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Lewis & Clark Trail Bicentennial Commission of L&C County
Meeting Minutes
May 2, 2003

Members in attendance were Mike Griffith, Mark and Terry Peck, Sharon Haugen, Clete Daily, Ann Tedesco, Bob Henkel, Dick Alberts and Rita Blouke: associate member was Amy Teegarden. Guests in attendance were Don Greytak, artist with the Montana Weed Control Association, and Logan Teegarden. Commission members excused were Jack Taylor and Gil Alexander. With Bob’s arrival there was a quorum present.

The president called the meeting to order. Clete introduced Don Greytak from Havre, the artist designing the new weed education placemats. One of the sites chosen for the Lewis and Clark series is the Lewis site near Trout Creek. There was discussion of the accurate way to depict the campsite.

Rita reviewed the April minutes. They were approved as presented. Rita passed around the April/May in-kind form.

Sharon presented the treasurer’s report. We have moved to Mountain West Bank. We have a checking and tiered savings accounts. Dick, Ann, Rita and Sharon are signatorees. There is a balance of $17,308.53 from Valley Bank. The $2000 of O&P went into Mountain West. We should get $200 from Morrison-Maierle for a framed print; we still have not received the framed print from Jim Frisbee.

Correspondence: Dick received a letter from the NPS saying that we need to bill them for the $10,000 by August. There was discussion of whether the state grant also needed to be spent immediately. Sharon will talk with NPS about whether we can apply for an extension or whether it must be spent before we can bill for it. Sharon also expressed concerns from the Park Board. They need a presentation about the project. Mike visited with Bob Hudnall and invited him to the June 2 meeting. Dick also received a letter about the 2003 TIIP grant; Amy will complete the application focusing on the education and interpretive components. Rita received correspondence about the following: a perceived inaccuracy in the “Road To The Buffalo” print information; the agenda for the May 27-28 state commission meeting; the Confluence of Cultures; the 15th annual Lewis and Clark Festival, June 25-29 in GF; the May 19th meeting in GF about signage; grant funds available through the Gold Region of the Community Foundation; our interest in the “Discovering the Rivers of Lewis and Clark” exhibit; the MHS traveling exhibit, “Documenting the Corps of Discovery”; a Smithsonian interactive web site, “Lewis and Clark as Naturalists”; and a 22 minute video, “Lewis & Clark: Montana’s Story”. Rita also talked with Cindy Lewis about Clay Jenkinson coming March 8&9, 2004. Cindy wanted to know if we were interested in a joint public presentation. There was concern that a public educational presentation should be free. Ann felt Carroll College would co-sponsor and would provide free space. Ann will talk with Tom Trebon. There was also discussion of the Walsh Series and whether that would be appropriate. Sharon will check with the Montana Arts Council. Rita will talk with Cindy and let her know we are interested in exploring options. Ann will follow up with the MHS about the rivers exhibit.

POE: The public meeting is scheduled for July 16. It will be held at the Forest Service Building. Ann and Terry will develop a mailing list. Amy will develop an invitation and a press release.

Mike delivered the brochures to GF. There was discussion of reprinting. We will need to edit. Dick will talk with the Print Center about editing. Ann will talk with Dana Walker about whether BCBS would help with the setup. Dick will get quotes on 20, 30, and 40 thousand. Amy thought Gold West Country funded brochures. Ann is going to check with Crimson Bluffs. Amy said GOTM Foundation is putting together a planning committee to see what they want to do for 2005.

Rita distributed brochures from the state office about the signature events and about “Discovering the Legacy of Lewis & Clark”. These are available for distribution.

Legacy: Clete and Dick met with Gery Carpenter about the GN project. The city will hire an architect and is writing the resolution. We can sole source segments of the project if we stay under $25,000. We can bring in an artist to get conceptions and to work with the architect if we also keep it under $25,000. The City Attorney is working on the agreement. Clete will contact Eric Thornson to see if he can come June 2 and meet in the afternoon with John, the interpretive designer.

The Devil’s Elbow meeting with the interpretive designer will be June 2, 10:00, at the BLM office. Brad Rixford and Jeff Downhour will also be there. Mike will contact Brad to see if he can be there at 9:00 to talk about the specifics of the design and construction. Amy suggested we move the time capsule component to the BN rather than DE.

Fundraising: Rita talked to Tom Trebon about buying the picture for the Carroll College art collection. Bob was contacted by the newspaper about having us buy an advertisement for the prints that would be distributed by the motels to tourists. There was a motion by Bob, seconded by Mark, to sponsor the ads for $300. After discussion, motion passed unanimously. Rita will deliver the corrected copy to the paper Thursday.

Dick reported on his meeting with Carroll President Tom Trebon. He is interested in involving the college in bicentennial activities and suggested we look at getting an intern for planning. There was discussion of moving Corps II to the campus. (Mark will chair Corps II. He will check with Clint to see if there has been any additional information.)

Sharon will look into the rural projects Community Foundation grants. Rita will send her the email. There was discussion of whether anyone had reconnected with Murdock. Dick will check.

Ann is working on a signage plan. She will contact Paul Backlund, the facility manager at Canyon Ferry Lake. She also will work with Barbara Fifer about the possibility of getting federal money for touch screen kiosks. Mike suggested we look into the Missouri/Madison River Trust. Sharon is going to a meeting next week and will follow up with them.

Ann reported on the June 19 GOTM Boat Tour and distributed Chapter newsletters.

Rita will attend the State Bicentennial Commission meeting in Missoula, May 27 and 28.

Meeting adjourned. The next meeting is scheduled for June 25.




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