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Lewis & Clark Trail Bicentennial Commission of L&C County
Meeting Minutes
June 15, 2005

Attendance: Members – Bob Henkel, Jack Taylor, Marv Holtz, Mandy Alvino, Dal Sessions, Mary Lou Garrett, Mike Griffith, Sharon Haugen, Don Smith, Dick Alberts and Rita Blouke. Associate Member – Amy Teegarden. Lillian Hegstad and Mark Peck were excused.

President Dick Alberts called the meeting to order.

The minutes of the May, 2005, meeting, page 2, were corrected to read “Commission Financial commitments – Dick passed out (a) his summary…” Mike moved and Bob seconded that the minutes be approved as corrected. Motion passed.

Don Smith has accepted a commission slot. Don was welcomed and introduced to the commission.

The in-kind document was passed around.

Treasurer’s Report – Mike passed around copies of the treasurer’s report. Bob asked whether GOTM had contributed to brochure reprint cost. Bob will talk to Tim Crawford about a contribution. Rita will prepare a letter. (GOTM is making a contribution to the Gathering events.) Mike will include the $25,000 from the NPS for the GN account as an asset in the next report. Rita will look up the amount of the Wyatt contract so it can be recorded as a liability. Rita requested a financial report on the Gathering account. Mary Lou will ask the Myrna Loy about cash flow for ticket sells. There was a motion by Jack, seconded by Bob to accept the treasurer’s report; motion passed.

Correspondence – 1. A letter from the U.S. Dept of Agriculture telling us to send communications to Albuquerque. 2. A bill from Mosaic for the NEA grant design work. 3. Information from Crimson Bluffs about activities planned for Townsend. 4. Information from the U.S. Government about organizations exempt from income tax. 5. A card from Midore Raymore saying that she took the GN signage grant report as a completion report. (We should be getting the $25,000 check soon.) 6. We completed and sent in the NEA grant for the Plaza Map project.

Brochures – Bob will take 2 boxes for the airport and GOTM. Rita will deliver 1 box to the Chamber. There still are about 20 boxes with inserts and about 6000 inserts in Rita’s basement.

The Gathering – Mary Lou reported that she has secured 10 cases of bottled water and 2 kegs of beer for the VIP reception. Montana Signworks has donated a sign to thank sponsors. She has some concerns about the opening ceremonies. Paul has a new band but it will cost $500. They are working on a Native American Drum Corps and Color Guard. Paul and Mary Lou will go to the Fairgrounds next week. There was discussion on who was invited and who had responded. Sharon is leaving the 21st but will meet with Paul to deal with questions before she leaves; e-mail questions to her. Sharon will also work on the city and commissioners. Lillian is working on volunteers. They are short parking volunteers. A FS fire crew and/or volunteer fire members were suggested as options. Mary Lou will give Lillian the suggestions. Mary Lou talked to Western States Insurance about insurance. They are working on a policy. Dal had questions about the car insurance. Mary Lou will ask WSI how best to handle the cars. There was discussion of needing commissioners to volunteer for time on site.

Airport Display – The brochures and cards are disappearing rapidly and need to be replenished often. Bob will give a box to Jeff to replenish as needed. The bill to Montana Signworks is paid. The banner is to the left of the sign. Mandy said the larger date sign was dropped off at the airport. Bob will check.

GN Project – The water has been turned on for the great falls. There will be a meeting at 10:30 tomorrow to discuss change orders. Rita, Jack and Sharon will go. Saturday they need people from the commission for a photo op with the Growing Friends work group. Amy is working on the dedication and passed out a draft proposal. Amy talked to Alan Nicholson about a time capsule in the GN area. Dal and Jack volunteered to work on it.

Two Camps – Mike met with Brad Rixford to review planning for the dedication ceremony. It will be at 10:00 a.m July 20th. Mike will check with Brad about who is on the list for invitations. The bronze plaque is done. Montana Granite is ready to begin on the center area. Patty Rambo is working on the design. The Two Camps account should handle most of the additional expenses.

Grants – Rita passed to Mandy and Mary Lou the draft of the Lewis and Clark County Community Foundation grant proposal. Mary Lou suggested that we add a statement about Lincoln being the smallest and most rural community as a site.

Morgan Prints – Tom will frame 3 more prints; we will shrink wrap 10 more. Bob will make a sign. Mary Lou suggested we put the 5th wheel by the café. We will set up tables under the awning. Dick will bring cards. Bob has 100 caps; Dick had a few caps left from Clete’s stuff. Bob will talk to Amy about putting an article/ad in the June 30 L&C insert for the paper.

Commission Financial Commitments – Dick drafted a letter for the GNTCOA that explains the commission’s position about our financial commitments. It was passed around for the commission to review. The commission felt we need to wait until after the July events to see where we stand financially. Jack and Dick will document their time spent on signage. Dick will e-mail Jack the dates of the meetings. It will count toward the match for the GN project.

State Commission Meeting – Dick reviewed the information from the State Commission meeting, June 2 and 3 in Great Falls and Fort Benton. Some of the regional commissions are already closing up. They have acquired an intern to document all that has been done for the bicentennial by the state.

Other Business - Marv reported that the Reaching the Rockies Chapter was working on 15 signs proposed for the upper part of the county to the Dearborn River.

Dick is putting together the stands for the 5 county signs. We are still waiting on the NPS for the logo. Jane Weber and Jeff Olson were also suggested as sources for the logo.

The Undaunted Stewardship display is complete.

Bob will check to see if temporary slips will be available at the marina at GOTM for the Currents concert area. The GOTM 3 ferry boats are sold out.

The next meeting will be July 27. Meeting adjourned.




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