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Lewis & Clark Trail Bicentennial Commission of L&C County
Meeting Minutes
April 23, 2003

In attendance were commission members Clete Daily, Mark and Terry Peck, Sharon Haugen, Marvin Holtz, Mike Griffith, Gil Alexander, Jack Taylor, Bob Henkel, Ann Tedesco, Dick Alberts, and Rita Blouke; associate member Amy Teegarden; and guest Terry Beaver.

The president called the meeting to order and introduced Terry Beaver, who had visited with Clete and Mike at the Great Falls guide training session, and who had expressed interest in commission activities.

The minutes of the March meeting were approved as printed.

Sharon presented the treasurerís report. We have a balance of $16,593.53 with all bills paid. Jim Frisbee either owes us $200 or needs to return 1 framed print. There was discussion about changing to Mountain West. The following were discussed: convenience, cooperation with selling of prints, option of 7 day CDs, adding a savings account, interest rate differences, and customer courtesy. There was a motion by Ann, seconded by Sharon, to move the account to Mountain West. Motion passed. There was a motion by Marvin, seconded by Sharon, to have the 4 officers be signatories. Motion passed. Sharon will open a checking and savings account and put a minimal amount in checking so we can gather some interest on savings. She will report to the May meeting about fiscally responsible options. Ann asked if there was a way to identify reserved and available funds with the new treasurerís set up. Sharon said she would try. After further discussion, there was a motion by Gil, seconded by Mark, to accept the treasurerís report. Motion passed.

Rita reported correspondence: 1). Rita C. needs 200 brochures, 2.) announcement of the L&C show on the History Channel Monday, April 28, 3.) many emails about the GN, 4.) Native Waters list serve announcement, 5.) information about the July/August Montana Magazine, 6.) Montana Archaeological Society Week information, 7.) Lewis and Clark Institute brochure, 8.) Lewis and Clark Festival brochure. Dick received the $2000 for the 2003 O&P grant.

Clete still has brochures but has signed the distribution contract. It is for June and only the GF route. We need to send 8000 brochures. We need to deliver some to the Tour Train and Gates of the Mountains Chapter. Ann will check with the Chamber. Marvin said the Rockies Chapter would like to work with us on the next printing to include their significant sites, and Amy suggested we also include upcoming events.

Dick wrote a letter to the City Commissioners and developed an implementation schedule for the GN project. We are #3 on the TIF grant priorities. The City Commission needs to write the ordinance and hold the public hearing and then we should be ready to receive money. Sharon will talk with Gary Carpenter and see what needs to be done next and how the money exchange will take place. There is a meeting for May 6, 9:30, in Alanís meeting room, to fine tune the planning. Gil will call Murdock and talk with them about whether it is worth our while to resubmit. Amy said we need to put more money into interpretive design. Ann said we need to get the letter of agreement finalized by the City Attorney. Sharon will include that discussion with Gary.

Amy suggested we resubmit the TIP grant and focus on the interpretive strategies and planning. Gil will call Murdock and see if they would be interested in the educational component of Great Northern. Clete asked if the Childrenís Museum could help with the educational component. Amy suggested now is the time for the local involvement Ė buy a plant, buy a bench - and we should add it to the BN planning chart. Clete said the YMCA wanted to be involved. Gil reported that he had talked with the National Geographic people and they have special grants that we should look into. Washington Corp. involvement was discussed.

Jack and Clete visited the Devilís Elbow site. Clete talked with Brad. He has another set of drawings. We will ask Brad to come to the May meeting before we sign the RFP contracts.

We received two interpretive signage RFP responses. Amy provided a comparison sheet of the two proposals and provided copies of their summaries and work. Amy thought we would be pleased with either designer. They are very close in amount and both would be able to meet the timeline. After lengthy discussion, there was a motion by Gil, seconded by Sharon, to contract with Dahn Design and include travel. Discussion. Motion failed. Discussion. There was a motion by Jack, seconded by Gil to contract with Inside/Outside. Motion passed. We will ask BLM to be at the planning meetings. We will need to be active in content, review, and quality control and be very specific with the contract language.

We havenít heard much from the national convention. Mike said there had been articles in the Tribune.

Dick did a presentation at the Ambrose reading room dedication.

Amy presented the proposal for the summer open house July 19. Bob suggested we cosponsor with the Independent Record and hold the open house at the printing facility. He will talk to Brad April 24 and give him a copy of the proposal. There was discussion of entertainment being available. Ann will look into the fiddlers. Gil, Ann, Terry P. and Rita offered to help. We will ask for help from the paper and the Chamber of Commerce.

Ann talked about the Gates of the Mountains Chapter events. They had over 150 people at the April program. May 19 will be the next meeting. It will be exhibits of projects and information.

Ann brought samples of vests, shirts, hats and t-shirts and brands that we could look at for a ďuniformĒ for the commission. Gil will look for a catalogue. There was much discussion and no decision. Denim shirts and nametags were also suggested. Ann will look into nametags.

The Brewers have already purchased the mascot uniforms for Lewis the Lion and Clark the Cougar and are looking for a sponsor. The commission did not express interest.

Dick is meeting with Ron Mercer from the airport about signage and Dr. Trebon from Carroll College for his ideas. He will talk with him about the educational component for Great Northern.

Gil suggested that we put GPS readings on all signage. Clete suggested we add it to the brochure when we next update.

There was discussion of the Devilís Elbow project. Mike volunteered to serve as the liaison to BLM for the project.

Jack will be in Alaska for the May 28 meeting. Meeting adjourned.




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