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Lewis & Clark Trail Bicentennial Commission of L&C County
Meeting Minutes
February 21, 2006

Attendance: Members – Dal Sessions, Don Smith Lillian Hegstad, Sharon Haugen, Marvin Holtz, Jack Taylor, Mike Griffith, Dick Alberts and Rita Blouke. A quorum was present.

The president called the meeting to order. On a motion by Sharon, seconded by Don, the minutes of the January and November meetings were approved as printed. Correspondence and treasurer’s report were delayed.

GN - Dick reported on the icon meeting with Alan Nicholson. There were 3 recommendations made to Cindy Thorsen: 1. Align the state of Montana outline with the wording on the circle. 2. Remove the large "N" and the mountain relief; if possible make the trail map different than the state outline for contrast purposes. 3. Make the mounting provisions on the back per the architect drawings. After much discussion, the commission suggested changing the wording and font around the map, take out the mountains, change the trail map to dashes or etching or not polish the map surface, move the “THE” to front of “Montana Experience”. Dick will talk with Cindy. Rita read an email from Amy about the FS agreement modification to add $5000 to the GN project. Amy also completed the Challenge Cost Share Grant application for $15,000 for the Plaza Map.

Correspondence – 1. Dick received a letter from the Jerry Metcalf Foundation asking if we want to apply for a grant. It was the consensus of the group to apply for additional money for the Plaza Map. Dick and Rita will work on it. 2. A letter and check for $1000 from the State for the 2006 O&P grant.

Treasurer’s Report – Mike distributed copies of the balance sheet and restricted funds as of today. There is a balance of $11075.42 with $9640 restricted. The check to HHS-XCEL has been written. Mike received a request from Sara for a check for $50.00 for the Montana Committee for the Humanities Speakers Bureau. We need a budget, a written commitment of money, and approved list of speakers before action is taken. There was a motion by Dal, seconded by Lillian to accept the treasurer’s report. Rita reported on the inventory of prints. We have 12 that are damaged so much they have to be replaced, one shrink wrapped, 7 that are good, and 39 in various stages of acceptable. After discussion, there was a motion by Mike, seconded by Marv, to appoint Dal and a committee to take over the project and report at the next meeting with recommendations to move forward. Motion passed. (A committee of Jack, Don, Dal and Rita will meet March 6, 1:00, at Rita’s house.)

Lincoln Corps II – Dick asked Mike if he would be willing to serve as the co-chair/liaison for the Lincoln Corps II event. After some concern by Mike about conflict of interest and much discussion, Mike accepted. Mike said he is impressed with the dedication and enthusiasm of the Lincoln community. Don and Dick will help with logistics.

Morgan Prints – No other information.

Grant Activity – We still have not heard from the Washington Corporation or Northwestern.

State Meeting – Dick attended. He flew with Clint and Rita C. The state office will close as of December 31, 2006. An Executive Committee of the State Commission will tend to any business through December 2007. A graduate student will write a final report for the state legislature. (There was discussion of how we officially end our work. Mike said that it would be nice for us to complete an informal report for the County Commissioners and perhaps have a social where we invite all past members and associates; but we have no sunset clause and no county status requiring an official final report. We will assess what we have left to do after the Lincoln event.) There was discussion about maintenance of signage. The Montana Highway Department is still considering it. There is about a $14,000 surplus in the State Commission budget. They have a couple of grants that they may fund. It was suggested that additional money be given to the 2006 Corps II sites in the state but that was not approved. There was discussion of a Tribal grant for $7,500 that was not closed out. They are expecting Corps II money. There was discussion of what to do about it. There are projects for school essays and a youth encampment in North Dakota. The National Guard will provide security and help set up at the Corps II sites. There will be a 4 day event in Cut Bank with the Blackfoot Tribe. There was discussion of the Senate art project and the funding. There will be one more state meeting before the signature event at Pompey’s Pillar. Dick said there are some wonderful pictures available of the Trail between Crimson Bluffs and Dillon. Jack will check on them.

Other business – Jack will be teaching an Elderhostel during Lincoln and will not be available. The GOTM Chapter will sponsor a L&C Pass hike on June 25th. A couple of days later the Lincoln group will sponsor another one in conjunction with Corps II.

Meeting adjourned. The next meeting will be March 21.  



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