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Lewis & Clark Trail Bicentennial Commission of L&C County
Meeting Minutes
June 26, 2002

Members present were Clete Daily, Bob Henkel, Brad Hurd, Amy Teegarden, Ann Tedesco, Dick Alberts and Rita Blouke; Gil Alexander came in late creating a quorum.

Thank you, Dick, for the minutes of the May meeting. Minutes were reviewed and approved pending a quorum.

Clete presented the treasurerís report. He reported income of $300 (including a donation from TRW) with no expenses. We have a balance of $20,422.47 with approximately $4000 unencumbered.

Rita reported correspondence: 1. an NEA granting packet for 2003 (Ann took). Amy reported that they had met with A. Nicholson and talked about his funding a grant writer for the GN project. 2. information about the Monticello celebration and web site. 3. an application for the Encyclopedia of Associations. 4. an application for the Artist Internship listing. 5. a letter asking for input about the Holter Lake area changes. 6. a packet from the IRS. 7. a packet from the Dept. of State and Mexico for cultural projects (Amy took).

Dick reported correspondence: 1. from NPS an official letter awarding the $10,000 for signage. Amy and Rita will work together when Rita gets back. Dick will set up a meeting with Brad in the next couple of weeks. 2. an information letter from the Murdock Foundation (Gil will handle). 3. a letter from the Western States Art Federation denying the application for the Encampment grant.

Dick and Clete reported for the Encampment. Dick has prepared a preliminary Encampment budget. We have a total of $7,277 for cash expenditures. Clete will write Louise a check for travel money for Encampment participants. We need about 3 people with trucks to transfer wood chips for the dance area. Most of the security will be handled by the Indian participants. Clete is working on the canoe races.

Dana checked on BCBS printing the brochures. They will print but we must alter the size to fit their equipment. Bob volunteered to work with them to adjust the size. Ann asked that we be sure to add the chapter information. Amy suggested we add the new chapter info. It was recommended that we print as many as possible. We also need to make a change crediting Tim Crawfordís pictures and Blue Cross for printing.

Dick attended the Glasgow State Commission meeting. Corps II has been adjusted because of money problems. They are going to have a mini Corps II. They are choosing the sites now. The mini setup will go to smaller areas. The sites will be identified in October. The fall conference will be in Bozeman, Oct. 3 & 4. The State Commission has raised over $133,000 with the plates. There was discussion of what to do with our plate. After many suggestions Clete suggested that we present the plate to Bob Morgan for all the help he has given us. The Commission felt that was appropriate. Brad offered to help. Bob will arrange the presentation and write an article for the paper. The Commission also agreed to pay the $30.00 to have it processed through the County Treasurerís office. (The actual cost is $55.00.) The State is completing the Little Blackfoot Corridor signage and is looking for the next area for signage. There is also a geological road signs project in the works. The Travel Montana web site is expanding to include chapter and commission information along with other Lewis & Clark information. Contact them if you want web coverage. Phil Scriver from Great Falls wants to come in the fall and meet with us. The Commission agreed that would be helpful.

Bob reported that Bob Morgan had had a conflict with selling the prints before Fatherís Day. Bob has completed a print inventory.

Gil reported on the Murdock grant. He will stay on top of other funding opportunities that might become available.

Gil also reported on the flint knappers that will be here for the Encampment. They will need camping space.

Meeting adjourned.




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