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Lewis & Clark Trail Bicentennial Commission of L&C County
Meeting Minutes
May 18, 2005

Attendance: Members – Mike Griffith, Dal Sessions, Mark Peck, Mary Lou Garrett, Mandy Alvino, Jack Taylor, Bob Henkel, Dick Alberts and Rita Blouke; Associate Member – Amy Teegarden. Excused: Lillian Hegstad and Marv Holtz.

President Dick Alberts called the meeting to order; a quorum was present. The minutes of the April meeting were corrected to read: “Dick gave Mike a check for $1760 from the GN Town Center Association…” There was a motion by Mary Lou, seconded by Mandy, to approve the minutes as corrected. Motion Passed. Don Smith was suggested for one of the membership slots by Mary Lou. Dick will talk with him. The In-Kind document was passed around.

Treasurer’s Report – None, but Mike will prepare a report and send it out. Bob asked about the Montana Sign Works bill and thought it should have gone down about $200. Mike will check.

Correspondence – Dick gave Mike checks from State and the N.F.S among others. Mark asked about a donation for $1000 for the Currents musical presentation. Dick will prepare an invoice. The budget for the F.S. grant for the GN project was revised and a copy was given to Mike to go with the original grant. We received a letter from the Office of the Secretary of Defense and a certificate of support for the Guard and Reserve. We received and sent several communications about signage.

Brochures – Dick and Rita met with Kathy Brown and Alan Nicholson about the donations for the brochure. Kathy asked for $1000 back because she thought the brochure would focus on the GN project. They want to use the money for advertising this summer. After discussion, there was a motion by Mandy, seconded by Dal, to authorize the treasurer to write a check to the GN Town Center Owners Association for a $1000 reimbursement. Motion passed by a vote of 6-2 with 1 abstention. Amy sent out a revised distribution plan. Certified Folder took 6 boxes. If anyone needs boxes for distribution, call Rita at 442-9135. There was discussion of reprinting the inserts for stuffing in the Governor’s Cup materials and of individual member distributions.

Corps II – Wanda Anderson from the Corps II advance group will be at the Fairgrounds Tuesday at 10:00. She wants to meet with people to check on the planning and permits. Mary Lou reported that the program was tentatively set but still needs approval. Mark and Amy met with Jim Casto, and we will save about $4000 on the MM Band expenses for marketing. Mark, Amy and Mandy met Saturday about the tickets and posters. Ticket sales will start June 1 at the Myrna Loy. There was discussion of ticket design and t-shirt production. Dick will check on the turn-around time for the t-shirts. There was discussion about how many; 1000-1250 was proposed. Mary Lou will talk to Clausen Distributing about bottled water. Amy received 4 large banners and posters from Corps II. We need to figure out how to put the date and location on the posters. Amy, Mary Lou and Mandy volunteered to take them to Alive at Fives. The Chapter is selling pins to raise money and would like to sell them at Corps II. Mandy thinks the marketing materials should be ready next week. Mary Lou will contact BCBS about reprinting the inserts. The schedule for Corps II meetings is June 7, June 21, and July 6 at the Chamber. The Commission will have a home site at the Fairgrounds. Mary Lou will check on who will sell drinks (beer and soda) at the concert – Exchange or Lions – and how the contracts work. There was also discussion about moving money off the Fairground to the bank.

Airport Display – The film is running constantly; the speakers are up now. The film is available for sale. There was discussion of putting a banner up at the airport. Bob will talk to Ron. Dick is delivering print cards to the airport within the week.

County Signage – The signage has been approved. Marks Lumber is donating the posts. We think we will be ready to put up the signs around the first week in June. We need volunteers to help and augers to drill the post holes.

GN Project – The signage has been approved. We need to work on the dedication for June 13.

Two Camps – The planning for the dedication is proceeding. Montana Granite is working on the circle for the rose compass. BLM is doing some work at the site.

Morgan Prints – Bob suggested we need to have 10 prints for Corps II. There was a motion by Mike, seconded by Bob, to frame 3 more prints and to shrink wrap 10 and to have 10 framed for Corps II. Motion passed.

Grants – We are working on two grants for the GN - an NEA grant (We have asked Mosaic to look at the plaza map to include traditional Indian lands, the reservations, and Indian cultural opportunities in the state. It is due June 1.) and the TIIP grant (due in August). Mary Lou was sent an application for the Lewis & Clark Community Foundation grant. Rita will look at for speakers for Corps II in Lincoln (due July 1).

Commission Financial Commitments – Dick passed out a summary of the Commission’s financial obligations as of 5/15/2005 and potential income and expenses for the Commission through 2006. There was discussion of our GN responsibility through Phase II and what our commitments were to Phase III. We have commitments for the county signage and to Lincoln for 2006 for Corps II. If there is additional money, are we willing to commit it to the GN? The Commission reaffirmed their commitment to the GN project. Rita felt after Phase II we should make commitments to individual project components for Phase III and complete them one at a time – ex. the Plaza Map, Pompey’s Pillar, Capsize Point, etc. Jack felt we were not ready to make firm financial commitments until August so we can see how Corps II comes out. Mark reminded the Commission that the original goal of the concert was to break even for Corps II, and paying Corps II bills is the first commitment for that money. Mike expressed reservations about committing the Commission's resources to any aspect of the Great Northern area until all of our already committed projects (ie Corps II, including Lincoln) have been fully closed out, with all debts retired and the GNCTOA has provided a hard (cash) contribution with no promise of reimbursement, in addition to the soft (land) donation. Only then, and if the Commission can demonstrate it is indeed left with a surplus cash balance, should we proceed with discussion of providing further funds to the GN project(s). There was discussion of whether the $11,560 that has been put into Phase III is our responsibility. The Commission felt it is not our responsibility to repay for work undertaken independently. The Commission also felt that when we move into Phase III, the Commission should not be obligated to pay for work in Phase III that is already there. But they agreed that excess funds (contingent on there being excess funds) from the summer activities will be put into new work for the GN Project. They also felt it was important to put this in writing to Alan Nicholson and the GNCTOA. Dick will draft a letter to them.

Bicentennial Commission Meeting in GF and Fort Benton – There will be a two day meeting - June 2, 1-4:30, Holiday Inn, GF, and June 3, 9-12, Ag Museum, Fort Benton. Dick will go Thursday. Mark and Jack will look to see if they can go.

The next meeting will be June 15. Meeting adjourned.  



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