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Lewis & Clark Trail Bicentennial Commission of L&C County
Meeting Minutes
January 23, 2002

Members in attendance were Dick Alberts, Mike Griffith, Gene Hickman, Clete Daily, Bob Henkel, Louise Fischer, Amy Teegarden, and Rita Blouke. Gil Alexander participated via conference call.

The president called the meeting to order. The minutes of the December meeting were approved as printed.

Rita read a letter from Carol Bock about her frustration in trying to do our bookkeeping. It is hard for her to know categories for expenses and income since 1998 and all she can do is record what people tell her. Rita suggested that if she could give us a balance as of January 1, we should start anew with a better bookkeeping model that people can track per program. Bob gave Rita some bills and money from the print sales. Mike said he and Joe Schevlin had reviewed the disk that Carol had made for them and there is ample information on the disk. He suggested for historical purposes that the Commission should try to balance income and spending per column. No one volunteered. Clete says he uses Quick Books 2000 and he thinks he can take the disk information and set it up by a new budget format for year 2002 using the program budgets. Mike said he had not asked Schevlin whether he would be willing to do the work for the Commission but he would if that is what the Commission wished. Gil suggested that we include contingencies for items like insurance and an audit. Amy asked Clete if he was willing to take over the treasurer job. Mike said he would work with Clete. Gil said he would resign as treasurer and turn over the role to Clete. Amy distributed copies of the program budgets that people had turned in to her. Bob is working on the Morgan prints budget. We are still missing Encampment and GOTM Road budgets. They are deferring the fishing access site project until it is further developed; Lincoln Project is complete. Dick amended the Brochure Project. We need some place to include Commission assets. There was also discussion of a column for cash contributions. Amy asked that people have those to her by February 10. There was a motion by Gene, seconded by Dick, to approve the treasurer's report. Motion passed. Dick reported that BLM paid the Porta-Potty and the security bills. Dick will return the additional safety money. Amy is submitting the request to NEA for all the Nicholson Project grant money. Once that is paid out, we can write the final report and close the grant.

Bob reported that we were not accepted by the CM Russell art auction. The picture is back at Mountain West Bank. Bob talked to Morgan who said not to be too anxious to sell. He is getting calls from people looking for paintings. He will try to sell it. Amy asked if the Art of the West magazine would be interested in writing a story on L&C and Bob Morgan and feature the picture. Bob will check. We still have about 95 prints. Gil reminded Amy that he talked to the gift shop in GF and they still are an option as is the Historical Society shop. Dick is going up next week and will take up a copy. Bob will go to the Museum and to the Lolo Pass shop.

Amy presented the report of the Nominating Committee. They are proposing the following slate for next year: President - Dick Alberts; Vice President - Ann Tedesco; Secretary - Rita Blouke; Treasurer - Clete Daily (Interim)

The committee also recommended that Dana Walker and Brad Hurd be selected as the Chamber of Commerce representative to the Commission and that Rich Aarstad with the Historical Society be appointed to the other slot. There was a motion by Bob, seconded by Gene, to accept the slate. Amy will talk with them.

Gil asked that we consider taking $1000 at the Commission's demise and start an endowment for the tricentennial committee as a legacy project. There was discussion of using the painting. We will look into it.

Rita reported on the month's correspondence: Information on the Dearborn towers, GF multicultural celebration, Honor Guard for Encampment, L&C motor coach bus tours, the regional Commission meeting in Dillon Feb. 11, certified guide training information, notice from Rita C. that our minutes are now on the state web site, the December Director's Report, information about and an invitation to participate in the BOR Canyon Ferry Resource Management Plan, forms to be completed from the Secretary of State's office, IRS form information and info from Lynn Dickey at Galusha Higgins about whether we need to file. We got all our grants done and submitted. We received a press packet from the state office with posters and inserts for the L&C license tags. We submitted the information from Calfee Insurance for a quote on D&O and event insurance.

Louise reported for the Encampment Committee. Hal Sterns has been asked to present July 20. The next meeting will be Feb. 6 at 10:00 at Lakeside. Gene talked about the Honor Guard participation and will expand the date to the group to the 21st. Gil, did the Knap-In get scheduled for the same time? We need to decide about the schedule, sponsorship and site layout at the next meeting.

Mike reported for the Legacy Committee. Brad faxed over the proposed Devil's Elbow specifications for the design. After discussion and questions, there was a motion by Mike, seconded by Clete, to accept the preliminary project design with 3 recommendations: that the name be "Two Camps"; that the time capsule component be included at the emblem; and that consideration be given to constructing an aggregate stone floor of native river rock. Motion passed. We would also like to review the final design. Amy will contact Brad.

Rita reported on the fund raising efforts. We have completed or are completing 7 grants. We also completed the final reports on two grants. Amy needs the Commission hours for the FS grant for last year. Rita will get the information to Amy. There was discussion of contact people for the grants, a contact for the Commission, and a P.O. Box for a permanent address. The decision was that the chair for the project would be the contact for each grant, the president will be the contact for the Commission, and Rita will get a P.O. Box as a permanent address.

There was discussion of who could attend the February 11 and 12 State Commission meeting in Dillon. Amy will attend for the FS; Mike said to put him down tentatively; Clete said he might go but he wouldn't know until later; Dick is looking in to it. Amy can drive. Look on the web site for details.

Amy announced the first person interpretation of York by John Toomer. She proposed we co-sponsor along with the FS and the high school. He will do two classroom presentations and a public presentation at the HHS Little Theatre the evening of Feb. 27. We need to move our Annual Meeting to February 20. There was a motion by Dick, seconded by Gene, to co-sponsor the presentation. Motion passed. Ann will help with publicity. The recommendation is not to charge for attendance.

Under Other Business, Amy was approached by Ellen Livers about a Lewis &Clark Invitational Soccer Tournament, July 26-28. There is a web site at Amy is working on grants for the GN development. She is waiting on some design information from Bob Heiser. Dick reported that the L&C County Safety Plan is almost done. They continue to work on it. Clete asked if we had resubmitted to Corps II. He would like to work with the Chamber to put a package together.

Meeting adjourned.  







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