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Lewis & Clark Trail Bicentennial Commission of L&C County
Meeting Minutes
March 24, 2004

In attendance: Members – Marvin Holtz, Mandy Alvino, Louise Fischer, Lillian Hegstad, Barb Fifer, Joe Yuricic, Sharon Haugen, Mike Griffith, Mark Peck and Rita Blouke; Associate members – Amy Teegarden and Rich Aarstad. Dick Alberts, Jack Taylor, Gil Alexander and Bob Henkel were excused. There was a quorum present.

Vice-President Peck called the meeting to order. Amy introduced Mandy Alvino, a new Commission member representing the local chapter of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

Motion by Sharon, seconded by Louise to approve the February Annual Meeting minutes as printed. Motion passed.

The In-Kind document was passed around.

There was no treasurer’s report. Rita gave Mike a bank statement, signature cards from the bank, and a check from Morrison Maierle for a framed print. Mark, Rita and Mike signed signature cards.

Correspondence: Card about L&C motor coach bus tours; letter from State Commission about the June 17 and 18 Showcase in Livingston; detailed letter from the State Commission about the Showcase; letter from the NPS saying we had been approved for $15,000 for interpretive signage; March Journal Notes from the State Commission; information from Gene about the Scholar in Residence program; information from Gene and the State Commission about the summer institute in Great Falls; information about the Recreational Trails Program; and the award information about Gerard Baker.

Brochure - No report (Hope you are feeling better, Bob.)

Corps II – Mark and Amy distributed drafts of the organizational structure for Corps II planning. Rich Aarstad discussed the involvement of the Historical Society. They will also have speakers at the Historical Society during the Corps II stay. Amy suggested we look at sharing speakers. Amy and Mark will attend the Corps II meeting in Billings, April 7. The committee will meet after the April 7 meeting to bring recommendations to the Commission. There was discussion of a community open house meeting and marketing strategy to get other interested partners and volunteers involved and to fill the structure slots. April 21 was the date chosen with a focused commission meeting set for 5:00 and the working meeting set for a two-hour session beginning at 6:00. Amy, Rita and Barb will work on an E-mail invitation.

GN Center – Amy received confirmation that the NEH grant was received but notification of grant awards will not be until September. Amy met with Alan Nicholson and he is concerned about the cash match. He had suggested we contact Senator Baucus about funding. They also talked about a public campaign. Amy was contacted by Blair Williams who has a PR and grant writing firm. Amy suggested we look into outsourcing the public campaign. There was discussion of how much has been contributed by the owners and what was an appropriate amount of that contribution. There was a motion by Mike, seconded by Marv, to allow Amy to contact Blair, or other people, about conducting a public campaign. After discussion, the motion passed. Rita volunteered to write letters to the congressional delegation to ask them to support our grant to the NEH. There was discussion of other possibilities for congressional funding. Mike volunteered to contact Rick Hill and talk with him about the best way approach the congressional delegation for funding.

DE – Mike will contact Brad to check on the schedule for construction. Sharon asked for a summary of information for the Park Board. Mike will prepare a paragraph for the next PB meeting. Louise shared with the Commission the picture she has completed for the art work. She is doing two more and will look at the rough drafts of the panels at Mike’s. There was discussion about the schedule for completion of the interpretive panels.

Fundraising – The FS bought a framed print and Sharon bought an unframed print. Those checks are not yet received. The Morrison Maierle check came in.

Marv is selling Sacagawea coin necklaces for Reaching the Rockies for $20.00.

Airport Display – Amy said the estimate for the airport display will be $13,390. The FS has agreed to $5000 and Lee Enterprises has committed to $4800. We still need about $3600. Bob is going to contact the Ron Mercer to see if they would be interested in helping. Amy also suggested the car rentals as a source. They would like to have it completed by the end of June.

The next regularly scheduled meeting will be April 28.

Amy showed the redone Corps II video. Meeting adjourned.  



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