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Lewis & Clark Trail Bicentennial Commission of L&C County
Meeting Minutes
March 26, 2003

Members in attendance were Sharon Haugen, Marvin Holtz, Bob Henkel, Clete Daily, Jack Taylor, Ann Tedesco, and Rita Blouke. Associate member was Amy Teegarden. Guests were Paul Fetz and Paul Putz. There was not a quorum present. Members excused were Dick Alberts, Gil Alexander, Louise Fischer and the Pecks.

The meeting was called to order by Vice President Tedesco.

Paul Fetz of the Helena Brewers talked with the Commission about ways to involve the team and fans with the bicentennial celebration. There was discussion of mascots, trivia questions, event appearances, and L&C timeline announcements. Paul will look into other mascot options and the Commission will discuss its interest in involvement. Anyone with ideas should contact Amy.M

Paul Putz, the city/county historic preservation officer, talked about how his office can support the Commissionís efforts. Corps II, fishing access signage, Holter Lake signage, reviewing draft signage for accuracy and input, letters of support, the airport display of L&C, and visible support for Commission activities were discussed. Researching the historical, Indian and modern names for sites was also discussed along with more economic tourism and Chamber support.

Sharon gave the treasurerís report. We have $17,953.53. She also has checks to deposit and bills to pay. We still have the $2000 check to come from the state. Sharonís fax # is 447-8398. Sharon and Clete need to sign the bank cards.

Rita passed around the volunteer time sheet. The minutes of the February meeting were reviewed. Motion by Clete, seconded by Bob, to approve the minutes as printed; those present all voting approval.

Rita reviewed the correspondence: Historical Society art contest, new contact for Corps II and the NPS, the Murdock Trust letter denying the grant, letter from the Forest Service, the Moulton Journals web site address, Preserve America information, FWP outdoor recreation project grants info, animated collage web site address, letter of resignation from Kathy Peck, CTEP training session schedule, Confluence of Cultures information, a request from the Library for a presenter for the Ambrose Reading Room dedication, letter for the NPS that we did not get the Challenge grant, email from Alan Nicholson about the TIF meeting March 27, an agenda for the Foundation national convention in GF, and a letter asking if we want to be listed in the book for Associations. (The Commission decided we were not interested.)

Ann presented information about getting exhibit space at the Foundation national convention in GF. It costs $350 but for only one person and you must man for 3 days. No Montana commissions have taken a space. She has not reserved a space. We need to supply them with 450 brochures. Clete and Mike will get them to GF by April 10.

The next chapter presentation will be in coordination with the Historical Society Ė The fiddler who portrays Pierre Cruzatte. It will be April 15.

Amy will provide information about the summer open house at the May meeting.

Clete talked with the brochure distributor and sent in a proposal for a restricted distribution. He is waiting for information back.

We are still in the running for the TIF funding. We need to get out support for the meeting tomorrow.

The RFPs for Devilís Elbow signage are due April 1. Amy will pull together a review committee for April 8 at 1:00 at the Forest Service building.

Rita will send out the FWP grant e-mail to the entire Commission to see if we have a project that would be eligible.

Bob talked with Holly Luck about the GOTM road. She needs a synopsis of what repairs need to be made, what studies have taken place, approximate costs, and the involvement of the boat club. Dave Anderson will complete and send in. Amy suggested Eric Griffin also needs to be involved. Ann will look into what is happening with Burnsí office.

The next meeting will be April 23. Meeting adjourned.  



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