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Lewis & Clark Trail Bicentennial Commission of L&C County
Meeting Minutes
February 16, 2005

In attendance: Members – Mary Lou Garrett, Mike Griffith, Barbara Fifer, Bob Henkel, Sharon Haugen, Mandy Alvino, Lillian Hegstad, Dick Alberts and Rita Blouke; Associate member - Amy Teegarden, Guests - Clint Blackwood and Dal Sessions.

The meeting was held at the Helena Regional Airport and before the meeting members visited the new Lewis and Clark display. Many thanks to Bob and Amy for their work; it looks wonderful.

Dick called the meeting to order and introduced Clint Blackwood. Clint asked if the Commission would be interested in a L&C day at the Capitol in the next few weeks. The reason would be to gather support for signature event funding. The general opinion was that GF and Billings should organize the event if they have the manpower and the budget. We would be happy to support their efforts. Clint reported the Bismark attendance was around 50,000.

There was a motion by Sharon, seconded by Mary Lou, to accept the November, December, and January minutes as presented. Motion passed. The In-Kind Document was passed around.

Treasurer’s Report – Mike reported that all bills are current. We collected $1000 from the GN Property Owners for the brochures. We still need the Brewery commitment. We received a $1000 check from Lee Newspapers and their associates for the airport display. Mike thinks we have about $3600 still to be billed for the display. Bob says we need an amplifier for the speakers. There was a motion by Sharon, seconded by Bob, to accept the treasurer’s report. Motion passed.

Correspondence – Montana L&C Bicentennial Commission Interim Report, a thank you from American Federal Bank for letting them use the display and maps, an email from Cheryl concerning county signage and the Honor Guard at Tower Rock (Dick will reply; there may be confusion between the Honor Guard and the reenactors.), and the schedule for the June State Commission meeting. (Dick will attend.)

Brochures – Amy will present the distribution plan at the March meeting. The committee wants to insert the list of Corps II schedule of events in brochures to be distributed this spring.

Corps II – The sponsorship forms are at the printer. She got a rubber stamp for the envelopes. There was discussion of including the schedule of events. They should go out in a couple of weeks. Mary Lou has a budget for sponsorships and marketing. There was discussion of a total budget. Amy proposed marketing with billboards in two locations. There was discussion of when and where to put them. The money is available through the FS grant and Challenge Cost Share for planning. Bob thought the cost should be $200 for a public service board. Motion by Sharon, seconded by Mandy, to approve no more than $3000 for two billboards, at times and locations to be determined. After discussion, the motion passed. Mandy and Amy will work on the details. There will be an advance crew coming through in March with one person from the tent crew, Wanda Anderson and Jeff Olson. Mary Lou reported that they were meeting Thursday with the Mount Helena music people to work on joint marketing and scheduling. They met last Friday with Rob Quist and Jack Gladstone and the Fairgrounds staff. There are 20 rooms reserved at Holiday Inn at the government rate. The reenactors are working with BLM. Clark’s and Shannon’s great, great grandsons will be here for the opening ceremonies.

Signage – Jeff is working on the draft. Rita gave Mike the numbers off the first contract but thinks there is a mistake on the second, amended copy. She thinks it should be $6000 instead of $8000. Dick will check with Jeff.

Airport Display – There will be a segment on the 10:00 news and in the paper tomorrow about the display. Bob said the Vann’s name will be reduced. The speakers need to be hooked up and another rack will be added. We will add the print cards to the rack and the brochures.

L&C Montana Experience – We are within $12,000 of making the match. We need to have it by the end of June. There was discussion about starting the selling of the Mission Mountain Wood Band tickets. The GOTM are going up. Construction is going well.

Two Camps – Mike is working with Montana Signworks on the plaque; it will be about $850. Bob suggested a place in Lewistown that also might bid. There was a motion by Sharon, seconded by Barb, to approve up to $1000 for a bronze plaque. Motion passed. The dedication will be July 20.

Morgan Prints – We need to put cards in the airport display racks. We sold a framed print to Morrison-Maierle. We only have 2 framed prints uncommitted at this time (one in the FS Supervisor’s office). Rita suggested we needed to get some more framed. Bob said the Missoula framer went out of business. Angie Veroulis and Tom Leonard were suggested as options. The price will depend on how much someone charges us. There was a motion by Bob, seconded by Sharon, to frame 5 more pictures. Motion passed.

State Commission Meeting – There was discussion of the maintenance of signage. The State Commission is coming up with a proposal to maintain the signage by reserving some money from the license plates. Amy suggested the Historical Society might be the appropriate organization to oversee the efforts. The O&P grants may now also be used for speakers. The State Commission is developing a transition plan for shutting down. Dick discussed pending legislation – HB 417 (1 million for the 2 signature events) and HB 164 to Historical Society for grants. It tied in subcommittee and was amended to go to the Historical Society, Travelers Rest and the signature events.

Commission Membership – We have 1 commission slot to fill. Connie (Carol) Mason and Linda Howard were suggested. Dick will contact them to determine interest. Mike will try to contact Joe Anderson tomorrow. Dal Sessions will replace Barbara Fifer for the Chapter. Rita passed around a membership list for people to update. She will have a new list in March.

Nominating Committee – Marv and Mark reported that that they would like the same slate of officers to continue. There was a motion by Mary Lou, seconded by Bob, to retain the current officers. Motion passed.

Other business - Dal said he would be happy to do grunt work for the Commission; he is free in the afternoons. Mike said he would like to talk again about the time capsule. He suggested the GN as a site and he suggested we should dedicate it at our disbanding. Dal will work on the suggestion.

Meeting adjourned.  



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