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Lewis & Clark Trail Bicentennial Commission of L&C County
Meeting Minutes
May 29, 2002

Members Present: C. Daily, B. Henkel, J. Taylor, G. Alexander, M. Griffith. D. Alberts, Presiding and minutes taker. (Quorum not Present)

Guests: Mike Murray, L&C County Commissioner; Eric Griffin, L&C County Public Works Director

Gates of the Mountains Access Road. The meeting opened with County Commissioner Murray requesting support from the Bicentennial Commission to re-establish funding for repair and upgrade of the Gates of the Mountains access road. Funds for this road were in the 2002 Congressional budget but were mistakenly given to the Interpretive Center in Great Falls. Commissioner Murray emphasized that the project needs impetus to meet the needs of the up-coming Bicentennial. Public Works Director Griffin provided to the Commission data from the original request and asked if the Commission would provide another letter of support. The members of the Commission will be polled as to support for this project as a quorum was not present to pass/reject a motion.

Devil’s Elbow Vista House. It was requested that we meet with BLM (Brad Rixborg) and tie-down the signage necessary for this project. (Note: a request for a meeting on this subject was also made by Brad at the Encampment meeting of 6/11.)

Brochure. We are getting low on brochures and need to make a decision on how many and where we spend the money. The distribution needs to be made in order to support summer travel. Dana Walker was to check on having it done locally at a cheaper cost than was quoted to us by the Printing Center. It was felt that the Commission owns the brochure CD and could go anywhere with it. Need to check with Dana as to what was found. Need determination on this subject by the third week in June.

Special Bicentennial License Plate. We have the plate in hand and need to decide what we do with it as a fundraising activity. Raffle, sell, etc. Murdock Grant. Grant has been submitted in support of the GN Center Project. Approx. $320K requested. Thank you Gil. Discussion followed as to other participants that may be approached as possible partners in support of sculptures and artwork for this project. The following were suggested: Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Trout Unlimited. Further discussion wanted to know the general status of project – lots of work going on in area, carousel, hotel, etc. Infrastructure for river walk is probably going in. Commission needs some status and will also need layout information.

Encampment. Plans are progressing. We have $7177 available and will probably have to make due with this. Gil will contact TRW and see what may be available from them.

Legacy Committee. Vista House discussed above. Discussion focused on where the Commission may find other partners in support of projects. The following were suggested: PPL-Montana, Madison/Missouri Corridor Foundation, Pepsi/Coke, Town Pump Foundation, Washington Corp., Liz Claybourne.

Morgan Picture. Bob Henkel suggested that a Bob Morgan picture signing at the mall be held prior to Father’s Day. It was agreed that Bob go ahead and approach Bob Morgan with this suggestion, and if Bob is agreeable – proceed with the signing.

Next meeting – June 26, 2002, 6PM, Forest Service Building.  



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