundraising were discussed. Mike voiced concern about combining discussion of the two funding goals; the Commission agreed they should be kept separate. Rita suggested we look again at grants that might be available. There was discussion of whom Big Fish had contacted and what the response had been. Mark thought that information would be helpful for Corps II. Sharon will talk with Gery to see what the final date is for matching money.

Brochures – Amy will have the distribution proposal ready for February’s meeting. Dick put together 600 brochures with a Corps II schedule insert for Kathy Brown, who had been to an international conference on tourism. Cheryl and the RTR Chapter requested 8 more boxes.

Corps II – Mark reported that the organizational chart has been redone to make it more workable and the schedule has been drafted. Mark and Dick will be meeting with the Fairground staff and the Fair Board. They also will attend a City/County meeting February 3. Mark suggested a letter to Jane Colemeir, the new FS Supervisor, highlighting the participation of the FS in our efforts and thanking them for all their support. Mark suggested we need a policy about Commission members and committee members who want to do presentations for money. Dick referenced the Commission Bylaws. Dick talked to a Ranger from South Dakota about their policies and he said they paid based on the speaker and the presentation. The general thinking was we should focus on the people from Montana and bring in only a few out of state key speakers. The Program Committee needs to decide what they want the program to look like and then find the speakers who will provide that program. The final decision will have to go through the Commission. There was a motion by Mandy, seconded by Sharon, to allow the Program Committee to negotiate up to $400 per speaker, without travel and per diem, without coming back to the Commission; motion passed. Mark explained that there was a conflict with the Woodband and the Mt. Helena Music Festival. They have been talking and think it is worked out as a joint marketing opportunity. The plan is in place for the fundraising; they are waiting for the logo and then will do the mailing. Their goal is to break even.

Airport Display - Bob reported on the progress of the airport display. He passed around a picture of the display. They had to hire a photographer, John Reddy. He anticipates it will be completed at the beginning of February. Mandy suggested we have a dedication when it is complete.

Dick reported that the Commission display boards are at the two American Federal branches.

Great Northern - Dick reported that construction has started at the GN. He is working on the artist contract with Eric Thornson from Bigfork. Dick distributed the Curriculum Development Proposal submitted by the X-CEL class from HHS. There was discussion about the history of the proposal. Possibilities for a web site were discussed – the school district, the IR were suggested.

Two Camps – No report.

Morgan Prints – Mark asked for a framed print. He gave Mike a check. Sharon wants one for the Habitat fundraiser. Bob said we will begin marketing again in the summer. Bob and Rita will finish the inventory.

Commission Membership – We have one opening. Carol Mason was suggested. Dick will talk with her.

Pending Legislation – Two bills were heard today to extend license plate sales after 2006 – HB164 and HB301. Dick testified for 164 and in opposition to 301. There is a draft by Lindeen to take general fund money and to help pay for the two signature events. Sharon moved, seconded by Mike, that the Commission sends letters to our local legislators supporting HB164. Motion passed.

State Regional Meeting – There will be a State Regional meeting at the Historical Society with a Legislative Reception February 14-15. Rita will send out a notice to the Commission.

Annual Meeting – The February 16 meeting will be our Annual Meeting. There was discussion of meeting at 5:30, of having dinner, and of having the meeting at the Chamber or the airport to tour the display. Bob will check with Ron Mercer to see if the airport is possible. Rita will arrange the dinner. Dick appointed Mark and Marv to the Nominating Committee.

Other business - There was discussion about how the Indian speakers fit into the speakers’ payments and how the Park Service determines the Native American speaker payments. There was also discussion of where to put the Guard display at the Fairgrounds. Ted will get in touch with Mark to tour the Fairgrounds together. Larry Sims, Montana Magazine, will help with the marketing for the music performances.

Meeting adjourned.  



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