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Lewis & Clark Trail Bicentennial Commission of L&C County
Meeting Minutes
February 20, 2002

Members in attendance were Jack Taylor, Bob Henkel, Clete Daily, Dick Alberts, Brad Hurd, Mike Griffith, Ann Tedesco, Dana Walker, Amy Teegarden and Rita Blouke. Guests present were Sara Scott of the USFS and Erin Harris with the HHS X-CEL program.

Amy called the meeting to order. Introductions were made. Amy welcomed our new Chamber of Commerce representatives Brad and Dana.

There was a presentation by Sara Scott about the Historic Preservation Plan for the L&C Trail that is found within the Forest Service lands. The Forest Service has completed an inventory of the Trail and has developed a plan for its protection. The plan will be used to help with management decisions. Dick has a copy of the plan.

Erin reported on the X-CEL class plans for the John Toomer presentations at HHS on February 27. Amy will do the introduction. There are also committees working on the time capsule plans and on the county seal. They will bring drafts to the next meeting.

Mike asked about the history of Devil's Elbow and where the name came from. If anyone knows or has information, contact Mike.

There was a motion by Jack, seconded by Mike that we accept the slate of officers for 2002 that was presented by the Nominating Committee at the January meeting and that we cast a unanimous ballot. Motion passed. The slate of new officers is Dick Alberts, president; Ann Tedesco, vice president; Rita Blouke, secretary; and Clete Daily, treasurer. Dick thanked Amy for her great leadership this last year.

There was a motion by Clete, seconded by Ann, to adopt the minutes of the January meeting as presented.

Clete reviewed the treasurer's reports. He said that the disk Carol had given him had all the information he needed and he just reorganized it to project and year. There was a motion by Jack, seconded by Bob, to accept the report as presented. Motion passed. Bob asked about the Quick Book's capacity for inventory. Clete said it could be set to track the print inventory.

Rita reviewed the correspondence. We received a letter from the insurance company. We have to decide what level of coverage we want and we need to get straight what kind of insurance we want. Amy, Clete and Dick left the state meeting before insurance was discussed. Rita will contact Rita C. and ask about what was decided. We received a letter from the state commission about our grants and some stipulations they wanted. We received the Chapter newsletter. We received a notice about the national program merchandising program. Rita will send out the new template for letters that has the new address: P.O. Box 4488, 59604. We received an artist announcement from the Interpretive Center. Dana asked about the total for grants we had submitted. Our pathetic memories could not come up with a total. (I will attach the sheet on grants that I made for Dick.) Clete asked about the FS/NEA grant due March 8. Amy said she didn't have time to complete it; Rita said she is still tired. Ann volunteered to give it a try. Amy gave her the guidelines.

Rita passed out new copies of the Commission member's contact information. There were several additions or corrections. (I will attach an amended data sheet.)

Dick reported for Louise and the Encampment Committee. Clete reported that he could not get any help for the canoe races, so he will just take it and make it a fun event rather than a professional prized event. Amy suggested he contact the Coast Guard Auxiliary at Yacht Basin for help.

Mike reported for the Legacy Committee that he had asked for a County Park Board letter about the $20,000 committed to Devil's Elbow. We still have not received one. Amy gave Brad the notes from the last meeting. There is some concern about the money being in one account before construction begins. Mike will go to Helena Sand and Gravel and talk with them about the parking area and the access area. Clete and Mike had talked about Gil's suggestion for a legacy for the tricentennial commission. There was discussion about using the painting as the endowment. The Legacy Committee will continue to look into the issue. There was also discussion of each member keeping a diary of what was happening in our lives during this time. Bob talked to Bob Morgan; several people interested in L&C art have approached him. Dana also thought he might have people to approach. After discussion, the consensus of the group was to maintain the price of the painting at $7,500 and to not be in any great hurry to sell it.

Dick took a shrink-wrapped copy of the print to GF to the Interpretive Center. They will decide in the spring whether to carry the print for 50%. The Helena Forest Foundation would also like to sell prints. There was discussion of the %. The decision was that it should be $40%.

There will be a Great Northern Committee meeting next Wednesday, Feb. 27.

Amy, Clete, and Dick reported on the State Commission Meeting. They probably are not going to be a source for large sums of money for projects. There was discussion of the congressional L&C Caucus and what they were doing. They also had discussed the Army relay race scheduled for Montana, June 11-29, 2004. We probably will be asked to help. The Boy Scouts are planning a trek across Montana in June 2003 with a focus on Indian involvement.

Bob reported that the City Council wants a report on the Commission's activities. (Rita will give Bob information.) Dana will also take it to the Chamber for their information.

Bob asked what was being done about signage. He reminded the Commission that we had been told to talk with the County Park Board about funding for signage. There was discussion of the Park Board funding source and its set-aside for the Missouri River area. There was discussion about signage projects and who is working on them. Ann is looking into them. Mike will talk with the Missouri/Madison River Fund about possible access site funding for signage.

There was discussion of the need to hold another seminar to assess our progress and to update our long-range plan. We are now at the halfway point; we need to refocus and make sure we are heading in the right direction. The Commission felt we could do it internally.

Jack will be attending the National Bicentennial Kick-Off at Monticello. Congratulations Jack!!!

The next Chapter meeting program will be the 25th on the Angler's Guide to the L&C Trail.

Meeting adjourned. The next meeting will be March 27.  







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