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Lewis & Clark Trail Bicentennial Commission of L&C County
Meeting Minutes
June 6, 2006

Attendance: Members – Marv Holtz, Mary Lou Garrett, Dal Sessions, Don Smith, Mike Griffith, Lillian Hegstad, Dick Alberts and Rita Blouke; Associate Members – Mandy Alvino and Amy Teegarden. Bob Henkel and Jack Taylor were excused. A quorum was present.

President Alberts called the meeting to order. Mary Lou moved, seconded by Dal, that the minutes of the April meeting be approved as presented; motion passed. The In-Kind sheet was passed around.

Correspondence – We received: a check for $3101.62 from the Forest Service for reimbursement for Corps II last summer; a notice from the State Commission about a grant writing workshop to be held July 24-26 in Missoula; an email from Bob Henkel saying he could not be at the meeting but that he had received a call from Ron Mercer about moving the L&C display. Dick will contact Ron and talk with him about it.

Treasurer’s Report – Mike did not have a written report but he said activity to the account has been minimal. He deposited $1000 for Corps II Lincoln from donations but has not received the State Commission check yet. Mike will check with Rita C.

GN Project – Dick will pull together a meeting next week to talk about the Plaza Map project. Amy is available Monday or Friday. Mary Lou would like to be included. She will be available Monday. The mountain goat is installed but we still have no information about the elk which Dick believes is the last component of Phase II. Amy, Mike and Dick believe there is about $10,000 - $11,000 left in dedicated GN accounts in addition to the $10,000 grant which we can use for Phase III – specifically the Plaza Map. This should cover our matching commitment for the Park Service grant.

Lincoln Corps II – Amy reported that the marketing for Lincoln was going well. Among other places, there were articles or notices in the Adit, in 101 Things To Do This Summer, on the Helena Chamber and FS web pages, and in today’s IR. Amy brought copies of the “Discover the Buffalo Road” brochures. They are available for distribution; if you want copies, let Amy know. The programming is set and the contracts have been issued. Don shared information about problems with the location at Hooper Park. The Park Service wants a gravel bed for the footprint, but the Lincoln committee thinks that will tear up the park and what they have is acceptable. Don is working with the committee and the Park Service to resolve the problems. The decisions should be made Monday. There was discussion about the commission’s RV and setting up a schedule for coverage. We will set up the RV on the 28th so it is available for the set-up workers on the 29th. Don will check where to locate it. Rita will send out an email to see when people can work. We will have the pictures to sell and other display items that require oversight. There was also discussion about marching in the parade. There was discussion about the vests and having buttons made that will cover the “Gathering” logo (and possibly for sale). Amy and Mandy will look into it. Rita will deliver a vest to the FS tomorrow. The National Guard is working set up and will handle security.

Brochures – Rita will deliver 4 - 6 boxes of brochures to the FS office for delivery to GF, Lincoln and the FS offices. Mary Lou will deliver some to Townsend and Bozeman. She will pick them up. Dick will talk to Rita C. about having some in Billings at the signature event. Lillian will take 2 boxes and deliver some to the Tour Train and to Dillon.

Signage – Rita contacted Jeff about signage. He said he was working on a project that would be done around the end of May. Then he would work on the two signs. Rita will contact him again this week. Marv has 2 extra posts and will replace the Spite Hill sign base. He will give us the other two bases so we will not need to get more posts for the two new signs. Dal suggested that a perfect place for signage would be at the Undaunted Stewardship site. There was discussion of a brochure or insert that would direct people to the signage that has been installed along the corridor. It was suggested that this might be a good project for the GOTM Chapter. There was concern expressed about the Glass Slipper sign and its location. Mike will remove the sign and base; it will be stored until the planning for the road is complete and hopefully we can affect an appropriate site for it.

Fundraising – There was discussion about whether we need to do any additional fundraising, and if so, for what projects. There was discussion about what to do with any leftover money at the time we disband. We will continue to discuss it as we close out programs.

Dick thanked everyone for their support. Dick’s phone # is 457-7525; his email should be up in about a week and will be

There was a motion by Don, seconded by Marv, to adjourn. Motion passed.

We are not sure when the next meeting will be; keep flexible.  



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