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Lewis & Clark Trail Bicentennial Commission of L&C County
Meeting Minutes
March 16, 2005

Attendance: Members – Sharon Haugen, Lillian Hegstad, Mike Griffith, Marvin Holtz, Jack Taylor, Mary Lou Garrett, Mark Peck and Rita Blouke; Associate Member – Amy Teegarden. Mandy Alvino and Dick Alberts were excused. A quorum was present.

The meeting was called to order by Vice-President Mark Peck. On a motion by Sharon, seconded by Lillian, the minutes of the February meeting were approved as printed. Rita passed around the in-kind document.

Membership – Rita read a letter of resignation from Joe Yurcic. Rita sent Ted Reichart an email about whether he or someone else from the military might be interested. She has not heard back. Mike talked with Joe Anderson and he recommended Linda Howard. Rita has contacted Linda about her interest in serving on the commission but has not heard back. She will call. Rita passed around the membership list for updates.

Treasurer’s Report – Mike distributed and reviewed the treasurer’s report as of 3/16. Sharon has a $120 contribution to Corps II that is not deposited; Amy reported that Ed Noonan has a grant contribution of $1000 toward Rob Quist’s performance that will go directly to Rob. There was a check for $100 from D.A. Davidson but no indication of what it is for. Mary Lou will check with Brett tomorrow. (Mike resolved this question; it was a contribution from Nancy Nicholson in response to Dick’s contacts about the GN project. Dick, we need a thank you to her.) There was a motion to approve the treasurer’s report by Marv, seconded by Sharon; motion passed. Mary Lou will submit the bill for mailing for Corps II ASAP.

Correspondence – Mike had two letters from the state office –1. the O&P check and contract and 2. the application for the Corps II grant. 3. Rita C. had given Rita B. a copy of the letter from the NPS about the $25,000 CCS grant for the GN project. As soon as the contract with the Thorsen’s is received, she can cut the check. Sharon will check with Gery Carpenter and Rita will check with Cindy Thorsen. 4. The minutes of the last state meeting are available on their web site. 5. We received a letter from Tom Daubert asking for suggestions for the unveiling ceremony of the Undaunted Stewardship display this spring. 6. We received a request for an interim report for the PPL signage money for Two Camps and the GN. We submitted the report to the state office. 7. We also received an email from Clint about the L&C reception. 8. We had a request from Sara for 3 $50 checks for speakers for Corps II for the Montana Committee from the Humanities. Mike took care of it. 9. The application for the Jerry Metcalf Foundation for the GN was submitted.

Brochure – There was no report on brochure distribution. Amy and Lillian will meet next week. There was discussion about the Corps II inserts. They contain many mistakes including the July 17 river dance project and numerous formatting errors. Amy will talk with Mandy about how to get them reprinted. Mike also thought the Corps II committee had decided to put a map on the back.

Corps II – Amy reported that Sara had completed a draft of the speaker letter including a draft of the contract. She would like a point of contact and an address. Mike will be the contact and we will use the P.O. Box address. Amy also read a message from Sara about the budget for the program - $12,400 to $16,000 for 30 programs, excluding the NPS and Native American speakers. Speaker fee requests are ranging from $150-$3000. Amy thought the Park Service was only paying $250-$500 a day. People on the Corp II subcommittees will not be paid for speaking. The Commission thought $3000 was excessive. It was suggested that Dr. Krainacker be asked. There is high interest being expressed for the Outdoor Expo. The footprint for Corps II is changing and we may need more space. Amy is working with Lamar Advertising on the billboards. We will have 2 locations for April 15-July 15, including production costs, for $3000. Amy will pick the locations. There was a motion by Sharon, seconded by Mary Lou, to accept the sign design and the budget; motion passed. Mary Lou said Corps II will be included in the 101 Things to do in Helena summer newspaper insert, and Amy said it will be included in the Adopt a Species insert. There was discussion of the Executive Committee finalizing the Corps II budget before the next Corps II meeting April 12, in the FS building. The Executive Committee meeting will be Monday, March 28, 2:00 p.m.

GN Center Project – If we receive the Jerry Metcalf Foundation grant that will almost meet the matching amount needed. Dick completed a new estimate of Phase II expenses for the GN project and wants ideas for a strategy to raise the money. We need to come up with about $90,000. Rita has been scanning the internet and trying to think of innovative fundraising without much success. Suggestions are appreciated.

Two Camps - Marilyn Krause, BLM, is in charge of the dedication; the committee will discuss who needs to be included and who needs to contribute what. Marilyn has drafted a dedication organization schedule. It was suggested that an earlier dedication time might be better. There was discussion of how to include Clete’s friends and family. There will be 4-8 members of the Discovery Expedition re-enactors who will participate. A person from the Interpretive Center asked about the design and will be directed to Jeff Downhauer.

Morgan Prints – Rita reported that Tom Leonard had agreed to frame the prints in the same style as DaVinci for $95.00 per print. She delivered 6 prints to him of which he will frame 5. They should be ready in a couple of weeks. We will leave the price on the cards at $200.

Other business – Amy asked about an update about the upper county and Tower Rock interpretive signage. Marv reported that Reaching the Rockies is currently waiting for approval from the Park Service.

There was a motion to adjourn. The next meeting will be April 20.  



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