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Lewis & Clark Trail Bicentennial Commission of L&C County
Meeting Minutes
February 25, 2004

Attendance: Members – Bob Henkel, Jack Taylor, Marvin Holtz, Terry Peck, Ann Tedesco, Mike Griffith, Lillian Hegstad, Sharon Haugen, Louise Fisher, Dick Alberts and Rita Blouke; Associate Member - Amy Teegarden; Guests - Joe Yuricic, Barbara Fifer, Karyn Cheatham and Cheryl Hutchinson. Gil Alexander was excused.

President Alberts called the meeting to order; introductions were made. The Commission began by remembering the many contributions of charter Commissioner Clete Daily and recommended placing a plaque in his memory at the Devil’s Elbow site.

On a motion by Sharon, seconded by Terry, the minutes of the January meeting were approved as printed. The in-kind document was passed around.

The treasurer’s report was presented by Sharon. We have $3263.34 in checking and $15,812.26 in savings. There was a motion by Bob, seconded by Ann, to accept the report as presented. Motion passed.

Correspondence: 1. Letter from State Commission regarding a Corps II programming workshop in Billings, April 7, 2004. (Amy will also attend.) 2. Letter and agreements from the State Commission awarding $2000 for the 2004 O&P grant. 3. Letters from the State Commission for Dick and for Rita saying we had not received funding for the Corps II and signage grants. (Dick and Cheryl reviewed the funded grants and the rankings of our applications.) 4. The Montana Corporation Annual Report form for the Secretary of State’s office. (Rita and Terry will complete after this meeting and submit.) 5. An email from Ed Noonan about the Myrna Loy Echoes of Discovery project. 6. An email from Margie Peterson volunteering to help on Commission projects.

Karyn Follis Cheatham is available for presentations about the early lifestyles of the Northern Plains Indians and the growth of the Horse Culture. Louise also is available for lectures and presentations including how food was prepared and preserved by Indian people, basic essentials of everyday care, Indian customs, living with the land, and Indian arts. They can be reached at: Karyn – 406-458-0131 and Louise – 406-475-3259. They will also be at the June 17-18 presentations workshop in Livingston.

Brochure Committee – The brochure committee has set a May 1 date to go to printer. They are aiming to print 40,000. Ann will write a grant for Gold West Country and Cheryl will write a grant for Russell Country; they will total $5000.

Corps II - The Corps II advance group met February 12 at the Fairgrounds and examined the facilities. We will need to supply bonded security for the footprint for all off hours. The program requirements for Corps II are undergoing revision. Mike suggested that we look at a reenactment of Lewis’ journey through the Upper Blackfoot Valley to the top of L&C Pass for 2006. Amy met with the Lincoln Chamber and they are beginning to organize.

GN Center – It looks as if the TIF grant will be reduced about 6%. Amy submitted the NEH grant for $200,000 which would cover 1 diorama, the sculptures and artwork, and a plaque in memory of Stephen Ambrose. The applicants will be notified in September.

Devil’s Elbow – The DE signage committee will meet after the Commission meeting to review the drafts from the Hannas. It was clarified that there was no conflict with Louise’s contract for artwork with the Hannas, but Louise should refrain from voting on the Hanna’s contract with the Commission.

Print Sales – We sold 1 framed print to Morrison- Maierle.

2005 Forest Service Event – The Forest Foundation is working with the GOTM Boat Club, the GOTM Foundation and the Myrna Loy to put together a 1 day musical event, currently set for July 16, 2005. Cheryl is concerned about the date conflicting with events scheduled for Tower Rock. Amy felt they could be complementary, not competitive, events that would offer the public many activities on that weekend. Bob said there was discussion of a summer concert also being on that day. There was discussion of the need to coordinate activities.

Airport Display – The airport display committee has arranged to have the Morgan Field’s Gulch painting anchor the display in the new baggage area. The FS will provide the video and the video machinery. Montana Signworks is working on a cost estimate. Hopefully, Lee Papers will sponsor the costs.

State Commission Meeting – Dick, Marv, and Cheryl attended the State meetings in GF on February 9-10. The TV and radio stations have public service announcements that we need to make sure get played. The State office is developing a regional area events sheet so they will know what events are taking place in each region. There is an interpretive sign marker available for road side. There was an interpretive sign workshop February 19. Keep Travel Montana informed about events for their Events Calendar. GF has a preliminary schedule for the Signature Event. The L&C Honor Guard has a manual available. The Travel Planner Gold West Country map needs improvement. (Ann will contact them.) The State Commission has posters available. They are depending on us to distribute them.

BOR Signage – Ann and Dick have communicated with Paul Buckland, BOR. He has money for signage around Canyon Ferry but does not have time. He would like for an entity to take over the job. He would like to do it with a MOA and no restrictions. There were questions about how the bills would get paid, how many signs and how many sites, and how much money was available. There was also concern about including Crimson Bluffs. There was a motion by Sharon, seconded by Ann, to pursue the signage project and to include administrative compensation for the work of the Commission. The Commission felt we should identify our manpower, the risks, specifically what is wanted, and the resources available. Crimson Bluffs was going to discuss it last night. Ann will contact Crimson Bluffs and find out how much money is available. Motion passed.

Summer Symphony – Bob reported that the plan is to raise $50-75,000 for a Helena Symphony in August of this year and maybe carry that money over to next year. He asked what resources we could bring to the event. Dick said we probably could not pay for the funding of the event but it could be a complementary activity to the L&C package of events.

Highway 200 signage – Mike wants us to work with the Highway Department on signage for Roger’s Pass. Dick said it is in the signage plan.

Chamber of Commerce - Dick met with the CofC board last week. They asked to be kept informed and were supportive of activities.

Nominating Committee Report – The nominating committee recommendation is that current members be maintained except for Clete Daily and Ann Tedesco and that Joe Yuricic, Barbara Fifer and Mandy Alvino be asked to join the Commission. Sharon moved, Bob seconded, the recommendation of the nominating committee be accepted and the secretary cast a unanimous ballot for the slate. Motion passed. The Commission thanks Ann for all her hard work and long hours on behalf of the Commission. She will be missed!!!!!!! Ann leaves the end of March.

The nominating committee also recommended the following slate of officers: Pres. – Dick Alberts; Vice Pres. – Mark Peck; Sec. – Rita Blouke; Treas. – Mike Griffith. There was discussion of whether the Pecks could share the VP chair. Terry felt she would rather not take an officer position. The president called three times for nominations from the floor. Being none, Sharon moved to accept the slate and for the secretary to cast a unanimous ballot. Seconded by Louise, Motion passed. Joe and Barbara accepted a Commission seat. We need to officially ask Mandy. If she accepts, we will have all Commission slots filled. Rita distributed Bylaws to the new members. Dick will send them a copy of the presentation he gives to groups.

The Chapter will have a presenter April 19, at the CofC building about the Expedition in the far western area.

The next meeting will be March 25. We will set meetings for the fourth Wednesday. Dick will be out of town during the month of March. Meeting adjourned.  



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