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Lewis & Clark Trail Bicentennial Commission of L&C County
Meeting Minutes
January 24, 2003

In attendance were commissioners Mike Griffith, Sharon Haugen, Clete Daily, Jack Taylor, Bob Henkel, Louise Fischer, Mark and Terry Peck, Dick Alberts and Rita Blouke; associate member Amy Teegarden; and guest Kathy Peck.

President Alberts called the meeting to order. There was not a quorum present.

Rita asked to amend the agenda to include bylaws changes and chapter grant activities. The minutes of the December 9 meeting were reviewed. There was a motion by Mike, seconded by Clete, to accept the minutes as printed and the agenda as amended. Motion was held pending a quorum. When a quorum was present, motion passed.

Clete presented the treasurerís report. We have a balance of $17,937.91, approximately $14,000 is earmarked. There was a motion by Sharon, seconded by Jack, to approve the treasurerís report. When a quorum was present, motion passed. We are still selling prints although we only sold 3 at the Mall before Christmas. Sharon would like a framed print.

Rita reviewed correspondence. We received the information and contract from Certified Folder. Dick and Clete will work on the brochure committee and look at the web sites they are developing. Rita gave the two posters on the Confluence of Cultures conference to Amy and Sharon. We also received the Chapter newsletter, the Secretary of State renewal form (Clete took), and the 2003 NEA grant booklet (Amy took). Dick received an email about a writerís workshop.

POE: Jack reported about the Monticello kickoff. Dick reviewed the Capitol kickoff.

Legacy: Devilís Elbow - Dick will complete the overview and Amy will put together a list of vendors so we can send out an RFP for the signage. Louise suggested the recipient of the contract contact the grandson of Little Bear for the Indian perspective.

GN Center Ė Our application ranked third for TIF money. The committee is meeting with Alan, January 24, to organize a presentation for the city commission and for Downtown Helena Pride on February 6, 7:00 a.m. Everyone is encouraged to attend. Dick will contact Jan Kennedy with the Murdock Foundation to let them know about the TIF grant. Mike suggested they might want a copy of the grant application.

Fundraising Ė Rita has not heard anything about the State grants. Amy completed the NPS grant for $158,681.

Ann, Jack, and Amy have not formally met but suggested the present slate be retained with the addition of Sharon as treasurer. Amy will contact Sharon and the committee will formalize the potential slate for the Annual Meeting.

There was discussion of commission and associate memberships. Ed Tinsley would like to be an associate. After discussion there was a motion by Mike, seconded by Mark, to elect Ed Tinsley, Kathy Peck, and Tom Altmier as associate members. Motion passed. Ann is working with the Chamber about their membership.

There was discussion of possible projects that need brainstorming and coordination Ė a 2005 ball, Corps II activities, a Rob Quist/Jack Gladstone concert, a military activity with the American Legion, the Myrna Loy activities, the military marathon for 2005, an encampment-like activity. Amy suggested we appoint a committee and put this on future agendas to discuss the issue, and that we host an open house to identify associate partners and brainstorm what people in the county would like to do. There was discussion of coordinating with the neighboring county groups and Chapters and coordinate with them. A July timeline was suggested. Bob will visit with Brad Hurd about the suggestion. Dick asked for an interim chair. Amy volunteered to organize the open house for mid-July. Louise and Kathy volunteered to help. They will begin putting together a list of people and organizations that need to be invited. Send them your suggestions to add to the list.

Dick will work on the bylaws to see what amendments would make them more workable. Jack suggested we separate quorums for general management and for spending. Electronic voting was also suggested.

There was discussion of the Annual Meeting. It was suggested that we have a no-host, dinner meeting. Bob will check into Perkinís for February 26, 6:00. We will invite the associate members.

There was discussion of allowing Chapters to apply for grants. There was some confusion about what grants were the concern. Ann apparently wanted Chapters to be eligible for O&P money. Rita will ask Clint to clarify.

There was discussion of the GOTM road. Mike said Burns had been successful in getting it in the appropriation bill for approximately $600,000.

Motion to adjourn. The next meeting will be February 26.




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