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Lewis & Clark Trail Bicentennial Commission of L&C County
Meeting Minutes
January 21, 2004

Attendance: Members – Sharon Haugen, Bob Henkel, Lillian Hegstad, Mark and Terry Peck, Ann Tedesco, Mike Griffith, Dick Alberts and Rita Blouke; Associate – Amy Teegarden; Guests – Cheryl Hutchinson, Clint Blackwood and Jon Jackson. Excused – Jack Taylor, Marvin Holtz, Clete Daily, Gil Alexander (and Louise Fischer because I forgot to call her).

Jon shared information about his work with the National Guard as the L&C liaison. There will be a meeting in Illinois, February 20-22, about Guard plans for the L&C celebration.

The minutes of the Dec. meeting were reviewed. Rita corrected the name “Al Axline” to “Jon Axline” with the DOT. Ann also wanted to be added as having commented on the GN name change. She agreed with Sara. Rita passed around the new 2004 in-kind document.

Sharon distributed updated balance sheets. All data has been transferred to her computer on Quick Books. We have a 2004 copy of Quick Books that will go with the office. We need to set budgets for each project so we can see what is left per category. Amy suggested we look at the Microsoft Office site for project budget templates.

Correspondence: 1.) Brochure for L&C in Montana, Clay Jenkinson, March 8; 2.) invitation to MT City Schools, Tues. Jan 27, 7:00 P.M., presentation by Hal Stearns; 3.) advertising rates for Montana Magazine; 4.) letter from ND L&C Bicentennial Foundation requesting donations; 5.) letter and information from the Piegan Institute requesting donations; 6.) letter from Clint Blackwood about the Challenge Cost Share Grant program; 7.) information from Arch Elwin about first person portrayals of Sgt. John Ordway; 8.) information from Certified Folder; 9.) letter from Bob Brown in response to a Land Board presentation by Dick; 10.) letter from the Legacy Campaign office requesting donations; 11.) extension contract for the DE grant; 12.) we submitted 1final grant report and 4 grant requests since our last meeting;13.) information about Clete; 14.) grant information about the Western States Arts Federation from Rita C. (Clint says this is a short turn-around.); 15.) email from Mike Griffith about DE; 16.) our new DUNS number for federal grants; 17.) email about now needing trip permits for the Lolo.

Clint reported that the Legacy Campaign office has closed. His office has taken over these responsibilities and it will move regionally with each area seeking funding for projects. The spring meeting will be June 17 & 18 in Livingston and will showcase presentations. They will be seeking names of performers and presenters. Clint just returned from St. Louis where he saw the traveling L&C exhibit. He said the apron was prominently featured. There will be a Corps II meeting with Pat Jones, April 7, in Billings with all the host communities. They are looking at changing the program requirements. Amy said the Park Service has a grant that will pay for Indian presentations. Clint wants calendar events listed with them and Travel Montana. There was discussion of the Corps II coordinator for Lincoln. Amy will check next week. The senate art project artist will be selected this Friday. There will be an interpretive sign workshop February 19 here at the FS office. Feb. 9-10, there will be a RBC meeting in GF at the Interpretive Center. At this meeting the grant slate recommendations will be approved and announced by the state. There will also be a meeting then on Indian funding. Travel Montana is also working on a state marketing campaign. The L&C Educators directory has been reprinted and is out to schools and libraries. Extra copies are available from Clint’s office.

Brochures - Dick emailed the print bids. Ann took the Certified Folder information. The committee will meet again ASAP and finalize editing changes and funding. Depending on resources they will try to print at least 40,000.

Corps II – Mark reviewed the Corps II 5 planning components: Location and time, the two major events (outdoor expo and salute to the military), Tent of Many Voices, community events, and local events that will bring people to Helena. We still need a theme. Community outreach is next; we need to contact groups to get them involved. Ryan Carroll with the hospitality group wants us to talk to them in April. The need for a steering committee was discussed. Rob Quist and the Mission Mountain Wood Band were discussed. Having a summer symphony as part of the Corps II celebration was discussed. Bob will talk with Tom Trebon and others at Home Town Helena to see if it is feasible. We will watch the Corps II video at the end of the meeting.

GN Project – The layout for the GN has been preliminarily completed. Amy is working on an NEH grant. We still need about $200,000 to complete the project. Dick is meeting with the city tomorrow and the entire committee is meeting Friday. Amy reported that Alan had met with Holly Luck and thought the Senator could pursue funding for the project. Bob will talk with Holly about a letter. Dick will send Bob the letterhead template. The grant committee will meet after this meeting is over.

DE Project – Mike did not report any additional information. Dick will contact Brad and Jeff about the plans.

Morgan Prints – We did not sell any prints from the Christmas ads. We will wait until 2005 to market. Rita will deliver 2 framed prints to Amy to take to Lincoln.

Airport Display – Bob reviewed the project. The FS video will be out this spring. They still have not settled on a painting. The committee will meet next Thursday. July 2004 is the completion date goal.

Membership – Clete has suggested that we suspend his membership until he recovers. Gene Hickman is out of bylaws compliance with attendance. That would give us two slots to fill. There was discussion of contacting people who would work on Corps II. Get suggestions to Dick for people who could fill membership slots.

Annual Meeting – Jack, Lillian and Ann were appointed to the Nominating Committee. They need to nominate a slate of officers and nominees for the two membership slots. The meeting was set for Feb. 25. We will meet at the FS building.

Ann met with BOR. They are still looking to partner with someone for signage around Canyon Ferry. Ann will talk with Rose from Crimson Bluffs to see if they would like to work on the project. There was a motion by Ann, seconded by Sharon, to write a letter of intent to BOR for partnering on the Canyon Ferry signage that recommends following the sign strategy, includes Crimson Bluffs as a partner, and says we need to understand the BOR rules and regs related to the project before we commit. Motion passed unanimously.

Meeting adjourned. The committee watched the Corps II video.




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