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Lewis & Clark Trail Bicentennial Commission of L&C County
Meeting Minutes
April 20, 2005

Attendance: Members – Mike Griffith, Bob Henkel, Mary Lou Garrett, Lillian Hegstad, Jack Taylor, Dal Sessions, Dick Alberts and Rita Blouke; Associate Member – Amy Teegarden. Sharon Haugen was excused.

President Alberts called the meeting to order; a quorum was present. The Commission used the meeting as an opportunity to place The Gathering insert in the brochures. The minutes will reflect the interruptions to the secretary’s attentiveness.

The commission expressed it deep concern for Clint Blackwood and wants to express our best wishes for a complete recovery.

A motion to approve the March minutes was made by Mary Lou, seconded by Jack; motion passed.

Membership – We still have two commission vacancies.

The In-Kind document was passed around.

Treasurer’s Report - Mike distributed copies of the balance sheet and restricted/unrestricted funds accounts. We have a balance of $3,968.61 in checking and $14,005.18 in savings as of 4/20/05. (It is noted that the Myrna Loy contributed $1500 directly to Rob Quist instead of $1000 as reported in the March minutes.) We need a copy of the contract with Rob for a breakdown of responsibilities and payments. There will be a meeting Wednesday, April 27, 1:00, of the Corps II executive committee in the FS office to finalize the Corps II budget. Mike thought there should be a marketing plan for the prints during Corps II. We need to try to sell as many as possible this summer. Mike and Bob reviewed the bill for $645 from Montana Sign Works. Bob will contact them to clarify. Amy asked about the $5000 FS grant for the GN curriculum. HHS now has some expenses that need to be processed. Mike opened the Corps II account and deposited several checks. Mike also received a new DUNS number for the FS grant. Dick gave Mike a check for $760 from the GN Town Center Association for the additional rocks that were ordered along with the River Walk contracted rocks. These were for the GOTM and the Great Falls dioramas that are not covered in the contract. There was a motion by Jack, seconded by Bob, to accept the treasurer’s report; motion passed.

Brochures – Dick reported that he and Rita were meeting with Kathy Brown on Monday, to discuss concerns she expressed about the brochures. They will bring back to the commission any concerns and comments. Amy distributed the brochure distribution plan. She suggests we distribute 24,000 this year and save 10,000 for next year. Blue Cross will print more inserts if we need them. Lillian suggested we add AAA to the Helena area list. There was discussion of the distribution options and the number of brochures needed for Certified Folder and for local commission distribution efforts. There was a motion by Lillian, seconded by Mike to contract only for the Great Falls – Helena route with Certified Folder. Motion passed. There was discussion of where to take the money from; the decision was to use unrestricted funds or O&P money if appropriate. Amy will correct the distribution plan and send to Rita. There was discussion of options for the rest of the inserts. The Senior Center and Helena Industries were suggested.

Corps II – Mary Lou reported that Mike was looking into insurance for Corps II events. She said the big hang-up at this point was clarity with Mission Mountain. Mary Lou got information about ticket printing. Amy is meeting with the radio stations about ads. Don Smith will be going to ND to check out the logistics needed. There was discussion of helping cover his costs. There was a motion by Mike, seconded by Dal, to reimburse Don Smith for gas and motel expenses for the Helena to Williston, ND trip. He will be reimbursed on presentation of the receipts. Motion passed. Mary Lou will contact Rob Quist to resolve the issues with the Mission Mountain Band and Dick will contact Lewis and Clark Brewery to resolve the issue of an exclusive beer concession at Corps II. The Exchange Club will handle the rest of the concessions. There was discussion of t-shirts and other items to sell. Dal is working on getting two cars for presenter transportation during Corps II. He is working with Helena Motors. Mike, Jack and Dick will meet with Sara to decide about the speakers. Amy will see if Sara is available next Wednesday. Dick and Mary Lou will develop a simple contract to use for presenters. The budget is still not complete but they will work on it Wednesday.

GN Center – The committee met last week to discuss funding needs to finish phase II and then how much is needed to complete the project with phase III. We need about $54000 for phase II. Dick is looking at the TIIP grant again and the NEA grant Amy found. He also has a call into the Washington Corporation. Amy asked about the interpretive signs. Dick and Jack said they are waiting for the final drafts from John Hannah. The HHS students want to see them for ideas for the curriculum. Dick explained the misunderstanding with the NPS about the use of the $25,000.

Two Camps – The interpretive signs are back up. The highway signs are also up. Dick and Mike met with Brad Rixford to go over projects that need to be completed before the dedication on July 20.

Morgan Prints – Tom Leonard will frame prints the same for $95. We ordered 5. There was discussion of the need for a stockpile for Corps II of framed and Styrofoam mounted prints. We will discuss at the May meeting.

Commission Financial Commitments - Dick is trying to develop a budget for the commission and needs solid numbers. Right now he is trying to solidify numbers for GN, Corps II, signage, and Lincoln. If there are other projects that need to be included, contact Dick.

Dick will attend the June state commission meeting in GF on June 2 and 3.

Meeting adjourned. The next meeting will be May 18. Mike and Mary Lou, have great trips.  



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