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Lewis & Clark Trail Bicentennial Commission of L&C County
Meeting Minutes
April 24, 2002

Members in attendance were Rich Aarstad, Clete Daily, Mike Griffith, Amy Teegarden, Jack Taylor, Dana Walker, Louise Fischer, Ann Tedesco and Rita Blouke.

Before a quorum was established, Amy shared with members handouts from agencies also working on L&C projects Ė Native Plant Society placemats, a wild birds brochure, and draft signage for the Blackfoot Corridor project.

Vice President Tedesco called the meeting to order. Rita reviewed the March minutes and amended them to insert, ďAnn is meeting with Paul Buckland, Bureau of Reclamation, about BORís plans for L&C signage on the Canyon Ferry Lake fishing/camping access sites and at the Canyon Ferry Visitor Center kiosk.Ē Motion by Amy, seconded by Dana, to approve the minutes as amended. Motion passed.

Clete presented the treasurerís report. We have a balance of $28,122.47. We have received the NEA and state grant checks. There was discussion of the format related to identifying unrestricted funds. Motion by Jack, seconded by Mike, to accept the treasurerís report. Motion passed. There was discussion of the dollar value of matching volunteer hours. Rita will draft a list of recommended amounts.

There was a motion by Jack, seconded by Amy, to pay $8,000 of the NEA grant money to the Great Northern project. The remainder of the grant ($2000) will revert to the Commission as donated payment for consultant time by Jack, Clete, Dick and Gil with the project. After discussion of whether we have received documentation conferring public access to the walk and art objects, it was decided that Amy will include a note with the check asking for the documentation.

Rita read Dickís e-mail about the cost of the brochures - $2583 for 12,000 (.21 each), $2898 for 15,000 (.19 each) and $3518 for 20,000 (.17 each). The members discussed how to pay for the brochures and distribution. Dana volunteered to check into printing at BCBS. Dana also reported that Brad was working with a committee of City of Helena merchants who might be willing to underwrite some of the costs. Amy said the FS has earmarked $2000 for Commission activities and that would be available for the brochures.

Rita reported correspondence. We received a poster and information about Montana Archaeology Week, a brochure of river trips along the Columbia and Snake rivers, the GOTM Chapter newsletter, a call from the Rexburg CofC requesting brochures, a letter saying we had not received the SEP grant for the Encampment, a call about a radio interview discussing Commission activities, the March Directorís Report, many e-mails about Encampment activities, and a letter from Rich about MHS activities.

Louise reported on Encampment planning progress. May 4 there will be Traditional Indian Games activities at Carroll College which may raise some money for the Encampment. Louise is working with the budget to try to use some of the $1500 from the Holter to pay dancers. There was discussion of funding, food vending, and whether we could supply buffalo for public access. Louise is also applying for Montana Committee for the Humanities funding. Mike suggested that we need good signage to direct traffic to the Devilís Elbow area. There was discussion of whether plans were being considered to make the event more public friendly and to resolve the scheduling issues.

Amy reported the X-CEL had put together several drafts for the county seal. She also passed around sample brochures they had put together about various Indian tribes encountered by L&C. Next yearís class will work on the signage project. Mike asked about the time frame for dedicating the time capsule. The time capsule will include information on how the bicentennial was commemorated in this area. Amy also reported that we have verbal confirmation of $10,000 from the NPS for the Vista House project.

The State Commission has donated a L&C license plate (will still need to pay the $30) to the Commission to use for fundraising or for publicity. We have #11 out of 22 reserved. The Commission decided to think about it and discuss it at a later meeting.

Dick has not checked with the State office about clarification of the D&O and event insurance. Ann sent a letter asking for quotes from another carrier. Dana will also check. The insurance needs to cover D&O, events, and the painting.

Clete reported that Dick contacted the fairgrounds and Lincoln about a site for Corps II. Jack said the Headwaters Chapter was not pursuing a site. Clete will discuss it at the next Chamber meeting. Dana will send Dick an e-mail about getting the application information for the next meeting.

Dana reported that the IR wants to work with the Commission about getting information in the paper. Ann had a call from Christina Quinn seeking information. Ann will contact the appropriate Commission members depending on what information is wanted. Jack suggested publishing a daily spot about what was happening with the Expedition on each day and volunteered to write the spots. Rich said the MHS website has a map that can be tracked by key spots with corresponding Journal entries.

Jack reported that he will be at Monticello, January 18, for a panel presentation about the natural history aspects of the Expedition. It was suggested that this would be perfect for the IR articles.

The retreat has been postponed until late summer or fall.

The next meeting is scheduled for May 22.




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